Chris Cashman speaks on the end of 1 vs. 100

Joystiq writes: Inimitable host of the now-canceled Xbox Live gameshow 1 vs. 100 Chris Cashman recently spoke to Giant Bomb about his feelings on the show being disbanded, even going so far as to create a goodbye video. He called the situation a "bummer," adding, "It wasn't that long ago that I was blown away by having colored rubber bands on my braces, so getting to host the first live videogame ever is pretty much tops."

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BlackBusterCritic3070d ago

I completely forgot that this existed. Oh well, I dont think anyone will miss it.

HorsePowerr3070d ago

Is that really you? lol I'm one of your subscribers on YouTube.
Waiting for part 2 (you know what im talking about lol).

3069d ago