PALGN: Mass Effect 2: Overlord Review

Overlord is the second add-on in a promised stream of story-based downloadable content for BioWare’s award-winning sci-fi RPG, Mass Effect 2. For 560 Microsoft Points (approximately AU $9) on Xbox LIVE, players can download the adventure and access it immediately from the helm of Commander Shepard’s space-faring vessel, The Normandy. While not quite reaching the same heights as the previous story DLC, Kasumi’s Stolen Memory (the review of which can be found here), Overlord is nonetheless an exciting tale that offers action-packed gameplay for existing Mass Effect fans.

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Solidus187-SCMilk3019d ago

I cant wait for the next ME2 DLC.

It took me a while to finish this DLC because I did it on my new game on the extreme setting with a low level.

Lucky for me i had finally just used my cerebus code to get the free arc projector heavy weapon. That worked really well against the geth.

I cant wait to see what this new bigger DLC that they are talking about will be.