Video Game Addiction: A Serious Illness?

Associatedcontent: Gamers with no self control have more to fear than just a weakened social life.

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SeanRL3072d ago

No shit, when you're addicted to something it usually becomes unhealthy.

qface643072d ago

how does someone even get addicted to video games?
i understand being addicted to a drug because of what it does to your body but games?

Playerz83072d ago

People, get ahold of yourselves. It's "unhealthy". Whatever, lol.

On a side note, the guy who published the story on the website has a funny name- Gary Jaxson. Shouldn't it be Gary Jackson? Or maybe "dumbass".


Actually it is unhealthy, are you that dumb that you can't even tell whats healthy and unhealthy?

If sitting in front of a screen that's damaging your eyes for more 3-4 hours is not unhealthy TO YOU then I don't know what is.

Sitting in one position for 3-4 hours staring at a box isn't just unhealthy but against human nature itself. It's something that we should NOT be doing in the first place.

Playerz83072d ago

Ya, it is unhealthy. That's why I said " People, get ahold of yourselves. It's "unhealthy"."

Whatever, lol is what the kid in the pic should be saying.

Jeez, can't you take a joke?

PaPa-Slam3072d ago

I am addicted to games & it feels awesome. Videogames addiction can never be as big of a problem as Alcohol, Drug, Sex Addictions.

Poseidon3072d ago

playing videogames is better than being out on the street homeless to to drugs