5 reasons Gran Turismo 5 will be the best racer ever.

5 reasons why Gran Turismo 5 will be the best racer ever. And we're not even close to knowing the full details of the game yet.

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Cevapi882741d ago

that is until GT6 comes out :) there weren't countless delays, only one in Japan and the game will have RUF cars which are built from unmarked Porsche bodies and chassis...they basically make enhancements to the performance of Porsche vehicles

deadreckoning6662741d ago (Edited 2741d ago )

How can GT5 be the best racer ever when existence hasn't ended yet? I'm sure there will be a GT6, GT7 and so on in the future. I think GT5 will be the best racing SIM for the next 5 years.

Motorstorm Apocalypse I think will be the best arcade racer for the next couple of years as well.

n4gno2741d ago (Edited 2741d ago )

"ever" means "until now", i think...and not "forever" ;)

@even if it's a great racing game, i understand that not everybody will buy it, or like racing, cars, etc, but don't even answer to the troll strikepackage bravo, he don't have a ps3, and i remember him saying yesterday dumb things like "yes, i believe to the ms shortage, and not the sony one, because sony is lying to consumer blablablabla" it's just the contrary since more than 5 years, but biased fanboyz like him doesn't know anything about reality.

demonddel2741d ago (Edited 2741d ago )

u must have never play a forza game the controls are sick

Nitrowolf22741d ago

yeah the physics and the graphics is where it lacks the most
GT5 will have all of it

PS3istheshit2741d ago (Edited 2741d ago )

The amount of time and quality put into this game is insaaaane!
I played gt games before but found them kind of boring because I was younger
But now there's so many reasons to buy this
If you get a steering wheel you can actually use it as a driving test... And after Tokyo drift I really wanna Drift in Tokyo.. hehe my jokes are genius
Anyways I'll be buying this game for sure cause it's well worth the money :D

vsr2740d ago

PERFECT game that cannot be achieved by any other developers on any other consoles.

Why some people are comparing this worldwide appealing game to other "FAKE DEFINITIVE RACING GAME OF THIS GEN & IT's Kinect sequel" ?

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NothingToGainButLove2741d ago

GT5 will indeed be the best racer to date when it releases. Polyphony Digital hasn't failed at delivering on any GT title so far.

demonddel2741d ago (Edited 2741d ago )

1 was garbage and 2 was good 3 was the best and 4 was ok dont know bout 5 haven't play it yet

below that's my opinion playboy

Gran Touring2741d ago (Edited 2741d ago )

"1 was garbage and 2 was good 3 was the best and 4 was ok dont know bout 5 haven't play it yet"

GT1 started the genre... If it wasn't for that game, racing games in general would not be the way they are today. The fact that you would call that garbage is really appalling.

SoapShoes2741d ago

Really? 3 was the worst for me... 1 started it and was great when it came out, 2 outdid everything from the first, and 3 was just pretty graphics but went backwards in content to being like the first which was a huge disappointment for me.

4 was the return to awesome content/cars. It may have been a bit behind the times with no online(scrapped) but it blew every previous GT out of the water with features, cars, and tracks.

Immortal3212741d ago

all car enthusiast already know about this game.



EvilBlackCat2741d ago (Edited 2741d ago )

1. Sheer size: 1000 cars.
2. Diversity: Quick, how many games do you have to buy if you want road
car racing, NASCAR racing, and WRC racing. Three? Nope, just one: GT5.
3. Attention to detail:
4. Damage
5. Online

Geez they better bring a better SIMULATOR than Forza 3 is because this game is supposed to be THE BEST SIM RACER.

let me practice my LOL

DelbertGrady2741d ago (Edited 2741d ago )

Teh graphics is what makes it the best sim.

Not proper customization, tire physics, damage that affects the parts and performance of the car, real time metrics etc.

Heisenberg2741d ago (Edited 2741d ago )

If only the boys down at PD could cook up a half decent racing sim, maybe then they'd: sell a few copies, be highly respected by their peers and imitated in the industry, have a giant loyal fanbase, receive the highest of accolades and review scores, become one of the few major system sellers, and most importantly ALWAYS satisfy their fans, old and new alike..... Or did they already do all that?? Oh yeah, they did... At least 4 fucking times.

You would carve GT5 no matter what and you know it.

RBdrift2741d ago

"Not proper customization"
Sorry but if im in the mood to put hot pink or neon green colors with a huge whale tale wing on my car I'll switch back to forza.

Heisenberg2741d ago

Because it's the next installment in the Gran Turismo series, that's why. Oddly enough, it's the same reason GT6, will one day be the 'best racer ever' too! And so on, and so forth, etc. etc. etc. ..... ... . !?

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ZombieAutopsy2741d ago

Only need one reason and it's PD.

Ilikegames762741d ago

Turn 10 showed us how not to do a racing sim. Turn 10 also showed us how to be a douche developer by trashing the competitor.

Hellsvacancy2741d ago (Edited 2741d ago )

The ????

U c people, the mans speechless, thats how much of a game GT5's gonna b

CrAnKiTuP_012741d ago

Oh thanks man, I needed good laugh XD
Bubbles +

Redrum0592741d ago

i think he was going for the

dont worrie troll-police, i got your back.

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Redrum0592741d ago (Edited 2741d ago )


oooops. too late

DigitalRaptor2741d ago

If the game is looking THIS good right now, and we don't even know the full details, people's minds will probably explode come release day.

I imagine GT5 will be one of the most critically hailed racing games ever, if not the best driving simulator. I doubt anything will be able to touch it for a while, unless is was by PD themselves. Of course, it will receive some criticism, mainly brought on by it's lengthy development time and "several delays", but that is bias right there.

moparful992741d ago

I have a feeling that this game is going to outsell any ps3 exclusive in less then a year. Every iteration of gran turismo with the exception of prologue and gt2 have sold over 10 million copies.. Gt3 aspec stands as the highest selling playstation game to date.. There is no other game with the playstation logo that has sold more...

electricshadow2741d ago (Edited 2741d ago )

Would you care to elaborate on that, or are you just a brain dead troll?

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