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Interview with Shu Takumi from Capcom - Ghost Trick: Phantom-Detektiv

PlanetDS have held an interesting interview with Shu Takumi from Capcom, developer of Ace Attorney and the new ds adventure game Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective. (Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth, Ace Attorney: Apollo Justice, Capcom, Dev, Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective, Nintendo DS, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Wii)

Miroque  +   1717d ago
In my opinion, Ghost Trick is more challenging as Phoenix Wright! Perhaps a new series, even for the 3DS?
Sorano  +   1717d ago
I love Capcoms game and Shu Takumi knows his stuff. Ace Attorney, Apollo Justice and Ghost Trick looks cool now, too. Didn't he mention a 3DS version?
franktheprankreturns  +   1717d ago
It is from the developers of Ace Attorney? Then I must buy it!
portablegaming  +   1717d ago
No more Ace Attorney for DS :(
"With the Nintendo 3DS coming out soon, will Ghost Trick be one of your last Nintendo DS games or will you still develop for the current model?"

Shu Takumi: "I can only guess as you would – but perhaps this would be the last…?"

No more Ace Attorney for the Nintendo DS then...
Redempteur  +   1717d ago
as long as the serie evolve on another support that's not a problem. the ace attorney saga is powerfull enough to get other episode IMO .. but i'll welcome ghost tricks with pleasure
Nibbler  +   1717d ago
a very ambicious game, looking forward to it!
Schneestern  +   1717d ago
nice idea that somehow reminds me of old chain reaction games.
Sorano  +   1717d ago
I really like the idea of time travel to prevent murder. Now they would just need that Ace can review the cases. A cross over with Attorney :D
al-burrito  +   1717d ago
hm... my favorite is still Ace Attorney.
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RIPSKATEDESTROY  +   1716d ago
capcom just brings me back to my old school gaming days :D

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