The 10 Best Games For Under $20

During tough economic times like we all face today it can be hard to find many affordable things to do. Sure you could go to a movie, but that will only last about two hours. That is why gamers know the smart bang for your buck is gaming. Rather than watching a two hour movie, video games often last 15-30 hrs. So if money is tight and you are in need of a game fix, and you have $20 bucks you are in luck. Here are the 10 best games for under $20.

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TheWarmth3047d ago

Mass Effect was the bomb. I'd say that is your best bet if you own a 360.

thebudgetgamer3047d ago

bioware makes fun games, i only wish i get a new jade empire at some point.

TheWarmth3047d ago

That would be so awesome to get a new Jade Empire game. I don't think they will though. I don't think Jade sold very well back in the day.

omodis4203047d ago

Jade Empire was over rated

Darkstorn3047d ago (Edited 3047d ago )

Metal Gear Solid 4, Bioshock, and Mass Effect 1 (PC version is best) are no-brainers. The Darkness' gameplay was a little unsound, but the story and concept were very cool.

Persistantthug3047d ago

I finally got it last week and the game is fantastic.

I would choose that over Far Cry 2 anyday.

In fact, I do have Far Cry 2 since I traded it someone on Craigslist. I'd actually like to get rid of just wasn't for me, I guess.

Akagi3047d ago

Great list, got and completed all except Dead Space.

specialguest3046d ago

Am I the only one who feels a sense of nostalgia when seeing some of these games? How time seems to fly by so quickly.

J-Smith3046d ago

if MGS4 was $1,000,000 you should still buy it

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The_Zeitgeist3047d ago

Personally I would take the darkness.

TheWarmth3047d ago

The Darkness was pretty cool. Chronicals of Riddick was better though.

thebudgetgamer3047d ago

the demo they put was so bad it put me off to it

omodis4203047d ago

For 10 bucks there is no reason not to pick The Darkness up. It's awesome!

vickers5003047d ago

If you have a newer hdtv, then I recommend the 360 version. I hate to say it, but the graphics are superior on the 360 version (it came out very very early in the ps3's life). I used to have a big fat 32 inch samsung hdtv that could only do 1080i and 720p, and the game looked pretty damn good on it, but since it broke down and I got my newer better 32" Sony Bravia, I put the game in my ps3 a while ago and it looked like sh*t, and the jaggies were horrible.

But if you only have a ps3, I still recommend buying the game. If it's 10 bucks, then that's just a f*cking steal. The story is definitely one of the better of this gen, and I would put it in the top 10 stories of this gen.

Axecution3047d ago

The Darkness is a ridiculously awesome game. :D

Wasn't a big fan of some of the later chapters about 75% through, but besides that it was a really good game.

mt3047d ago

if you don't have MGS you have to play it.

burnout as well. funny thing i got burnout first day back at 17 or 18 January 2008 and i still play this game

omodis4203047d ago

Burnout is cool but I really want Need for Speed Hot pursuit.

rambler3047d ago

durrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr They should make a Top 10 List of Top 10 Lists. lolzorleet

Man i'm funny, how did no one else think of this.

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