Sony: GTA IV Won't "Make or Break" PS3

Sony Computer Entertainment America has told Next-Gen that it wants Grand Theft Auto IV to release soon, but added that PS3 isn't reliant on one hit game.

SCEA PR boss Dave Karraker said in an e-mail regarding the delay of GTA IV, "Naturally, all of the hardware manufacturers would love to have Grand Theft Auto IV released as soon as possible, but this is such an important franchise we support Take-Two in taking as much time as they need to make a great game."

"No single game makes or breaks any PlayStation platform. Rather than rely on one hit game, we prefer to offer consumers a wide choice in software, appealing to a broader audience beyond just the hardcore gamer," he said.

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RyuCloudStrife3766d ago

Yes it will make or break the PS3......



highps33766d ago

Frankly Microsoft NEEDS it to sell just to have more users to buy the DLC they spent a ton of money on...

This definately is great news for Ps3 fans in a way, I definately think the extra dev time will pay off.

In the mean time atleast we have Unreal Tournament 3 this winter to hold us over :)

nasim3766d ago

since most SONY fans want realistic looking games like LAIR ,HS,UNCHARTED ,FF13,KZ2,GT 5 etc.

GT4 is important to MS since x360 is already dead in japan and eu and has given in to PS3 in JULY.

as for PS3 ...wii is next.

LA NOIRE is more important this gen.
not GTA

Meus Renaissance3766d ago

What will break the PS3 is having NOTHING on the damn system this year with practically games being delayed weekly now.

Meus Renaissance3766d ago (Edited 3766d ago )

I lose a bubble for that comment? Lol. NG4 never changes

P.S. I own a PS3 and I aint happy with my games being delayed constantly.

LeShin3766d ago

Probably because you decided to mouth off for no apparent reason.


Meus Renaissance3766d ago (Edited 3766d ago )

Yeah apparently if your frustrated by games on your console being delayed, your not allowed to speak - you lose bubbles.

No doubt this will be disagreed with, even though the exact opposite is also disagreed with. lol

Barreldragon003766d ago (Edited 3766d ago )

Im not going to hit the dissagre button after all it is your opinion but i think PS3 has plenty of games coming out this year. Granted non are a big as halo but their is still a lot. Ratchet and Clank has a huge fan base (me included) and knowing Naughty Dog their game is going to be brilliant. And all the good new IP's from Sony look grate (halo and Gears were first new IP's right). The Biggest thing though is getting Haze and UT3. this year to tie people over till the big hitters come out next year.

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Odion3766d ago

I think for MS the delay is a blessing, what other franchise has the power to take on MGS4? With GTA coming out at the same time they'll atleast have a buffer for it.

SimmoUK3766d ago

Never looked at it that way, but seriously I think there is no way konami and Rockstar will let them two come close to eachother, i expect at least a month apart so both games get the credit they deserve...

Odion3766d ago

but still both are due our in the same 3 months. It just makes weathering that storm a little easier.

THE_JUDGE3766d ago

Please go smoke some more of whatever you have been because you can't in anyway shape or form compare the piddle DLC for GTA 4 to MGS4. If they come out at the same time, people who want MGS 4 who don't have the PS3 will cop the PS, MGS & GTA 4. That doesn't help MS in anyway shape or form. Go back to your Hookah!

supaet3766d ago

typical sony pr crap...

that's like saying

oh, we wish we do not have a halo....

SimmoUK3766d ago

Why is it? Sony didn't need halo last generation and they don't need it now, microsoft had halo last time and it didn't do them much good did it, halo is a game that appeals to the Microsft/xbox fanbase...

anyway thats my point of view to your comment, im not going to discuss it further...

just going to say i can't wait to play UT3, Heavenly sword, LAIR, Ratchet, LBP, GT5, Uncharted, Warhawk and more before christmas, when all these games are out for PS3 and people see alot more of them, its pretty safe to say things will change, they have exclusive games in all genres as well which is really good...

supaet3766d ago

they didn't need it last gen because the xbox ONLY have halo. like only having kobe in today's laker team...which sucks

but halo in today 360 is the tony parker/tim duncan of the spurs with a bunch of supporting casts...

even if you have a team of quality players, a super star will help. it's not like sony do not wish to have halo, that's how they're hyping up killzone 2, they only say this because they don't have it YET.

WoodyWood093766d ago

Stop being a blind fanboy Sony didn't sell 100 mil + consoles because of GTA, the PS2 sold because of variety of games!!

Fighter3766d ago

The 360 only has two high profile FPS (Halo 3 and Bioshock) and mass effect which is an rpg. GTA 4 was going to be the only different genre other than mass effect.

supaet3766d ago

you totally ignore other 360 games. Thank you so much...

btw, who knows what games will slip into next year...

look, lair delayed, heavenly sword delayed, warhawk delayed to november (in the uk as of now), what are the chances of rachet, uncharted and lbp coming out this year?

razer3766d ago

knows MS has a lot more this holiday than the PS3. It's been compared over and over and MS focused their entire conference on just this holiday. Ignorance is bliss I guess.

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