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Submitted by Chicken Chaser 2029d ago | article

In The House Of Parliament, Sony’s Been On A Roll, Lately

What else will the company from the land of the rising sun do? They’ve been leaders in the gaming industry long before Microsoft forged the Xbox, much less the Xbox 360. Innovation has been Sony’s cry from the inception of the seventh Generation of consoles, and with the giant constantly unveiling new exclusive games, services, updates, 3D, Move and more, it’s been on a role, lately, in the house of parliament. (PS3, Sony)

MariaHelFutura  +   2029d ago
"On A Roll" would be an understatement.
Mmmkay  +   2029d ago
According to my local GameStop, Agent has a confirmed release date of september 30 i Europe.. I don't believe it either, but the clerk had to double check it when i told him there wasn't even a trailer out yet.. Agent was up on the wall for pre-order so grabbed it.
Conloles   2029d ago | Trolling | show
asyouburn  +   2029d ago
yeah because
37 million console sales is terrible, just terrible.
scofios  +   2029d ago
Your lucky the ps3 ain't hacked otherwise it would have left the others in the dust long time ago
beside show me one game device that was released with a price tag of 599$ and was bashed and criticized on almost every game media sites on its release , but is still on the marked an managed to sell 37 million units please answer .
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sikbeta  +   2029d ago
Conloles, when it comes to trolling and don't have anything to do with your life, you're on a roll, do you receive a check from MS, or you do it for free?

lol conloles is a MS fanboy, to not confuse with an xbox fanboy, he feels xbox fanboys are like his little bros, so he comes here to troll, all for the sake of MS, unbelievable...


This is Obvious, PS3 owners know that already and things keep getting better when it comes to the PS3...
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Karum  +   2029d ago
PS3: The third fastest selling console of all time. Third only to the PS2 and the Wii.
Blaine  +   2029d ago
Even god damn Time magazine got in on the PS3 bashing at launch (seriously, wtf does Time know about gaming--according to the article's author, Resistance was a shoot'em up)
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Denethor_II  +   2029d ago
Interesting. I never looked at it that way before.
scofios  +   2029d ago
That just shows you how strong the playstation brand realy is , even with all the media bashing and the baise against it was still going strong .
N4PS3Fanboys  +   2029d ago
All of the three console makers this gen must be "on a roll" if even the company in dead last place is "on a roll".
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alldayeveryday   2029d ago | Spam
alphakennybody  +   2029d ago
Gamethirst = hits wh0res, they'll do anything to get hits. one day they'll bash sony to no end, then the next day they'll praise it as if the article before it never existed.
DORMIN  +   2029d ago
Wise Words from Eddy Raja.
greenisgood  +   2029d ago
but how long is that?
Sarevok  +   2029d ago
Geez you fanboys just never stop do you?

you guys remind me of this.
halojunkie   2029d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(4)
422185  +   2029d ago
I'm still waiting for some information about Agent hopefully will have some soon, but yeah SONY is on a roll I haven't been able to buy all of their awesome exclusives.
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jokia005  +   2029d ago
Agent is coming. GREAT.
You Noob  +   2029d ago

LOL, 360 outselling WW the PS3?? AHAHHA WHERE?? PLEASE give me some number!!

Because in 2009 PS3 WW wins over 360, and in 2010 (at least atm) PS3 still win.

GeneralCole  +   2029d ago
Most people troll just for shits and giggles, but Omega actully thinks what he is saying is fact, poor xbot, u gotta feel bad for them.
Anon1974  +   2029d ago
Yeah, it's pretty sad.
There's plenty of trolls out there who troll just for the hell of it, but just as many fans with false facts that have actually convinced themselves of the lies they argue. What kind of gamer does that, rather then get informed?

For the last 3 years according to the official reports from each company the PS3 has come out on top overall. In sales, 2007 was a PS3 win, 2008 was a tie and 2009 was a huge PS3 win. Now in the calendar year 2010 there has only been one quarter reported (the second reports at the end of this month) and it's Xbox 1.5 million, PS3 2.2 million.

Looking at the ship forecasts, the PS3 is expected to move 14.5-15 million consoles by the end of their fiscal year, the 360 10.5 million, just a bit higher than last year. Given that only 4 million consoles separate the two worldwide, it's conceivable that the PS3 could overtake the 360 by Christmas.

So yeah. I'm also interested were Omega4 is getting his information from. NPD's best guess of one region? Amazon sales charts? I tell you where he's not getting his information from. From the publicly available official sales numbers that each company provides on their investor relations site.
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Honest_gamer  +   2029d ago
the title is misleading isn’t it "In The House Of Parliament" i thought for a second something along the lines of ummm Sony has hijacked the In The House Of Parliament paid of all the corrupt politicians to promote the ps3 and ban the 360 on grounds of massive failure rates and spread the word of the impending pleasure device for the Playstation move with vibration (H) the porn industry ALONE will make this thing sell millions never mind the bunch of horny females and possibly guys who like anal then the gamers who will probs only make up 1% of the sales of the device as I said the porn industry with dominate the move xD for me? Well im buying it for 2 of the reasons listed ummmm lol sorry if anyone was mentally scared by this post just know it was worse for me typing it but in all honesty I cant wait for the move ant that street fighting game so bad it looks awesome all I ask for is put a “bad guy” in their dressed as a chav/ned and ill be a happy man for the rest of my life
asyouburn  +   2029d ago
DaTruth  +   2029d ago
Trolling at its finest!
Honest_gamer  +   2029d ago
da truth could you possibly explain to me what "trolling" is? i diss both the 360 and the ps3 in there i always thought trolling was just dissing one of them guess i was wrong jeez people on this website have no sense of humor I guess, I should just pick a side and bully the other side like the majority of people on here guess you are not allowed to take a stance were you support all side of the “war” even the wii (and yes the wii is in the “war” it is a next gen consol people need to shut up and say it doesn’t count because it does just because the ps3 and 360 will probably NEVER overtake it doesnt mean it’s not in the “war”) in short I will support what I want and diss what I want If I want to take the piss out of the 360’s failure rates then I can and will if I want to diss the move for looking a bit like a dildo then I will either way I will be waving that dildo in my hands when it comes out :P
ALFAxD_CENTAURO  +   2029d ago
I'm curious about Agent, Rockstar have the project very secret, there is not a lot of details or leak or something. They been developing Agent for years at least.
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gtsentry  +   2029d ago
to be honest i dont no where im gona get the money to pay for all those exclusives
AGuyWithAPlan  +   2029d ago
C'mon now
What point is everyone trying to prove,if you have a specific system you like than whatever it's cool.I mean it's not like your comment's are going to deprive each system of there sale's,or make people throw a Wii Or Xbox Or PS3 out of their window.You guy's are acting like it's a competition, what the game company's are trying to proved to us is entertainment.Stop fighting please.I love playing Nintendo game's I love to play Sony game's I love to play Microsoft game's anything that put's a smile on my face, what the hell im playing it and going to have a good time doing so.
yewles1  +   2029d ago
Am I the only one to notice this article is actually a stealth troll?
nana30   2029d ago | Spam
GusBricker  +   2029d ago
MS definitely needs to announce some exclusives, but saying that, with Halo: Reach, Fable III and Gears 3, they'll probably outsell all of those PS3 exclusive games combined.

And who knows how well Kinect will do, good or bad.
hoops  +   2029d ago
Why does N4G.COM approve these articles....oops...of course. This is N4G.COM. Flaming r Us.
Karum  +   2029d ago
I loved reading that list of exclusives that I have to look forward to. I mean yeah Uncharted 3 and Resistance 3 haven't been officially announced but I think it's pretty safe to say we'll be seeing them at some point.

Not to mention the other games I'm looking forward to. Excited for Gears 3, starting to like the look of Halo: Reach and a couple of MMO's....TERA looks interesting as does The Old Republic.

I need a lottery win not just to be able to buy all these games but so I can retire and actually have time to play em all lol.
Allowen  +   2029d ago
I am afraid that since Insomniac is busy working with EA for now they might not have time to work and launch a resistance 3 before their contract with EA expires.

Too bad for me at least bc R3 was the game I was expecting the most to see on the last E3 : (

About Agent, I hope it is a good game with good story and lots of good acting like in GTA4.

The Graphics of RDR can be some times better then GTA4 but I still preffer the art style,action and story of GTA4.

At least I was not impressed by the RDR(PS3) and it was my bigest disappontments in 2010.Anyways the online if fun ...

FF13 4me was a better game then RDR ot at least less disappointing.
Karum  +   2029d ago
Insomniac has 2 studios now so I'm not really concerned about that at all Allowen.
Persistantthug  +   2029d ago
That's very much true....
Didn't they open their new studio in North Carolina or something like that?
Karum  +   2029d ago
Yeah they have the main one in Burbank and I think that's where the second studio is.

Important thing is though, they have 2 studios so we shouldn't be worried about the much rumoured R3 not becoming reality.
Persistantthug  +   2029d ago
It was North Carolina....
In an interview with GameDaily BIZ in June 2008, Ted Price announced that Insomniac Games plans to expand and open a sister studio in North Carolina, with Chad Dezern taking on the role of studio director. Dezern will be hiring twenty-five to thirty new developers and will prepare the studio to begin work on games based on new and existing intellectual properties.[5] The new studio opened January 2009 and has eight opening for North Carolina.

iliimaster1  +   2029d ago
ff13 better than RDR?!? man o man i just cant take you serious if you think RDR was anything but AMAZINg!besides GOW 3 winning game of the year i wouldnt be mad if RDR won because its that good
iliimaster1  +   2029d ago
i admit sony is king but man i would love to see a dreamcast 2 simply because i wouldnt need an xbox id be so happy with my nintendo, sega and my ps3 baby! thats all i would require in my gaming needs
DigitalRaptor  +   2029d ago
That would be cool. I hate how the gaming industry and society in general today makes it seem like Xbox is mandatory and "you've gotta own one, or you're not cool!" My PC does most of what I would get from a 360.

A Dreamcast 2 would be excellent because you would be guaranteed sequels to some of the most amazing and underrated games of all time. But it's not gonna happen. SEGA is in software now.
oabama12   2029d ago | Spam
PhilipLarkin  +   2029d ago
No-one else pointed out that it's 'Houses Of Parliament'? Not 'House'. And if it is 'House', please tell me which, GameThirst.

Seems like a bit of a pointless article. People know Sony's doing well - do we really need a fistful of stretched headers of upcoming games to tell us that?
palaeomerus  +   2029d ago
Obligatory Bootsy Collins joke.
yumena   2029d ago | Spam
gaga39   2029d ago | Spam
ATi_Elite  +   2029d ago
PC elitist = It's about the games
Why do consolers get so cock hard over the number of consoles sold? It makes no sense and for most of the consoles life time they make no revenue for the manufacture either.

It's all Games and what company has the best games Nintendo Sony or Microsoft.
netetrader62   2029d ago | Spam
RIPSKATEDESTROY  +   2028d ago
i love sony

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