Play This Game Now and Then Say Games Aren't Art

Kombo: "Remember that debate all of us gamers had with Roger Ebert over games as art? Obviously, there was a big response from the gaming community. Ebert had thousands of responses on his blog regarding the belief that games can be, and in many cases, are art.

An enterprising little developer, Peanut Gallery Games, created p0nd, a zen relaxation game in response to the games as art debate. Quite frankly, it's awesome."

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rroded2950d ago (Edited 2950d ago )

game works tho...

!!!! SPOILERS !!!!

waz that suppose ta make a point much nicer games out there btw can you win at this? ie kill the kraken.

barom2950d ago

Who cares if videogames is a form of art or not. It doesn't lessen our enjoyment of the games does it? I fail to see the importance of having that "art" stamp on videogames.

peeps2950d ago

yeh u can kill it lol wen it popped up and the music started i was like wtf haha i was expecting the whole game to be a relaxation thing. kinda cool tho

Timesplitter142950d ago

Yeah you can win. I used two fingers (two hands) to tap alternatively.

I lol'd though.

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NJShadow2950d ago

Wow, that was pretty awesome. Didn't expect that ending at all! And yes, be ready to attack that space bar! =)

animelover104872950d ago


he just goes back to his house and turns on the tv o.o ,and now my space bar is as loose as your mother

SlxTeN2950d ago

There was something beautiful about this game except the ending gets a bit nasty :P

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The story is too old to be commented.