Metallica joins Guitar Hero III, setlist expanded by 11

This afternoon brought more Guitar Hero III news. During a report conference following a half-billion-dollar earnings report, Activision CEO Bobby Kotick revealed that Metallica would appear in the forthcoming game. Though the executive did not say which Metallica song would be featured in GH III, he must be relieved by the group's participation.

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The Real Joker3880d ago

Ride the lightning b1tches.

M1am1U3880d ago

I was just saying Master of Puppets, but Ride the Lightning would be sweet, too.

sticky doja3880d ago

Kill em All, Ride the Lightning or Master of Puppets please. None of the newer stuff thanks.

Syko3880d ago

Gamedaily BIZ has confirmed with Activision that it is "One".

[UPDATE 2] Following the conference call, we followed up with Activision regarding the Metallica news. A representative confirmed not only that Metallica will be in Guitar Hero III, but that the song One will be a master track. One is from Metallica's "...And Justice For All" album released in 1988. It's also the very first song that Metallica produced a rock video for.


macalatus3880d ago

@sticky doja

Yeah, none of that group's newer stuff. One, Master of Puppets, Sanitarium, Of Wolf and Man...Metallica has some of the most memorable, classic "head banging" songs!! Two wireless guitars for the PS3 + some beer + some semi-drunk friends + GHIII = best party game!!

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M1am1U3880d ago

someone must have hit Lars on the head to agree to that. That's awesome news though...a very nice addition to the game. Hopefully they included something from Master of Puppets, but I somehow doubt it.

Chug3880d ago

Hopfully its nothing off of st. anger, or load, or re-load. My money is on enter sandman, seeing that it was their most "commercial" song.

The Real Joker3880d ago

will be fine if it is Kill em all to the Black album. I do not like where they went after that. hmmm...some Megadeth would be good.

M1am1U3880d ago (Edited 3880d ago )

Megadeth would be awesome. So Far...So Good...So What?, Rust in Peace, Countdown to Extinction. That would be killer.

biomajor093880d ago (Edited 3880d ago )

I agree it will most likely be enter sandman since that song has already been confirmed to be on rock band as well and it seems like bands that are agreeing to release their music are allowing it for both games. i.e missippi queen etc

jedicurt3880d ago

FADE TO BLACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.