Attempt to Reveal Microsoft Xbox 360 Failure Root Cause

Microsoft has recently reported a loss of exceeding USD1 billion due to the "general hardware failure". The symptom with three red flashing lights, or popularly known as "Red Ring of Death" in gaming community was believed to be caused components overheat in the system. Although Microsoft didn't disclose anything, but some of the thermal experts have already taken the initiative to try to figure out what could have gone wrong with the system.

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toughNAME3914d ago

while my launch 360 is still going strong..i dont care about failure rates

but if my 360 fails right before halo gunna complain like a b!tch!!

be warned MS

THAMMER13914d ago

They fixed mine in two weeks. They said it would take 4 - 6 weeks. So I'm happy as [email protected] It has all the new stuff and a super quite DVD drive.

devi8i3914d ago

Now we are approving summaries of articles that have already been posted as news on this site???????


dantesparda3914d ago (Edited 3914d ago )

Mine took 35 days from when i sent it in to them and when i finally got it back. From June 22nd til July 27th. They originally told me it would take 7 to 8 business days but within the time they had it, they upped it to 4-6 weeks. The drive is quieter (had a Hitachi drive before and now its a Toshiba-Samsung drive) but not that much quieter, i would like to hear what the BenQ drive sounds like. All-in-all, i was not that satified by the service. I Hope this sh!t never breaks down again, cuz i dont feel like going through all that sh!t again. And p.s. damn thus this sucker gives of heat!

Dr Pepper3914d ago


If they fixed yours so soon and you have all the new stuff, they most likely just replaced the entire system.

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Sangheili853914d ago

This whole failure rate story seems to be dieing out seeing MS is shipping the new fixed ones. My launch system is going strong too. Its on like every day for hours.

jinn3914d ago

Like the old man once said, first(Xbox 360) is the worst, second(PS3) is the best, third(Wii) is the one with the treasure chest.

ben hates you3914d ago

so you think that last gen the ps2 was the worst?

Depressed Mode3914d ago

@ 3.1 You realize that the Dreamcast was first right?

jlemdon3914d ago

now hopefully I can get the heatsink with it.

TLSBill3914d ago

They open 2 xboxes and they look the same.

They then ignore or are completely clueless about 100 pictures of new heatsinks attached to about 200 stories about it.

Then they conclude that MS hasn't made and thermal fixes.


razer3914d ago

This story is stupid.. "thermal experts".. whatever

The problem was diagnosed months and months ago and it seems everywhere I'm going you are hearing more and more people are seeing the fixed models.

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The story is too old to be commented.