BioShock's Ken Levine - Interview

There's no doubt that, post-BioShock, first-person shooters won't ever be the same again.

Steve Boxer of Spong got the chance to grill Ken Levine, Irrational's boss, and the man who forged his reputation as the lead designer of the much-loved System Shock 2.

in fact, we'll start wondering why we ever tolerated all those mind-numbing corridor-shooters. BioShock is such a cauldron of innovation that it's difficult to know where to start. There are awesome graphics, for example. The game (set in the 1960s) takes place in an incredible, once-Utopian abandoned underwater city called Rapture, which you reach after your plane (on which, authentically, you're seen enjoying a virtual cigarette) crashes right next to a submersible lift which is the only way of reaching it.

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seraph pinion3914d ago

It would be nice, that if once, just ONCE, a developer would be allowed
to deny or confirm or deny the existence of a port to another system.

About any game, and any system.

Well, wish in one hand...

tehcellownu3914d ago

looks like bioshock is comin to the ps3..

TriggerHappy3914d ago

Bioshock on PS3 rumor arises again and he neither denies nor confirms it but rather he cant confirm anything. The "right now
" quote comes up again.

SPOnG: What happened to the PS3 version?

Ken Levine: If I talk about anything outside of the Xbox 360 version, my corporate overlords will spank me. We love the 360, we love working on it and we’re not talking about any other versions right now.

SPOnG: Was it the case that Microsoft splashed the cash then?

Ken Levine: My friend, I can say nothing more – except that we’ve had great support from Microsoft.

Rhezin3914d ago

MS has them by teh ballz, Bioshock for ps3=not on your life

Rhezin3914d ago

jesus christ why do you ps3 fiends want this game so much you greedy [email protected] you already saw the power of K2 on a ps3 why can't you leeches just be happy with that. I mean come on there's a limit.