Japan Weekly Chart for July 11th, 2010

VGC writes: "For the Week ending July 11th, 2010 in Japan, reports the following for Hardware sales:

HW Weekly (change) Total
DS 51,037 (-7%) 30,761,178
PSP 26,974 (-2%) 14,835,187
Wii 24,876 (+13%) 10,496,678
PS3 22,869 (0%) 5,352,838
X360 5,650 (-26%) 1,343,975
PS2 1,560 (-5%) 23,075,166

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Cyrus3653043d ago

Good first week sales of White Knight 2, but I'd have figured they would have bigger bump on PS3 sales.

What's the next big PS3 game coming out over there?

DaTruth3043d ago

The people buying White Knight 2 already have a PS3 since White Knight 1.

Cyrus3653043d ago


But you think it would push some consoles, it was reviewed better than the first one in Japan.

I'm curious what the next system seller is for PS3, like how FF 13 pushes sales.

Gran Turismo 5?

DaTruth3043d ago

Notice how these favourable PS3 numbers don't blow up like NPD numbers? And VGChartz won't be approved after 1 month of good PS3 sales!

Don't know how they think PS3 fanboys are the worst!

@Cyrus: Those are both first iterations on PS3. Gran Turismo 6 and FF13VS won't really perform much better than those original games!