Enslaved DLC Not Chained To Main Story

Ninja Theory’s Enslaved is getting close to its fall release date, and already we’ve learned that the devs have been hard at work on DLC. Some people have wondered if the inclusion of DLC will be short changing the main storyline of Enslaved. Tameem Antoniades, however, wants to put those anxieties at ease.

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xYLeinen3044d ago


Stop f****** share DLC plans and information before a game is released. Give us some SURPRISES.

Basically you are saying; "buy this game and you will get extra content (but really is it extra in some cases?)",
instead of surprise us with a DLC after the game is launched.

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Simon_Brezhnev3044d ago

well i think im going to rent this game i really hate DLC plans before the release.

Reshun3044d ago

At least pretend that your team started developing the dlc after the game launches and throw it in after a month or 2 to save your face would you?

user94220773043d ago

Still, looking forward to the game.