DIY $498 Gaming Rig that Plays it All

GN writes, "Find out why pure domination is bursting from the platters of our hard drive in this latest budget gaming build!

You need to hoard the cash (and the cache) for gaming excellence, and nothing is more excellent than spending a weak $498 on a new rig (for those of you getting the calculators out, that’s nine games). Time to dig up that pirate’s treasure from your backyard, let’s take a look at these parts..."

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Lelldorianx3075d ago

Thoughts? As much as the GTS250 is normally one of those cards you could skip right past, the MSI version is pretty nice... especially with those fans. Considering the budget, I think the system will play just about anything at mid-max settings (depending on the game, obviously).

What do you guys think?

Lelldorianx3075d ago

To all those commenting below: We have 2 categories of builds - "Starter Gaming Builds", including monitors, keyboards, mice, and operating systems; and "Upgrade Builds", which are strictly 'the box, and what's inside it'

Chubear3075d ago

"diy - Gaming rig that plays it all... for about a year"

Conloles3075d ago

Lol anything from 2008 plays it all

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FantasyStar3075d ago (Edited 3075d ago )

Your RAM and CPU matchups could be better. What's the point of running an X3 with DDR3 RAM if you'd have to tweak the FSB to be around 444 (assuming Multiplier is 7x) so that it cam match the DDR3 1333MHz for 1:1. For the budget conscious, proper cooling is needed as well and I'd be worried if the temps. aren't as tame later in life for that build. I'd highly recommend DDR2 just because it's cheaper and you don't have to run it as hot just so it can meet the CPU to par for best stability and eliminate wasteful power-consumption. That and the fact that whatever speed increases in calculations is completely bottlenecked by the slow HDD for any gamer to notice a significant difference. Take the money you saved in RAM and apply it to a DX11 GFX Card like a 5770.

El_Colombiano3074d ago

We have a win post here ladies and gents.


I think most of the people here don't know what you just said. Multipliers are definitely over the heads of most. Especially if you're going on some site's DIY guide.

crck3075d ago

1. Video card should be swapped with a 5770.
2. Motherboard should be bought as part of a combo deal with cpu at Newegg or Fry's(which now ships some of their combo deals but the good ones sell out quick) to save money.
3. Dump the fancy ram and get ddr2 value ram for $30 less.
4. You can pick up a 1tb hard drive for $5 more on sale.
5. BFG is like a month from going out of business. Might wanna buy from a company that will be around in a year just in case you need to rma.
6. That case is on sale right now for $35 so that's $15 that could go towards that 5770.

OneSneakyMofo3075d ago

Hey guys,

I have a question. What's a good MOBO/Video card? I'm debating on building a rig this year or waiting until next year when Star Wars The Old Republic/Diablo 3 comes out. Should I wait until I see what's coming or go ahead and build?

zagibu3074d ago (Edited 3074d ago )

1. The temptation to wait is always there, as new products keep coming out. This means that waiting on new components doesn't make sense.
2. Don't build a new system if your old system can still play anything you want at satisfactory quality settings.

The two golden rules of PC building.

We can't recommend you a motherboard or video card without knowing your budget.

zagibu3074d ago

Good build. I would go with 2GB RAM and get a GTX-260 or ATI 5770, though.

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Charmers3075d ago

I don't understand why people leave the cost of an operating system out of the equation when doing these builds. It is an essential item of the PC just as essential as the hard disc or the PSU and it should be included in the pricing of a system.

moe843075d ago

Agreed. To put it simply, w/o the OS you don't have a computer. Complete waste of time. Now, most of the people writing these articles are probably thinking the reader may want to add their own OS, and not necessarily Win 7 or w/e. The problem with that lies in compatibility and support. True, the really knowledgeable builders are those who know their way around OS supporting certain games and software... but those numbers are few and far between. And if you're building a computer and know how to get through the loop holes, your budget is probably well over 498 bucks.

Kakkoii3075d ago (Edited 3075d ago )

Because if you own a computer and are reading the article on it, then you already own the damn OS. It's no different than re-formatting your computer. It's just that you have different parts after the reformat :).

It would be stupid to buy a new OS every time you upgraded your computer.

Even if you own a shitty little OEM computer, there is going to be a serial number label stuck on it somewhere that has your serial key for your operating system. Which you are allowed to use to install that OS on whatever other computer you want in your home.

Charmers3075d ago (Edited 3075d ago )

Yes but this isn't an upgrade it is a brand new PC built from all new parts. Like I said just because you already have a PC does not mean they should leave the cost of the operating system out. After all you can take your hard disc from your old PC should that be removed from the cost ? what about the PSU or the graphics card ? After all if you are upgrading then you could probably take those with you too.

This article was about building a NEW PC with all new parts not one of the parts was an upgrade and as such it should have the cost of an operating system factored into it.

@ tobebech - to use a pirated version of something as crucial as an operating system is just asking for a crap load of problems. Either way this is supposed to be about legitimate PC building and using a pirated operating system is about a illegitimate as you can get.

Lelldorianx3075d ago

@Charmers, see my comment above. This build is 'the box + what's inside of it'

Charmers3075d ago

Sorry Lelldorianx but leaving the operating system out of the cost equation is just plain wrong. That PC won't be playing a single thing without an operating system. At the very least you should have indicated an operating system would be needed at extra expense.

I am sorry you can't see it that way and it is no excuse to just say "hey we all have 20 copies of windows xp lying around anyway". I have several hard discs lying around perhaps you should remove the cost of a hard disc from the build then, I also have several GPU's hanging around you could remove the cost of that too.

jerethdagryphon3075d ago

coming from a pc repair tech thats what wed do
theyd bring us a peice of crap and wed use there existing serial and upgrade it

Arksine3075d ago

OEM licenses are non-transferable. Sure you can do it, but not legally. You either need to already own a retail version, or you must atleast purchase an OEM version (which will not be transferable once you install it on this machine).

Motion3075d ago

For everyone complaing about the os price not included, fine, add $20 and get win7 through your/a friends/childs college. Presto.

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RagTagBnd4453075d ago

Most people either have an OS or is just pirating it. Most people don't has a gaming rig as their first pc ever, so they can just reuse the OS.

FantasyStar3075d ago

I'm going to havta say that if you're already at the point of being able to build your own PC from scratch, chances are you have an OS you can slap on the HDD already. Articles like these appeal to such audiences above. But I do agree that if you're going to advertise "Brand New PC From the Start" to someone that's never touched a PC before, the cost of OS must be factored in. But if you're an OEM maker, you're smart to get the OEM Keys for less than $100. :)

MorganX3075d ago

As long as you're moving the license from the previous PC, which now has no OS. So, if you're replacing a PC you can use the OS. If you're building an additional PC, you need a new OS license or else it's piracy.

If you're moving an OS from an older PC to a $500 pc, chances are you are not moving a Windows 7, or even Vista licenses, so you most likely will need to purchase the OS. Come on, we all know DIYers mostly pirate the OS. That's why they never included the cost of the OS license.

iamgoatman3075d ago


So you class using an OS disc on more than one system as piracy? The only time I can see that making sense is if you're building and selling PC's to people whilst using that same OS copy on all of them, as you're making money from it.

But if I've paid close to £100 for a new OS, I have the right to be able to use that copy on as many systems as I like, despite what the manufacturer would say about how "legal" it was. As far as I'm concerned, I paid £100 for that serial number, not for the shiny plastic case and DVD.

FantasyStar3075d ago

That, or tacking on $100 Microsoft tax won't make building a PC so appealing.

iamgoatman3075d ago

Some people use Linux for gaming as well, and that's free.

Like many others have said, if you're typing from a Windows based pre-built computer at the moment, you've already purchased a copy of an OS when you bought the system. You own that serial number, nothings stopping you from downloading a copy of XP or whatever and registering that serial on a new build. I've been using the same XP serial from my HP laptop I bought 5 years ago.

XactGamer3075d ago

^^^ dudes Linux is free

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awi59513075d ago (Edited 3075d ago )

You got copies of OS software everwhere. I got like two copies of xp 32bit and 64 bit. Two copies of vista 32bit and 64 bit. And the new windows 7 i just bought.Its a little known fact if you buy a copy of windows like the 32 bit version. If you email microsoft they will send you the 64 bit version for like 5bucks if you cant find a copy of the type you want.

Also never buy the version of windows that you can only install on one pc. The other version costs more but you can put it on several pc's without having to call microsoft to active all the time.

Charmers3075d ago (Edited 3075d ago )

Well for a starters if you have several copies of an OS I think it is safe to assume you build your own PC's so this article isn't really aimed at you.

Secondly if you have copies of the OS everywhere I imagine you have several hard discs or several PSU's etc etc should they be left out of the costing as well ? Just because people may have additional copies it does not mean they should leave the cost of an operating system out of the build. At the very least it should be indicated that the cost of an operating system needs to be added.

I am a PC gamer I build my own PC's and yes naturally there are some components I can take with me when I build a new PC. However this PC was built from scratch with every single component as "new" and therefore a copy of the operating system should have been included in the price.

Chris_TC3075d ago

You really don't get it, do you?

MorganX3075d ago

Yeah, they'll send you the 64-bit version. That doesn't mean you have a license to install it on a second machine. You license is good for 1 32-bit OR 64-bit install.

jerethdagryphon3075d ago

personal colection
8x xp home
6x xp pro
7 2k
1x 98
1x win 7
1x media center

yea lots of official licenses
if i build a machine for someoen who has an os already i build it in and use there lisence if they dont they buy one oses arnt as much as people think

MorganX3075d ago

When you're talking about a <$500 PC a Windows license is at least 30% of that all by itself.

moe843075d ago

The build is pretty solid for the price, but as stated above there is no OS. W/o one, you don't have a computer. As far as performance of the individual components, the rig should play most games at moderately high settings.
It really depends on your resolution. 1680x1050 or higher and you'll be running on medium to low settings with that card. The GTS250(even the 1 gig) just doesn't have the umph behind it to run those higher settings at high resolutions. Throw in a 2nd for SLI and the tables turn.. but that board doesn't support SLI.

Personally, I'd run a little cheaper HD at the start, something around the 30 dollar range. You can get an SLI or CrossFire ready mobo for 60-80 bucks.

megazeroxuxm3075d ago (Edited 3075d ago )

NOT everyone need an OS, they might have 1 laying around and so forth. not everyone will use the same OS, some finds vista and windows 7 sucks, and therefore wants to use XP, which they can only get used now cause microsoft discontinued xp. and the used price can vary since it's "used." some people find windows vista works just find, a lot of my friends would not complain about vista's speed until they have tried windows 7, but even then they wont shell out the money to buy windows 7, some people dont really care, so they would buy windows vista because vista is, obviously, cheaper than windows 7. and also windows 7 has many types, if you are only gaming on the system, the only os u'll probably windows 7 basic, which is also very irrelavent because many people like to take on different types of windows, so to satisfies all of you trolls out there, they would need to list every OS, and every version combination available! talking about operating system price to be include is very irrelevant. if one would say that if a person is building from scratch then they need EVERYTHING, well dont they need a mouse a keyboard? dont they need a screen? dont they need sound? system is also useless without a monitor or keyboard and mouse, why not include THAT in the price? well the same thing applies. u can go out can buy 5 dollar keyboard mouse combo, or u can shell out 70 bucks for a razor mouse and another 80 for a logitech keyboard or something. and for sound, u can go with no sound, which comes to be about zero dollars, or u can shell out for bose, or even kiosk, or even onkyo which all cost infinitely more than zero dollars. including the OS price is like so, it is so vague that it only comes down to each person's like. so stop whining, and imo its a very good system for the price.

Lelldorianx3075d ago (Edited 3075d ago )

Yep. Most of us in the office have several discs laying around - thanks for helping to clear it up :) Pretty much how we decided to go about listing only the basics. Glad someone understands ;)

megazeroxuxm3075d ago

yah and that too, most ppl who work in big companies get free OS. my uncle, actually all my uncles who worked in the programing industry gets all the latest OS for free from work, and also they can install on as much shit as they like! basically where i get all my OSs xD

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