Top 5 games for the PlayStation 3

Yahoo have listed their top 5 Playstation 3 games. You can view the complete list after the jump.

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LordMarius2832d ago

I guess everyone has the right to choose their top 5 especially with the PS3 library

Joule2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

If they are only talking about this year and the past year, this list is shit where the hell is GOW3 and Killzone 2!?

But of all PS3 games MGS4 takes my top spot.

EDIT: lol marius you got one bubble?

Archdemon2831d ago

1. Demon's Souls /aka Shadow of the colossus spinoff
2. MGS 4
3. GOW 3
4. Killzone 2
5. Uncharted 2

These Aus gamers have been living under a rock.

Kerrby2831d ago

Archdemon, trust me it's not all of us.

This is just a website that knows nothing about games trying to get traffic.

Darkstorn2832d ago

Needs MGS4, Killzone 2, and GoW III, as stated above.

Spenok2831d ago

Hell even infamous. That was easily better then MW2. MGS4 should have been on that list no matter what. Eh, oh well i guess. Thats why these are opinion pieces anyways.

Immortal3212831d ago

although I was surprise when I saw heavy rain. I thought the user lover a good story. It was understandable when I saw burnout paradise, burnout games are a crack addiction. But when I saw MW2! it pretty much through me off.

gamerzBEreal172831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

yea i agree but imo its
5-Heavy rain
1-Metal Gear Solid4

others if u have the money
-demon souls
-Little big planet


-God of war3

Tachyon_Nova2831d ago

So no multiplats are better than 3D dot game heroes?

SaberEdge2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

Their list is kind of strange to me. None of those games are bad per se, but my list would be different.

1. Uncharted 2
2. Uncharted
3. God of War 3
4. Killzone 2
5. MGS4

It's kind of hard to say because there are a lot that deserve to be on that list: inFamous, Demon's Souls and Little Big Planet, to name a couple more.

Arnon2831d ago

1. Demon's Souls
2. God of War 3
3. Uncharted 2
4. Metal Gear Solid 4
5. Little Big Planet

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alphakennybody2832d ago

weak list, no GOW 3 and MW2 can easily be be replaced by MAG.

nikkisixx22831d ago

it's CNET, what do you expect?

SpaceFox2831d ago

Ew.... MAG. If any other FPS were to go on there, it'd have to either be KZ2 or BC2. Maybe even COD4, but not MW2.

Spenok2831d ago

Agreed. Mag could have replaced it easily. Same with GoW3 needing to be on there. But i guess thats why it opinion.

Gran Touring2832d ago

There's nothing wrong with the list so far as I see. PS3 has an extensive catalog of games ranging across a multitude of different genres. There's really no way to narrow it down to just five.

RememberThe3572832d ago

No GoW3, MGS4, Infamous, KZ2? I wouldn't say any of those game are bad (maybe MW2), but you clearly haven't played very many games if that is your top five.

RDR is a great game BTW. Just thought I'd through that out there.

gamerzBEreal172831d ago

omg seriously? why all the hate for MW2? guys its a great game regardless maybe u guys just hate being bad at it? i know i will get disagrees but come on its not a bad game and im sick of people saying i would add cod4 but not mw2...its the same game just with IMPROVMENTS so how can u like cod4 more? wtf? idk just saying i dont see why it gets hated so much

El Nino2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )


Dont make me laugh! An improvement is where you make something better...hence improve upon something...getting stabed from 15 foot isnt an improvement, soldiers being lighter and able to dual wield shotguns off the hip isnt an improvement, boosting isnt an improvement, weak map designs with a multitude of camping spots isnt improving..a worse story isnt an improvement

Your logic is stupid.."you hate it cos you suck at it" then why do i have a higher kdr on MW2 than i did on COD4 yet i loved/love COD4 but hate MW2.

On Topic my top 5 would be..


honourable mentions..

Demon Souls

krouse932832d ago

MW2 should be switched with Killzone 2. And Red Dead Redemption should be switched with God Of War 3!

frjoethesecond2831d ago

Agreed. RDR is overrated in my opinion. Its gta with horses and less going on, they didn't fix the touchy physics either.

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