Dynasty Warriors: Gundam goes gold

NAMCO BANDAI have announced that Dynasty Warriors: Gundam has gone gold in North America for the Xbox 360 and PS3, and will be released on August 28th...

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Lakuspakus3972d ago

Who would buy this game? I played the demo, and it was worse than i had ever imagined!

ViciousIX3972d ago

...yay.........gayyyyyyy...... ...

Bazookajoe_833972d ago

I truly enjoy dynasty warrior but gundam was joke.

Okay here´s the theory of the development...
Little johnny who is the son of the creator of this game tryed another demo that just sucked so much that he couldnt stop crying. Then the father said i´ll make it up to you by makeing it even worse for other children, they will look back at the time they played gundam as the most tragic thing in their life´s, that includes the loss of there mothers who had died a painfull death in front of them....

teh_tourist3972d ago

i wonder if this will sell more than 1,000 copies
my brother wants it

RadientFlux3972d ago

because you can never have enough sub-par 3rd person slice and dice games, scary thing is that this game might actually sell

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