The Death of Master Chief in Halo 3?

The 7th Columnist wrangled up a Halo 3 ad that is featured in the latest issue of EGM and is worded in such a way that it almost sounds as if they are remembering Master Chief.

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vidoardes3919d ago

This story is duplicate

Why did you approve Bigmac573, do you not read reports?

AuburnTiger3919d ago

So, who cares? What are you the NG4 police?? Are you going to "report"(snitch on) Bigmac573 for approving this article? Hey, I'm glad they approved this because I’ve never heard of this story before. Honestly, I think you cringe at the thought of your precious master chief dying. In fact, I bet you hate the idea of this being the last of the halo series. It’s ok though, I’m sure they’ll write more halo books for you to read on lonely Friday nights.

vidoardes3916d ago

Do you try at being that stupid, or does it come naturally? I personally think Halo is an overhyped series (not bad, just not as good as the sales would have you belive) and I have never owned a MS console. It has nothign to do with my 'preicous Master Chief Dying', I just think it's stupid when we have to read the same news twice. Grow up you stupid little kid, take your flame wars elsewhere

CurlUpAndDie3919d ago

The MC could never die, he's freakin God!

jinn3919d ago

the best ending would be is masterchief and the covenants forgive each other and become allies with some sad music playing in the background. Even better would be if masterchief takes off his helmet and Pooooof! It's Snake from metal gear all this time under that helmet.

PS360PCROCKS3919d ago

Well he will only die in the game IF YOU FAIL!!! But I am sure this is merely a no more halo games ad...

Azures3919d ago

I hope he does. The milking of the Halo franchise has become embaressing. Halo 3 soda? Gimme an f-ing break.

Marriot VP3919d ago

that's not milking, that's advertising you dingbat

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The story is too old to be commented.