Epic Founder Apologises for Rein Outburst

Epic founder Tim Sweeney has apologised on behalf of the firm's VP Mark Rein, who interrupted a panel of indie devs to blast their marketing techniques at the Develop Conference last week.

In a rather unexpected response, Tim Sweeney admitted Rein "can jump in with guns blazing sometimes, invited or not", and apologised for the VP's outburst, before going on to reply to individual comments below the blog post.

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HDgamer3044d ago

We are very sorry for Marky's little outburst. He has been a very naughty vice president. Because of his actions he will not be able to play with his Yacht, jumbo jet or $1500 hookers for a week. This has been very embarrassing and we give you our full apologies.

TANUKI3044d ago (Edited 3044d ago )

^^ yea, I saw that comment on the other site too, lol.

MajestieBeast3044d ago

Is epic just a company full of douchebags and this guy has to keep them in check or something?

Vojkan3044d ago

something like that, i thought that was well know by now. No wonder Sony didnt wanted to work with them on couple of occasions

thebudgetgamer3044d ago (Edited 3044d ago )

could you elaborate on that for me.

oh, ok no prob.

Vojkan3044d ago

i would like to but cant. it was on two occasion, that much i can say.

IdleLeeSiuLung3043d ago

I don't know, I feel like Epic started from the shareware era so it is hard for me to believe they are all a bunch of d!ckwads like people like to think of big companies.

Anyhow, I'm still not clear on the real story and frankly it sounded one sided.

Can we actually get the real story of what happened?

Lich1203043d ago

I find it hard to believe Sweeney is a jerk. For one he's brilliant and strikes me as a complete introvert. However, I've never met him, but hes the man behind the engine and even took it upon himself to come out and apologize. Likely because he was embarrassed at the impression this would give people about his company.

As far as Mark Rein, piss off, you're a business man and I have no disillusions that majority of them aren't tools.

Xfanboy3044d ago

Oh I was there the way he was yelling it was unreal..

Active Reload3044d ago

Pun intended? Anyway, I can see where both parties involved are coming from. This was suppose to happen I think. The small indie dev now knows that its a dog eat dog world on the business side of things. Epic is a indie dev also just with more muscle and they didn't get there by being a pansy. But kudos for the small indie dev that stood his ground. I think both parties learned from this.

Charmers3044d ago (Edited 3044d ago )

"When you have millions of customers, you can't talk to them all. Many of the Epic folks are in frequent contact with enough gamers that we have a pretty clear idea of what the community is thinking"

I liked that bit at least we can be happy in the knowledge that Epic know PC gamers think they are arse holes. As for this whole Mark Rein business what a bloody child. It is about time Mark grew up and started acting like an adult. The same could be said for a lot of Epic staff members including that Cliff guy.

MajestieBeast3044d ago

I mean is this surprising this is coming from a company that silences everyone that gives criticism on the forums.

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The story is too old to be commented.