Gran Turismo 5 Collector’s Edition Races up Bestseller List

Many believe that the hype for Gran Turismo 5 has begun to kick into a low gear and slow to a halt, all in thanks to many delays in the game’s development cycle. However, according to recent sales data, that doesn’t seem to be the case at all and instead Gran Turismo 5 is on course to top the PlayStation 3 bestsellers list on one major online retailer.

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TrevorPhillips3075d ago (Edited 3075d ago )

This baby is my GOTY :D

Everyones dream to tune and test 1000+ cars

Isn't that right boyz and girlz :)

cobraagent3075d ago

damn right!!! Can't wait for November

NecrumSlavery3074d ago

I wonder how long it'll be until anyone can get all 1000+ cars. That's probably a a half billion dollars worth of cars. That's winning a lot of races.

vsr3074d ago

& only game that worth for your $60/-

Greywulf3074d ago (Edited 3074d ago )

I just love to drive the stock cars and try to beat/compete with the real world lap times.

Test driving cars pretending like you're on top gear is also fun.

The tuning is often kinda difficult with all the camber/toe/blah blah. I usually just adjust the ratio's, springs... something else, and end up making the car slower. Or bumpy. Might have to look into a few things, I know im just not a great tuner. Just a good driver.

hopefully the community will provide good tunes to borrow/learn.



Gran Touring3074d ago

The good folks over at GtPlanet will certainly be able to give you pointers, tips and setups on tuning.

And yeah steal too...


Imperator3074d ago

Can someone explain to me how Pre-orders on Amazon work. Here are my questions.

1. Do you pay the full 100 dollars as soon as you pre-order? Or does Amazon charge just a small fee and then charges when the game cheap. For example, You need to pay 5 dollars to pre-order a game at gamestop. Does it work the same?

2. On average, how soon after the game releases do you get the game?

3. Is it reliable? I've bought stuff on Amazon, but I've never preordered anything.

cobraagent3074d ago

1 You pay 100$ when the product is shipped and an extra fee depending on the destination.
2 One week or two depending on the destination
3 It is reliable

Imperator3074d ago

Alright, thanks for the help man. Just preordered GT5 Collector's Edition.

Deputydon3074d ago

I don't know about this collector's edition. But almost every game I've ever pre ordered from Amazon had a 'release date delivery' option. They have always arrived at my doorstep by 3pm on release day.

knight6263074d ago

@deputydon well they havent released the release day gurantee but we will hear it around august saying get it same day release and when it does just upgrade it and there u get it the same day u just have to wait for amazon to announced same day release

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EvilBlackCat3074d ago (Edited 3074d ago )

to then jump in here and post the most biggest LOL ever once you guys find out that is no better than Forza 3.

ALL of you have hopes that is the better sim ever... lol is not a sim and you are going to get disappointed.

KEEP hyping it you guys are doing it fine.

yewles13074d ago (Edited 3074d ago )

You remind me of a homeless drunk I met months ago who just got mad for no reason, put his hands together, and started proclaiming "God's Curse" to everyone in the vicinity. XD

3074d ago
UltimateIdiot9113074d ago

Little does EvilBlackCat know, many of the PS3 owners will be gone from N4G for at least that day to play GT5 leaving only him and other 360 fanboys to trash talk GT5 together.

instrumentalist3074d ago

It's not a sim, never was.

No damage is first and foremost.
Second, you can pass a car by sractching the hell out of it and bumpin off of it speeds you up.

Don't get me wrong, GT has, and always had a special place in my book, but I always thought of it as a hardcore racing game, it's nowhere near a simulator, let alone "REAL RACING SIMULATOR" they've been yapping about forever.

May be hard to accept, but it's pure facts.

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tinybigman3074d ago (Edited 3074d ago )

Collectors preordered, and it will be my personal goty also.

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abmac7133075d ago

"Many delays?" It's been a long wait, but wasn't there only one official delay? Anyways, this is great news. There's no doubt in my mind that GT5 will be worth the wait!

Sev3075d ago (Edited 3075d ago )

Just one "official" delay. You are correct. That was more just poor wording on my part. The article is fixed.

raztad3074d ago

thanks for the info.

It should help some people to realize the amazing selling power of this game. Many are underestimating it. And btw it will sell even better in Japan/EU.

fishd3075d ago (Edited 3075d ago )

"all in thanks to many delays in the game’s development cycle."

A fucking playstation specific site don't know that the game was delayed just once,from march 2010 to Nov 2010

fishd3074d ago

They edited the article and also deleted 2 comments that pointed out their mistake,lol

Sev3074d ago

Ha ha! We fixed the article as mentioned above. No comments were deleted at all. Good job with your bogus conspiracy theory!

UnSelf3074d ago


stop tryna knock everyone for every lil mistake sheesh

carry on Sev

Karum3074d ago

Sev accidentally deleted my comment and emailed me to explain before I even knew about it.

I'm absolutely fine with that, I know these guys wouldn't intentionally do that just to hide a mistake so there's no harm done.

People make mistakes, Sev was decent enough to explain his and apologies and also correct himself which is something lacking in many so called "journalists".

Sev3074d ago

Thanks Karum,

and to everyone else for the kind words, as long as there are readers like you who appreciate what I do, I wont ever stop.

Karum3074d ago

Love how we both got disagrees

Motorola3074d ago

xbox fanboys hiding and giving disagrees smh..

Convas3074d ago (Edited 3074d ago )

The Hell? Wouldn't that be Fishd and some of his Dumbass bubble buddies who jumped to conclusions about a few simple mistakes in the article?

Blame everything on everyone, except those who should be blamed right?

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oldjadedgamer3075d ago

I get that GT5 is THE game to get for racing/driving simulator. But I just don't get the appeal.

Maybe its because I drive a truck and can't think of driving anything else but a bigger truck.

Why do driving games appeal to you?

cobraagent3075d ago (Edited 3075d ago )

because i love cars. Supercars, sportcars, classic cars... i love them all
GT5 is the closest i can get to most of them and especially test them around the Ring and the Top Gear Test track.

sikbeta3075d ago

I put it simple, I'll Never be able to drive a GT by Citroen =

Cos I don't have €1M and for this too:

So, the best thing for me is Driving it on the GT5 + 3d Immersion that make it so much Real, with 1000 other Cars that I'll not be able to drive in real life, that's why people all over the world play the Gran Turismo series

Gran Tursimo 5: The Real Driving Simulator

Venatus-Deus3075d ago

A lot of people have (including me) have something similar to this:

Thats expensive, but a G25 is £120 and a normal playseat is £309

oldjadedgamer3075d ago

I much rather drive this than a million dollar sports car. I must just be weird.

UnSelf3074d ago

yes, very weird.

ill kill to drive the Toyota TS010 GT One. I think thats the name of it

Or the 787B, ah i miss my GT4 days :'(

ViRaL-3074d ago

that's not weird. Everybody is different we'll all have different taste. I can see the appeal of driving a BIG ASS truck.

cb4g3074d ago (Edited 3074d ago )

...everyone has different tastes and interests. That's why there's 1000+ cars to choose in the game - it's too bad there aren't any trucks. I'd rather ride a Yamaha YZR-M1 but there aren't any bikes either.

juniordee3074d ago

Past GT games had some trucks, for example the Dodge Ram, Ford Lightning, and a couple more.

Ilikegames763074d ago

GT4 have big trucks in the game. GT5 may have that also, just wait until the game comes out this November 4.

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ElementX3074d ago (Edited 3074d ago )

I don't see the point in "driving" some nice car in a game. Do you actually feel the leather and sit in the seat? No. There is no realism. You're holding a controller or gripping a plastic wheel. Sure it revs and looks like a car, but it's not a car. It's the closest you'll ever get to a fancy car but you're not in it. You could put all the speed effects and engine sounds in some generic looking cardboard box on the screen and it's no different. You're looking at a picture. You might as well go online and view interior photos. You don't feel the car react, you don't feel the speed, you don't feel the car's movement.

asyouburn3074d ago

i see your point, but the same could be said of any video game. fighting, flight simulators, just about any game.

mastiffchild3074d ago

No LITERALLY every game ever made. Also you do get a sense of speed in a ton of different games through the visuals alone.

inception1233074d ago (Edited 3074d ago )

exacly, but i guess people just like complaining just to do it.

why play mw? it isn't like being in a real war.

why play fight night? it isn't like being in a real boxing match.

why play gta? one person can't do all that stuff in one city without leaving it and not get caught.

and that game go on for every single game since none are like real life. gt5 can give you at least a close feeling to driving a real car if you have one of those big setups.

ElementX3074d ago

Well take a golfing game. Wouldn't you rather be out golfing? How about baseball? Get some people together. Sure you can't speed around tracks in your car but you can get out and drive. I can't join some space marine corp and shoot aliens. I'm just saying that driving is a tactile experience. Other games like most fighters and shooters and GTA aren't trying to be real life. They're not a replacement for real life. Driving games try to be realistic but they will never be because you're just holding a piece of plastic.

That's just my thought, I was responding to BroHuff because he said he "doesn't get the appeal" I don't get it, either.

Funny thing is I have GT5 preordered. I haven't played a racing game in years but when I did it was some ancient racer in an arcade.

asyouburn3074d ago

not everyone can afford really nice golf clubs or memberships to exclusive golf courses that you can play in tiger woods. not everyone has a football or baseball field near them. and in gt5's case, not everyone can afford a real ferrari to tear ass in. shooting space marines is the same as getting home runs in baseball game. sure everyone could just go play baseball, but not everyone can hit homeruns and carry their fat asses accross a field. if you like shooters, why not just go shoot targets?

GarandShooter3074d ago

@ ElementX

Look up the word simulation.

Yes, you can golf, but you can't simulate having Tiger's skill set.

You can play baseball, but not in a simulated Yankee's Stadium as a simulated Derek Jeter.

Where did you get the idea video games were supposed to replace real life experiences?

Video games, like any other form of entertainment are meant to be an ESCAPE from real life, somewhere your mind can go and temporarily forget the BS of daily life.

Do you suppose people play The Sims in lieu of actually getting married, having kids, jobs, etc.

It's entertainment, if it entertains then it has fulfilled its intended purpose.

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Karum3074d ago

It's gotta be the love of cars and the love of gaming.

Polyphony Digital have always put in a lot of work, realism and extremely high production value, not to mention overall value in their product to provide more hours of gameplay than I care to remember.

GT5 looks to take it to another level and I just can't wait to give it a try. I've found it hard the last couple of years to get excited for a racing sim or racing game in general but with GT5 getting closer it's starting to rekindle that love.

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secksi-killer3075d ago

i think everyone can agree that this will be one of the outstanding acheivements of this generation. worth the wait springs to mind!!

but on a side note, why does playstationlifestyle always write sales blogs?? especially as we all know that sony fans dont cre about sales??

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