The Replay Value of RPGs

For the purposes of this particular discussion Bitmob will compare and contrast the original Mass Effect with its sequel, Mass Effect 2. They will look at the four elements they find necessary for a game to offer replayability.

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BeOneWithTheGun3071d ago

* Relatively deep character development customization
* Strategic combat
* Robust inventory management
* A great story that gives the player choice

I dunno. For me a game's story is mainly why I play an RPG. Once it is over, well it is over. Just being able to say "No" instead of "Yes" on a second run through and getting a slightly different outcome does not warrant me handing over another 50 hours of my life.

As much fun as the combat is, I just don't want additional repetition in addition to the countless hours of grinding I probably had to do, anyway.

I wish they would make an RPG where there were parts of the world you could not even get to if you, say, were "good" and vice-versa. Sort of like in Demon's Souls where areas were white and black, but you could not access them at all on one play through. Then, you see this big chunk of land mass and you never get to explore it if you went one way on moral choice or whatnot. That would indeed make me immediately start a game over once I finished it.

Even Infamous I found it tough to go back through just to do a couple different side quests "good" instead of "bad". With that said, I am slowly going back for the plat but I just get bored when I know what is happening in the story progression.

Even Oblivion, which is my all time favorite was hard to do a second time. It was the first game I consciously said, "OK. That was awesome I will do it again". However, after 20 hours into it AGAIN and having to close those damn gates I just got sick of it. I'd rather have a 100 hour game play through one way in 50 hours with certain people and places and items and such but they totally change in the second 50 hour run through.

tplarkin73071d ago

KOTOR and Mass Effect both have branching plot elements and an open world to explore. I have played these games for hundreds of hours many times over.

throw_this_away3071d ago (Edited 3071d ago )

Hmmmm... this sounds more like a "ME1 is better than ME2" article than one that really looks at what makes a game replayable.

My quick-list for re-playability:

1. Gameplay: The most important of all! Is the game FUN TO PLAY? If yes, than there will be a lot of re-playability. ME1 beats ME1 hands down on this one. Combat in ME2 was far more strategic and a hell of a lot of fun. ME1 felt a lot more "run and gun". Feel free to ignore the rest of my list at this point.

2. Graphics: I can overlook graphics, but it it looks good, I enjoy playing partly for the view (Red Dead, ME1/2, Fallout 3). ME2 wins by a bit.

3. Bugs: less is better. Game bugs hurt a game, especially if there is a crash at a bad time. ME1 texture pop-in was no game breaker, but it left you less impressed than ME2.

4. PAcing: Slow game start? Slow mid part to the game (Precidium in ME1)? You won't want to play it... or if you do you will rush it. ME2 was very well paced. ME1... also well done, but slow in areas. That being said, I admire the variety of pacing in ME1, as ME2 was a little too "textbook."

5. Side missions: ME2 wins this one for shear mission quality. I could not bear to do ME1 side missions again... (aside from the larger ones). Too much repetition in building design. Mako driving on planets became painful over time.

6. Characters: more squad members in ME2= more variety of teammates in combat= more strategy = better gameplay = ME2 wins this one. MOre LI's to explort in multiple playthroughs

7. Annoying gameplay: MAko driving on side missions, pointless inventory management, etc. ME2 wins.

8. Character customization: ME1 had more guns... but in the end they all looked the same so ME2 wins. ME1 had more armour types... but I always preferred the look of N7 armour anyway. I liked modular armour in ME2... but I liked the light/medium/heavy types in ME1. I prefer the color customization of ME2. There were more skills to invest in in ME1... but I found most of my characters came out playing the same as a result. Didn;t make me as excited to try different classes as a result. Edge for ME2

9. Story: Both had exceptional storylines IMHO. ME1 had the more complete "overall" story, but I really enjoyed the character based stories in ME2. That being said, I think that after the first few playthroughs, I found myself skipping to the combat during a number of more dry conversations. Combat was better in ME2.

In the end, ME2 has proven to be the most re-playable game I have personally ever owned. I enjoyed both the story and the gameplay. I enjoyed ME1's story, but gameplay was lacking due to some repetitive elements, some annoying gameplay elements, and a less slick shooter interface.