Would you be willing to pay even more for online play?

Gamer Syndrome: Now the above statement seems rhetorical, because as gamers, the prospect of having another layer of monetized gaming is out of the question.

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BuIIetproofish_3068d ago (Edited 3068d ago )

$50/year for a console is the most I will pay. I wouldn't be too bothered if Sony started charging the same. I will not pay for an individual game.

Joule3068d ago

Hell no i'm not paying extra.

Chubear3068d ago (Edited 3068d ago )

See, this is the BS that the 360 fanbase want as standard for the industry. They support paying for online in the hopes others start to charge for P2P online too so they can justify their stupidity for paying $250 this gen just to play their games online every year.

Disgusting the crap that is allowed to go on in the industry just to appease one fanbase.

I can clearly state, if Sony or PC games start charging for online I WILL NOT PAY A RED CENT. I'm a single player gamer first anyways but no way would I pay full price for a game if it had MP, only to pay another fee to access the content I already paid for on disc.

That's stupidity.

It's because of the 360 base that this is even a discussion. Argh, setting the gaming industry backwards, ticks me off to no end.

mrcash3068d ago

It has nothing to do with the fanbase, it's been a standard since the fisrt xbox. The reason peple don't have a problem paying for the service, is because they believe it's worth it.

Biggest3068d ago

Not true. What was the first console released in this current generation? Many people bought it because it was first. What happens when you have something that you want to use, but have to pay first and have no alternatives? You pay. What happens when all your friends have what you have and they're paying? You pay. What happens, regardless of how you feel about it, when you buy a multiplayer game and want to actually play it on the 360? You pay. There are many people that aren't taking full advantage of the "service" offered. They pay because they have to.

mrcash3068d ago

While the 360 may have been the first console out,but people were already paying for the online service on the original xbox. Which needless to say had significantly less features. People don't have to pay its an option considering there is another console with free online play. Look I don't like the fee, I mean who does? The reality is that it is a great service if you and a few people out there don't use all of the features provided, then that's also another conscious decision they are making just like paying. If it wasn't for the xbox we would probably still be stuck with the ps2 online interface which was lacking in every department.

badz1493068d ago

and paying for MMO is stupid! so, paying more to play a game I bought already online? HELL NO! the day Sony also charge for online play is the day I stop playing online on console!

jadenkorri3068d ago

is as far it goes. Personally anyone paying to play online is a idiot. When the xbox first launched with xbox live membership and having to pay to play online, the internet swarmed with anger and statement it would fail, well guess MS is laughing in your face and now sony and nintendo are on their way to getting their piece. Now activison is next in line. Can you imagine paying not only for xbox live, but to pay so much to play MW2, and how bout BC2, and halo, etc. If activision starts charging for MW2, it will be the fastest return I'll ever do, and I hope the fanbase does the same. If we all say no, it wont happen for future games. This issue is all about future gaming and we have to draw the line here and now, otherwise, every game that releases, not only are you paying for the game, you have to pay per month/year for just online of that game.

mrcash3068d ago

I don't think anyone would be willing to pay ontop of live to play a game, well not including mmos. I don't care what game it is i'm sorry it wont happen.

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nickjkl3068d ago

orly 100 dollars a month for internet is the most ill pay i need to be able to download and playonline without affecting anything

FanboysWillHateMe3068d ago

Whether they be monthly or yearly. I pay a ton more a month for PG&E, Comcast, Netflix, Gamefly, and my Chase credit card. When I look at all those bills (especially Chase haha), the estimated monthly cost of Live is nothing. Good for all of you people that have a PS3 and are content with that. However, I do have a 360 and most (actually, all) of my friends are on that service, so I pay. It's not like I enjoy paying 50 bucks, but I don't think it's that big of a deal, considering that you can get it for 40 bucks, which amounts to about $3.33 a month. I don't know where to get that deal, but even at 50 a year it's what a dollar more per month?

And honestly for me, the Xbox interface is a lot more convenient than the PS3 interface. It's just a lot easier to add friends and send messages and invite people and whatnot. If I had a choice I wouldn't pay it, but c'mon, we have more PS3 fanboys complaining about the Live fees than actual Live users haha. That's just my 2 cents though.

jadenkorri3068d ago (Edited 3068d ago )

im fine with people wasting their money on xbox live, personally I wouldn't complain as it wouldn't effect me, but its going to, thankfully psn premium is free online for now, but Robert Kotick is thinking of charging online for 1 game, if they start, just like Sony and Nintendo who are following suit to xbox live with PSN premium, and whatever nintendo's is gonna be called, so imagine, every fps/multiplayer game you have/we have started charging for online play, your 50 dollars a month just went higher. Is that something you can still justify paying for.

Oh please, the interface again, its the same as psn, its the opposite when navigating. And a shot at adding friends, well i just lol on that one as i think over the thought.

FanboysWillHateMe3068d ago

We pay for almost everything we use and consume. And if I am wasting my money on this, than I've wasted a ton more on other unnecessary things, such as subway sandwiches and mexican food when I have a ton of food at home. And nope, I find the 360 interface to be a lot more faster and convenient than the PS3's.

"And a shot at adding friends, well i just lol on that one as i think over the thought. "


ThanatosDMC3068d ago

A sucker is born everyday after all.

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NothingToGainButLove3068d ago

I'm not paying anything except for my internet costs. That's final. Period.

Imperator3068d ago

No, the only reason I pay for XBL Gold is becuase I have to unless I don't want to play the multiplayer part (aka 50% of most 360 games) of games I already payed for. It's a rip-off but MS really gives you no choice. Either pay or you can't play the full game.

jadenkorri3068d ago

xbox live gold gets so many members, cause you have too. psn prem does not include online play, but I suspect one day it will, if not then I'm wrong, great, this issue i would not mind being wrong on, but I know for fact the next PS will charge for online.

BubblesDAVERAGE3068d ago

that is why ps3 is the best...

mrcash3068d ago

I pay 40 a year, and nope I would not pay more.

tinybigman3068d ago


I don't pay for Live, I sure as hell wouldn't pay for this.

Raz3068d ago (Edited 3068d ago )

Will I pay for online play? I'll let Tracy Morgan answer for me...

evilmonkey5013068d ago (Edited 3068d ago )

Pay more for what exactly? what service is offered that I should pay extra for? Is it those non-existing dedicated servers? What exactly do you plan on offering, Bobby, that I should shell out for? Sony allows me to play for free, on their network in which you have little to no say. Matchmaking servers using peer to peer is not in anyway whatsoever chargeable for. You offer me nothing additional and want me to pay you more for it? Go f%&k yourselves. I will never pay anyone to play my games on my internet through my peer to peer connections that you basically did nothing except design lobbies for. Microsoft live is a ripoff too. Seriously? pay you to use my internet? Pay you for the BUILT IN feature of playing others , over MY INTERNET? PAY YOU EVERY MONTH? Go f*&k yourself Microsoft. You will never fool me again. I will never buy a 6th xbox either! I don't care if you put a 300 year warranty on it.I'm sick and tired of you dicking me and millions of others. As for you Activision, go ahead...shoot yourselves in the face, because that's what you'll be doing. I already buy all your Call of Duty (s) used. You don't pay the dev...I don't pay you, publisher. Fix your image and start playing nice and just maybe you wont HAVE to charge to play your games online, because everyone will start saying NICE things about you instead.

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MariaHelFutura3068d ago ShowReplies(2)
Gr813068d ago

Already pay Cablevision for Internet Access. I will not pay twice for that.

I understand economic times are very rough right now, but pleasing and accomodating the consumer should still be at the forefront of any business.

Pachter talking that bull shit about Activision charging consumers to play CoD online is ridiculous. You already bought the game, now you have to pay to unlock features already on the disc? Some people are such sheep, if they go along with these sort of practices.

Umbrella Corp3068d ago

I stopped gaming on live because money is tight,why pay for live when I own a PS3 and I can game online for free.I would love to pay for Playstation Plus but i need more games,you guys think Playstion Plus is worth the price tag if I subscribe today?I was already going to gamestop for the sale so....

deadreckoning6663068d ago (Edited 3068d ago )

If you usually buy alot of things from the PSN store, then yes, it is worth the money. If not, then you shouldn't buy it.

@sidar- Yea, that is pretty fishy. Live is virtually a neccesity if you own a 360. Why would you stop paying for that in order to pay for an optional service that doesn't provide any extra features for online play?

"Ive gotten close to 35 bucks of stuff free already in 1 month and this is stuff i wanted to buy lol!"

Thats the thg. Not everyone is like you. Personally, the only thing PSN Plus offers that I'm remotely interested in is Wipeout HD. And regarding your comment that PSN Plus offers more value than Live, that is SUBJECTIVE. Live STILL has plenty of core online gaming features that PSN doesn't have yet and for many people, this ALONE makes Live a better service that PSN Plus.

PSN Plus is pretty much one big sale that you have to spend a lot of money to take advantage of. I can't speak for anyone else, but all I want from PSN is to play online. I don't care about themes, minis, PSOne Classics, or PSN games.

ChickeyCantor3068d ago (Edited 3068d ago )

Ok, Not sure if im getting this...but
You stopped paying for live...because money is tight...but you dont mind paying for Plus.

I dont know but your story just sound fishy...

I get that, but when money is tight its tight =P.

O and nothing beats "Love" hahah. ( your typo at the end)

SuperStrokey11233068d ago

It depends, PS+ gives you far greater value than live does. You get tonnes of free stuff with PS+, very little with live and you still get to play online.

Im not saying hes not trolling but for people like myself thats a no brainer as the value of PS+ is awesome. Ive gotten close to 35 bucks of stuff free already in 1 month and this is stuff i wanted to buy lol!

I just wish the had cross game chat, only think i miss on PSN compared to love.

BeOneWithTheGun3068d ago

You get a lot more than just online play with Plus. Not saying I am right but I think that is what he was asking. Indeed, if you do buy stuff from the Store, then Plus is worth it. I bought the 3 month subscription and with the mini's and WipeoutHD it already paid for itself.

Whackedorange3068d ago

Since online gaming on the Playstation is free i dont think that PS+ is worth it, sure you get 1 free game every month and extra discounts in the store but that is only valid as long as you are a subscriber to service.

I pay $25 each year to be playing online game on XBL but i only do that cause there is no other option if you wanna play your xbl games online.