PS3: Mercury Releases Supercomputer SDK

If you are planning to do a lot more with the Playstation 3 than playing games, then here is an opportunity to use the console as a high-performance computing platform.

Mercury Systems said that it has released its "MultiCore Plus SDK for PS3 - Base Package" just ahead of Siggraph and will follow up with a more elaborate version on August 6. Provided you have not just casual development experience, Mercury promises that the kit offers the tools to dive into the processing power of the Cell processor in an "affordable" way and simplify the transition to multi-core programming for developers.

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jtmill073915d ago

That sounds all most to good to be true.... :-D

nasim3915d ago

now ps3 is proven to be a supercomputer



as i have been trying to tell you for months at a time, and the graphics will keep going into movie range ingame, as i have told you

Sayai jin3914d ago

Great, but the amount to memory will limit this generation of games. This PC will pack enough memory though.


i am afraid you still dont understand supercompters, that is why you will never understand the growt of visual output that the ps3 will continue to show, oh well youll see

Sayai jin3914d ago

Huh? Never? I understand a lot about supercomputers and supercomputing, hence my electrical engineering and compuer Science degrees. Anyways, my comment was about this generation of gaming, not the PS3. Games for the gen will look more impressive as developers max out each system's true performance, well except for the Wii (which is not built for high end graphics). I say again, What will limit this generation in terms of framerate and graphics will be the limited aount of memory. The highest framre rate for the gen will be about 60 FPS. You can throw high speed processors under the hood of any product but if you do not have enough memory then...Almost all know that this will limit this generation of consoles in graphics. So my friend I think it is you who does not understand...

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