Editorial: Is the PSP Dead?

Despite being around for a bit over half a decade, the PSP is still chugging along for many despite Sony's attempt to replace it with the PSP Go. But after all this time, is it finally time for the little handheld to just call it quits?

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Natsu X FairyTail3068d ago (Edited 3068d ago )

it might not be selling like hot cakes anymore but the load of games coming out on PSP is huge and sick. I'm waiting on that Fairy Tail game and that new Bleach Heat the soul 7.

HorsePowerr3068d ago

You forgot God of War: Ghost of Sparta.

Danja3068d ago

The PSP is far from dead Sony just needs to drop the damn price simple

Blaze9293068d ago

Besides Ghost of Sparta and Birth by Sleep, I'm not really sure what other PSP games are even coming out. I hope that Resident Evil they announced last year is still being made and doesnt turn out like Devil May Cry PSP.

I'll admit, the PSP hasn't been 'as' live as it was when it first came out but I wouldn't say it's dead...just maybe getting there if they don't turn things around. I remember having a boat load of games always being made for the PSP at least for it's first 3 years. I guess piracy is really killing this thing game wise.

Either I'm just ignorant of what PSP games are coming out or I just don't care but it doesn't seem like a lot. I'm sure Peace Walker, Birth by Sleep, and Ghost of Sparta should last long enough though.

PoSTedUP3068d ago (Edited 3068d ago )

the problem is piracy and marketing (but might not be a big problem in the eyes of sony). the DS is aimed towards kids and parents who buy it for their kids, thus less pirating. the psp's aimed at teens and young adults more then really young kids. also i have seen next to no commercials or advertising for the psp, meanwhile i use to see non-stop advertising for the DS. its really not about who sells more because nintendo spent tons of money on marketing this gen. who knows if it was even worth it, if they made a good profit or not ya know. if you spend next to no money on marketing the psp or very little, and it sells 40 million, you are most likely making a profit (depending on production costs tho etc).
the psp is not dead it is just up against a tough competitor, sony could easily put out a huge marketing campaign for psp (but would it be worth it?) it seems that they are keeping it at this price because it is still selling and that is a good price where they make a decent profit. they already marketed blu-ray a lot and had a fair share of marketing for ps3 and now a huge coke deal with move (i pun hehe). the psp is a great system and is there if sony feels they need to push it more but imo it is not as important as the ps3 and 3D etc. 3D is something new that they spent a lot of money on so you can guarantee they are going to push it out there. what i am saying is i believe the psp is doing fine in sonys eyes because they are most likely making a profit off of it. this isnt facts, only my semi educated opinion ok.

socom fire team bravo3 is all i have to say tho as my psp has yet to cease to amaze me.

oh and the new Jak&daxter is like one of the best in the franchise next to Jak3.

love my psp.
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sikbeta3068d ago (Edited 3068d ago )

It might be far from dead, but it's just a matter of time for the PSP2 in whatever form comes out, TGS maybe?


I'm not saying it's dead, Imo it's not, but Piracy really F*cked up the PSP, support became really poor and games, lame, as I said long ago, what we are seeing now with the new add campaign and Great Gaming Support, it's Sony last attempt too push the PSP and everything is getting prepared for the new handheld...

raztad3068d ago (Edited 3068d ago )

2010 is by far the best year to own a PSP.

Sony franchises + Square franchises + VC2 + Yakuza PSP + MGS:PW (incredible game) + Persona 3P + Badman 2 + Newly announced games from NISA

(Z.H.P. looks ridiculous fun)+ others I can not remember. Those actually are more games that what I can buy/handle. Too bad the piracy is such a huge problem, but PSP library is pretty healthy and far from dead.

I agree with Danja about the price cut. However I think Sony is waiting for 3DS release in order to announce it and position the PSP as the cheaper alternative.

ReservoirDog3163068d ago

There's also Valkyria Chronicles 2.

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GWAVE3068d ago

I'm playing MGS: Peace Walker (one of the best handheld games ever), Patapon 2 (waiting for 3), and I will soon be playing the new God of War on PSP. Also, Persona 3 Portable just came out, a remake of one of the highest-rated PS2 RPGs.

So, no, it's not dead.

Imperator3068d ago

The PSP may be dead in terms of sales outside of Japan, however it was a great success. Let's not forget that the PSP is the best selling non-nintendo handheld and the only handheld that was ever able to seriously compete against Nintendo.

jerethdagryphon3068d ago

give me a bleach rpg ill be happy

that and the new ace combat

pimpmaster3068d ago (Edited 3068d ago )

yes the psp is dead, its been dead for the past 3 years.well , on life support would be a more accurate way to put it since it does get like 1-2 good games a year. i sold my psp like 2 years ago, im glad i did, it had been like a year since i even turned it on before that. top that off with the fact i had it moded and could get any game i wanted free and i still sold it cause it had no games

ABizzel13068d ago (Edited 3068d ago )

I don't think it's dead, but I think it reached it's peak. I think 2011 will be the last year of the PSP and Sony will announce the PSP2/PSPhone.

They need to drop the price of the PSP this year for the holidays. $170, $200, and $250 versions all need to drop.

Realistically they needs to do these price drops to get sales up again.

PSP 3000 console only needs to hit $120
PSP 3000 bundle needs to be $150
PSP Go needs to be $200
and they can add a PSP Go bundle for $250 like they had in Europe

TheLastGuardian3068d ago (Edited 3068d ago )

the psp isn't dead. I'm excited for Patapon 3, Resident Evil psp, and especially God of War: Ghost of Sparta. how much do you wanna bet that game will have a higher metacritic score than any psp game or any ds game for that matter.

@ABizzel1 according to the August issue of PTOM the psp go now comes bundled with $80 worth of voucher including socom fireteam bravo 3, LBP, and Ratchet and clank: size matters. I still don't think It's worth $250 mainly because I hate the thought of paying full price for a retail game and not getting a physical disk or a case to put on my shelf. it is sexy looking though I just wish they would have made a umd slot in the back.

Close_Second3068d ago

...but I also wish Sony would release a lot more PSOne, PC Engine and NeoGeo games in my part of the world. nothing like playing Crash Bandicoot on the PSP - it looks and plays just as good as it ever did!

Just keep on rolling out games that exploit what the PSP has to offer and I'll stick with it until I get the PSP2.

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Omega43068d ago

Once Birth by Sleep, 3rd Birthday and FFXIII:Agito are released the PSP will be dead to me, but it was good while it lasted. FFVII:CC is one of the best portable games I've ever played.

greenisgood3068d ago

Who knows Sony might announce something you might like.
I highly doubt it will be dead

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