Sony: "Yes, we hear you on wanting more demos…consider that box suitably checked"


"Since we launched the blog we have been extremely liberal in our monitoring policies because we wanted you guys and gals to get to know each other and share ideas. Lately, however, we have been getting complaints that there is so much noise accompanying each post that people can't separate the good meat from the chatter. We definitely hear you. So, we are going to step up our moderation of off-topic, nonsensical posts or posts on topics that we have already addressed (Yes, we hear you on wanting more demos … consider that box suitably checked)".

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TriggerHappy3974d ago

This might be a hint, am sure during or after GC, some new demos will be coming to PSN.

XxZxX3974d ago

there are new demos coming almost every 2 week now. Good job. Tried GRAW2 demo...nope not going to buy it

TriggerHappy3974d ago

It was that bad ? or a different reason ?

XxZxX3974d ago

it wasn't bad, pretty good i can say but not my cup of tea. I'm a Resistance or HALO type person, run and gun.

Omicronn3974d ago

I agree, Good looking game, gameplay is nice. But not my cup of tea either. Resistance/Halo/Unreal Tournament type are my favorites.

Figboy3974d ago

i played the demo briefly, and it's actually really cool, i'm just not that big into the sort of tactical shooter (like R6: Vegas; very cool game, but i couldn't get into it like i wanted).

Resistance is definitely a shooter i enjoy (i'm more of a casual shooter fan, not a hardcore one). i won't be buying GRAW2, but maybe i'll rent it, or borrow my roommate's copy, as i'm sure he'll be picking it up.

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darkvenom3974d ago

more demos are welcome.keep it up Sony,you're doing an awesome job.

InMyOpinion3974d ago

People disagree? That must mean Sony fans consider it checked and delivered even though they don't get more demos lol! How stupid can you get?

Frulond3974d ago

tho imo XMB access from any game is more important :p
but I love demos specially since there is no OPM now and many reviewers seem to get bucks for points =/

ReBurn3974d ago

Just curious, but why is in-game XMB access important to you? Personally I see no reason for it.

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The story is too old to be commented.