Has the 80GB PS3 Been Released?

According to GameStop's website, the 80GB PS3 is now available and usually ships within 24 hours.

This seems odd, given the fact that Sony hasn't announced a concrete release date for the system as of yet. Is the system really available or has GameStop jumped the gun?

(Screenshot taken from Loot Ninja in case it gets changed on GameStop's site.)

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Fisher3393671d ago

but isnt gamestop usually wrong with release dates?

actionjackson3671d ago

They are going to be in some serious trouble. False advertisement. However, I called and ordered on, and sure enough they said, it's one it's way. If they lied . . . oh boy!

MrWonderful3671d ago (Edited 3671d ago )

my gamestop had one this morning when i went. so they are out there

rick3000gto3671d ago

I just called my gamestop and they had 2 in stock the employee didnt know if he could sell it 2 me yet so he was gonna ask his manager.

taz80803671d ago

All hail the 80 gb and chuck norris!
Crafty Sony and their price breaks and HDD expansions. well played!

The Dude3671d ago

The 80GB is out watch the sales stager and stumble.... Wouldn't the obvious choice be the 60GB with the emotion engine included not emulated?

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