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"Sniper: Ghost Warrior puts you in the shoes of what hasn’t really been done in a videogame for quite some time – a sniper. Sounds good on paper but the execution that is the reality of this game unfortunately falls short. "

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Montrealien3068d ago

See, it is this kind of well though out comments that keep me comming back for more.

Well done JasonXE!

psycho3603067d ago

I dont think it's a terrible game. My 1 min review based on play of 3/4 of ACT I on hard difficulty.

I have to say the games looks pretty good on teh 1080P 50" Plasma. Kind a at part with BF:BC2 forest level in single player campaign. THe controls are easy and intuitive, gameplay mechanics work. Levels are decent and you can rappel down or up. But that's about all which is good in this game.

THe bad is all about AI. At one point you can run at a guy looking in your direction and he doesnt do anything which is unfortunately very rare on hard difficulty. And 99% of the time, you're slowly crawling through thick vegetation and can't even see 1 foot infront of your face yet teh enemy starts shooting in your direction and hitting you immediately from as far as half a KM away. THis is not a random occurance, it's like they are not humans but Predators who can see you through all the thick foliage using Infrared vision. This pretty much spoils the whole premise of the game and that's why i would rate it 5/10.

Pros: The graphics are pretty good and there is plenty of foliage to hide. Nice shooting mechanics and easy to get into. Intuitive controls. Easy chevos.

Cons: AI.

Blaze9293068d ago

not that bad of a game. just the AI sucks...and the stealth is totally broken

AridSpider3068d ago

so i take it that just makes this another shooter then? what's a sniper with no stealth? beats the whole purpose mate

ProA0073068d ago

pretty much this. i was actually going to pick this up since it was a $40 title. Now it's a used bargain bin title for me


Not exactly. I only tested it for (tedious) 20 minutes and don't appear to me you can run and gun. You simply got no way to know if you are covered right or if you had been spoted because many times you do thing that should give away your position, the AI will simply ignore you, others where you did nothing wrong, some AI char got you on auto aim even before he could ever spot you.

It's simply broken.

spunnups3068d ago

I wouldnt even waste a second on this game. Too many others i'd rather catch up on. A sniper without stealth is makes the game complete trash.

krisq3067d ago

is coming. I think it's already released on Steam. Should fix all-seeing AI.

ProA0073068d ago

i actually thought this might be good

ranmafandude3068d ago

what's with all these xbox 360 shooters getting so-so reviews this year?

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