Interview with Shu Takumi from Capcom - Ghost Trick: Phantom-Detektiv

PlanetDS have held an interesting interview with Shu Takumi from Capcom, developer of Ace Attorney and the new ds adventure game Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective.

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Miroque3073d ago

In my opinion, Ghost Trick is more challenging as Phoenix Wright! Perhaps a new series, even for the 3DS?

Sorano3073d ago

I love Capcoms game and Shu Takumi knows his stuff. Ace Attorney, Apollo Justice and Ghost Trick looks cool now, too. Didn't he mention a 3DS version?

franktheprankreturns3073d ago

It is from the developers of Ace Attorney? Then I must buy it!

portablegaming3073d ago

"With the Nintendo 3DS coming out soon, will Ghost Trick be one of your last Nintendo DS games or will you still develop for the current model?"

Shu Takumi: "I can only guess as you would – but perhaps this would be the last…?"

No more Ace Attorney for the Nintendo DS then...

Redempteur3073d ago

as long as the serie evolve on another support that's not a problem. the ace attorney saga is powerfull enough to get other episode IMO .. but i'll welcome ghost tricks with pleasure

Nibbler3073d ago

a very ambicious game, looking forward to it!

Schneestern3073d ago

nice idea that somehow reminds me of old chain reaction games.

Sorano3073d ago

I really like the idea of time travel to prevent murder. Now they would just need that Ace can review the cases. A cross over with Attorney :D

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The story is too old to be commented.