Killzone: 3D optimisation benefits 2D

Guerilla Games says the extra tech work being done to get Killzone 3 running smoothly in 3D will benefit the 2D game's performance.

"That means that the tech guys back home are very hard at work to make sure that the performance gets up there. That benefits the entire game because we need to make sure that 3D runs at 30 frames [per second] and that benefits the 2D version obviously as well," he added.

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ALFAxD_CENTAURO3068d ago (Edited 3068d ago )

This happened to Stardust HD too, they implemented 3D, and the game (2D) is improved thanks to 3D.

MasFlowKiller3068d ago (Edited 3068d ago )

Lets make this clear.
The PS3 is a powerful machine but if you tell me that a game that has to render an image twice could somehow improve upon a game that only has to render an image once then you my good sir are the biggest idiot i have ever meet.

The PS3 has the same amount of power whether it renders the image once or twice.

the fact that the engine has to work to render the image twice means more of the PS3's power will have to go toward making the game 3D, there by limiting what the game could be.

All Ive seen of Killzone 3 hasn't really impress me yet cause as it stand right now, its not a visual improvement from Killzone 2. I truly hope going 3D doesn't mean a scarify in number of enemies on screen, or visual fidelity becuase as i mention before 3D games have to have an engine that Renders the image twice, that second image has to come from somewhere, plus each image has to run at at-least 30FPS.

thats just a fact.
If anyone Disagrees I hope they at-least tell me how am wrong.

na2ru13068d ago

3D uses extra resources. At least it's still in pre-alpha. They should be able to notch it upto 60fps if in 2D that would be bloody amazing.

MasFlowKiller3068d ago (Edited 3068d ago )

but the fact is that 3D uses extra resources.

I hate the idea of seen innovation taking a step backwards becuase making the game in 3D is taking too much of the PS3's power.

This generation of console were not build with 3D in mind,
the way i see it, it will hurt both the games and 3D
The games becuase if build with 3D in mind they will be build with a limit in mind and 3d because most games wont be able to have adequate 3D to captivate the audience.

and as it stand there is no audience, How many people here are planning on buying a 3D TV between now and February, around the time Killzone 3 release date?

I just think that limiting the amount of resources Killzone 3 and every other games running in 3d have available for such a small a audience is not very logical.

Dacapn3068d ago (Edited 3068d ago )

You're right and wrong at the same time. It's true that rendering an image twice inherently reduces the quality, but you're forgetting how 3D works. There are literally 3 games on the blu ray disc. There's the 2D version of the game, the 3D version for your left eye, and the 3D version for your right eye.

The game isn't actually rendering 2 simultaneous images. It's alternating the image for your left and right eye, so technically, all it's doing is rendering the game faster, which is why 3D doesn't demand THAT much in terms of raw processing power and quality sacrifice and is also why the 2D version ends up running smoother and in a higher rez in the end.

RBLAZE19883068d ago (Edited 3068d ago )

I agree with everything you said about the 3d limiting what the ps3 can do but if you look at the bright side everyone playing the 2d version of the game will get a massive performance boost. That could mean higher res texture and output, a faster fps and anti aliasing. If that is the case i'll be pretty happy with this outcome. I'd rather get a game that looks as good as killzone 2 running at around 60 fps then get a really good looking game running at a 20-30 fps. Remember killzone 2 is still one of the best looking first person shooters.

shoddy3068d ago

Since 3d take a lot of ps3 power to run 30fps, would you say KZ3 in 2d will be a walk in the park in term of performance?

All the 3d hater act like they'er professional since yall don't even know how to make 2d video games.
I bet all yall smart brokeass don't even own a 3d tv yet.
How dare you doubt the real pro.

hakis863068d ago

One thing is cetain: time will tell =)

I see your point and admit that it will be interesting to see how it all works out. (btw I'm getting a 3DTV - will post impressions later this year).

But as far as I have seen, Killzone 3 has huge environments, more going on at the screen and a more vibrant color palette (compared to Killzone 2) - and that is from the video diplayed in 3D from the E3 show!
Additionally the screens I've seen from KZ3 certainly doesn't have lower-res textures than Killzone 2. So it IS a visual improvement from KZ2.

I agree with, I also hope it won't sacrifice the number of enemies on screen etc.
When it comes to HOW the PS3 renders 3D though I don't know how. Something tells me that it doesn't (and maybe couldn't?) render everything twice. Maybe they've come up with some smart way to use part of the Cell chip to calculate a second image that is somewhat offset from the original and then diplaying it?
Not sure. What are your thoughs, guys?

IHateYouFanboys3068d ago


Do some more reading before you post. Games being in 3d actually do render more, notjust alternate. If a game is natively 1280x720, to do it in 720p in 3d it actually has to render 1280x1470 - both the left and right eye images top to bottom with a 30 pixel buffer in the middle. This is why NONE of the 3d retail games are able to do native 720p in 3d - it's too much for the console to render.

n4gno3068d ago

@mas, even if killzone2 graphics have today no competition (consoles), everybody was impressed by kz3 gameplay and improvments (even without 3D), just look at the TV show before the guy use the 3D glasses, the scene is just huge, and never seen before (a lot of things on screen, action everywhere, explosions, jet pack), kz3, like the 2, look again "in game" like others shooters (multis/xbox) look in the pre rendered movies !

raztad3068d ago (Edited 3068d ago )

I disagree with almost everything MassFlow wrote.

"tell me that a game that has to render an image twice could somehow improve upon a game that only has to render an image once then you my good sir are the biggest idiot i have ever meet"

I dont know where you got that idea. Who is saying KZ3D>KZ3? Should you checked ALFA link you would had realized that the "optimization process" to get the game running smoothly in 3D (which is exactly what the article states) helps to push 2D to new heights, as happened with SuperStarDust.

"thats just a fact."

Sorry but your "facts" are just opinions of a distorted reality.

Someone above already said why KZ3 is a step up from KZ2, but I would add this: You have only seen a PRE-alpha code, incomplete and with placeholders from KZ2. The optimization process has not even begun cause it actually starts when game is in BETA. Here is a hopping for a solid [email protected] game in 3D.


Dunno what "tricks" PD used but GT5 is [email protected] in 3D, so you are wrong.

Hideo_Kojima3067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

GG also said that code writen for game consoles often runs faster even on PCs...

Any type of optimization helps really.

Of course if you push something more visually the previews version will run faster or at a higher res because you have some extra juice left over when your not using the visuals.

IHateYouFanboys3059d ago

@raztad: "Dunno what "tricks" PD used but GT5 is [email protected] in 3D, so you are wrong."

no, its not lol.

even the people over at GT Planet know that its going to be running in sub-720p, as 2x720p images is pushing FAR more pixels than the 1280x1080 "1080p" resolution of GT5. if the console could do that, it would run in a higher resolution than 1280x1080 natively.

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biggame9013068d ago (Edited 3068d ago )

Halo Reach a technical masterpiece? Dude, put down the pipe, back away from the keyboard, and get some help.

Hideo_Kojima3067d ago

Artistically its awesome but technically...

No no no.

But I really do like the art style in Halo its cheerful even though its a war you fight in nice clean environments which sometimes I feel like doing..

theonlylolking3068d ago

Guess we can expect more from this game since he makes that claim.

IcarusOne3068d ago

How many of you will actually be playing this in 3D?

inception1233068d ago (Edited 3068d ago )

more then there will be playing any 3d 360 game hell more then there probably are playing in HD on the 360. also who cares how many do it is an optionn not a requirement. lastly even if you don't play in 3D it still makes the 2D better like it says in the article. give it up 360 owners trying to downplay 3D only makes you look dumb.

IcarusOne3067d ago

First, you're clearly not as cool as the movie.

Second, I plan on playing on KZ3, but don't have a 3D TV. And with all this attention and bitterness, I'm wondering how many on this board will actually play it in 3D. Otherwise, if most of us aren't going to experience it, it seems like a silly thing to argue about.

Way to fly the fanboy flag. Totally unnecessary.

Holeran3068d ago

Saving up for a 3d tv now so when it comes out I have it. It's going to be bloody brilliant.

AcesHigh2913068d ago

That seems like a rather obvious statement though.

It's like saying "Hey guys since we have to render everything twice for 3D, the 2D version of the game will get a boost since it's only being rendered once."

We've already seen the boost in performance on Super Stardust HD. So I don't know why this is news worthy since it's a statement that could be said by any game doing 3D on PS3.

raztad3068d ago

You are totally right, but some people seems to be "worried" about 3D affecting 2D performance. This comes to assure them, that isnt happening and the game in 2D will be fuckin amazing as everybody expect from KZ3.

sikbeta3068d ago (Edited 3068d ago )


This is news cos we had LOADS of articles saying "3D can screw/gimp the games that implement it", so this is Good news for the jealous and lame dudes who where approving those crappy articles in order to bash the PS3, 3D and at the same time wanted to Spread FUD

Haters, 3D is Awesome, you can't go against it and:

redsquad3068d ago

Well, we've already had a few trolls posting here that KZ3 has "sacrificed elements" in order to accomodate 3D, so it's nice to be able to laugh at them with authority.

AcesHigh2913068d ago

Well in all honesty at their current build of the game there probably are a few sacrifices to the game to make it run in 3D.

I'm not trying to say that's going to be the case when the game launches, but who knows right?

But trying to say that making the game run in 3D is going to somehow hinder the 2D experience is complete bollocks.

DasBunker3068d ago

arent all games since the N64/PSone era in 3D? havent played a 2D game since the SNES

GarandShooter3067d ago

Conceptually 3D, in that your character has the ability to move in in the x,y, and z planes, but not visually rendered in 3D.

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Honest_gamer3068d ago

this game will be great no matter what they do they could just make pong and it will be the best graphics long as they fix the controls i'll buy it

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