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Most hated first person shooter gameplay mechanics

Msxbox-world takes a candid look at hated first person shooter mechanics and their similarities with various animals. (PC, PS3, Wii, Xbox 360)

Tompkins  +   1958d ago
With most of those.
Conloles  +   1958d ago
The most hated shooting mechanic is using a controller
sGIBMBR  +   1958d ago
I used a keyboard and mouse for years back when I was a PC gamer.

Needless to say, there's more skill with a controller than keyboard and mouse.

Fanb0y  +   1958d ago
People are... how can I phrase this... TOO GOOD with a keyboard and mouse.

On online PC shooters, player's reaction times are simply too fast, almost to the point where it's unenjoyable for more casual players like me.

However on consoles, no matter how good a player is, the controller handicap prevents them from spinning around and shooting me with pinpoint accuracy within a fraction of a second.

To conclude, I prefer my multiplayer shooters on console.
NeutralGamer  +   1958d ago
I agree with you Fanb0y...

First time I agree with a fanboy... LOL...

PC and Mouse makes some people too imba for casuals to enjoy it :I

Just look at Counter Strike... No casuals can play it because of hardcores owning it..
Arnon  +   1958d ago
So basically remove everything from FPS titles that make them fun. Listen, if you want a realistic shooter, go play Red Orchestra. Getting shot once in that game is almost a guaranteed death, and guns respond accurately to their real life counterparts. Also, you cant just hop into any vehicle that you see. You have to be trained to use them. It's the reason why it's called the WW2 simulator. For the others out there that was the fast arcade experience, go play the others... like Halo, Killzone and Call of Duty.
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Perjoss  +   1958d ago
never could stand an FPS that had enemies that run straight at you to melee you, its ok if they have a bit of AI and side step a bit and use cover, but in some games you get those that run straight at you and you end up running backwards bumping into stuff and getting stuck on scenery while this thing tears away at your face.

its true that sometimes you can run away and do a turn and shoot thing, but im talking about enemies that run as fast as you do. I think any first person game should never make you run backwards. unless you are in a massive open area.
evrfighter  +   1958d ago
can't disagree with fanboy

I often wonder how it feels to be on the receiving end in cs where people go 2-30. That must be harsh. I sometimes feel bad for the people that I've killed for the umpteenth time in a row because they're simply too slow. yet a lot faster than console gamers.

pc gaming truly is unforgiving and almost forces you to have faster reflexes if you want to be considered decent/good.
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WhatARump  +   1958d ago
With most of these.
Removing said "gameplay" mechanics would also remove the FUN from shooting these games.

People can complain about anything these days... Might as well add "being killed" to that list -.-
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zagibu  +   1957d ago
Author probably only likes games like Arma, Operation Flashpoint, Red Orchestra, etc.
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OooSheeet  +   1958d ago
Far Cry 2 - Unplayable!
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ajay_solidsnake  +   1958d ago
branchedout  +   1958d ago
Hah! This list was actually quite entertaining!

ESPECIALLY the ammo one.

But the above comments are just obviously trolls and troll-attackers. C'mon guys.
dragonelite  +   1958d ago
To be fair article is kinda shitty go join the army if you dont like it where one hit is probably one life. Cause medkits are so realistic just watch the timer and pop a medkit appears walk over it and your magically healed. I think the us army would pay big time for that tech. See halo has the regenerating health in the story because of the robot suit. People want old skool yet hate cod. Cod is run and gun like in the past but more streamlined to today standard. I rather wait 8 sec to get health then to wait for a crucial medkit to appear when it's get shot in the head because all the focus was on the medkit not what is happening around you.

Bad company 2 has a good system slow regeneration with fast option by med kit from medics.
ShadesMoolah  +   1958d ago
Far Cry 2
Nailed the healing kind of.
hmmmm  +   1958d ago
Far Cry 2 was a really good game IMO. The multiplayer was really fun and some good fun modes like uprising. One thing i didn't like was the amount of hours you had to put into the game to even get near the top rank, it is insane...

The healing mechanic was really cool too!
EliteAssassin81  +   1958d ago
I would love a hardcore shooter that was realist that had online game modes like call of duty. No hud, no ammo count, no jumping, nothing to help you. If you need to knife someone you should actually have to put your gun to the side and pull out your knife. I don't want any perks or killstreaks. I like that game mode that socom has called elimination , where its like team deathmatch except you don't respawn after you die, you only get one chance
Honest_gamer  +   1958d ago
i only played a few games online but try "operation flashpoint: dragon rising" however unlike COD the maps are HUGE if you dont get into a vehicle at the start you could spend most of the game running to the other side HOWEVER definitely the most realistic shooter I have ever played and the artillery strikes on it are just mind blowing see cod’s pissy ones all that is only like in 1 shell times it by about 20 and you get a prober bombardment XD
Honest_gamer  +   1958d ago
in order my most hated mechanisms in games will name and shame a few of the games will be FPS to go along with the article
1, COD:WOW – to many spray guns even worse with round drum on it you try facing an mp40- round drum sprayer he/she/it will maul you down
2, sorry guys have to say it killzone 2 – controls it’s not that they are hard to learn that is the problem it’s once you learn them and go back to another shooter gears/COD/halo you have to learn there controls all over again because of how different the killzone 2 controls are barring that awesome game anyone gona be on it tonight ill kick your ass! No im a noob at it :’(
3, halo 3 – guns have no/extremely little recoil and no skill is required to come top of the leader boards (unless you play the MGL section think it’s called MGL)
4, gears of war 2 – the cover system I’m sorry it is HORRIBLE! When you don’t want to go into cover you go into cover and when you want to go into cover you just jump every where WTF barring that thought the game is awesome sine it has very little lag now I remember when it 1st game out you could kill everyone on the enemy’s team and it would put you back to the start of the game lol before people say that’s my internet connection I have a 20MB connection (the fastest you can have in Arbroath) most people here only have 1.5/2.4MB connections well my friends anyway

that’s my 4 biggest problems with FPS's
Independent_Charles  +   1958d ago
gears is a TPS SHOOTER not a FPS SHOOTER

lol i had to say it :0
WalMartFTW  +   1958d ago
Gears of War is Not a First Person Shooter. :)
rumplstilts  +   1958d ago
Actually in Halo the suit that Spartans wear compensates for the recoil. If you read Fall of Reach then it tells you how most of the things in Halo work.
writersblock  +   1958d ago
Theres one thing I dont like then
Magic suits that compensate for everything
edhe  +   1957d ago
I don't like people who moan about a genre they clearly don't like but still maintain they do.

FFS it's a game it's meant to be balanced for fun and not realism.

I for one like the 'magic suit' and how it helps me enjoy my gametime. That said - Reach will have a bit of a recoil mechanic in it where the 'cone' will widen on each repeated shot.
KingPin  +   1958d ago
the mechanics of condemned 2 was unbearable. NO jump! yes, thats right, NO jump. that sucked. not to mention the character must have had arms where his ears are because thats what it looks like when punching. man that gave me a headache. picked it up in a bargain bin, left it in the dustbin shortly after.
Honest_gamer  +   1958d ago
condemned 2
i only got like 10 minutes into the game was such a disappointment easily my most disappointing game of all time i played the 1st one 2 levels in i ordered the 2nd one a week later it came (same day i finished the 1st game) put it on turned it of and traded it in lol it was only £5 new i got £15 store credit for it so that was good but the 1st one was immense surround sound screen on dark as it goes was actually the scariest game i have ever played i was sweating at some parts and it made me not want to go into new rooms lol ah I might play that game again well 1st I have to finish FF13 on chapter 11 at the moment
Dorwrath  +   1958d ago
Never really had any issues, just get used to them.

I found Killzone 2 fine, my only issue with PS3 shooters isn't game related but controller related. The triggers are poorly designed.
Independent_Charles  +   1958d ago
yeah i agree thats a big factor on why fps sell more on xbox, the controller is perfect for it, cant you buy triggers for ps3 anyway?
Dorwrath  +   1958d ago
yeah there is an attachment pack to curve the trigger the other way or something
edhe  +   1957d ago
you can get triggers but also get an adapter that lets you use a 360 wired controller.
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Alos88  +   1958d ago
I'm probably a buffalo; I get shot constantly and players as bad as me are near extinction!
Cole119  +   1958d ago
I actually disagree with all of these points. I don't think the author actually thought that article through. I mean, come on, there are a few games that are super realistic and you know why they don't sell very well? Because they suck.
writersblock  +   1958d ago
This article is written in such a retarded way I dont even know what he's trying to say

Why the fuck does he keep likening everything to random ass animals?
shades72  +   1958d ago
Whoever complains at these things mentioned in this article must be a complete gaming noob.

If you removed most if not all of the things listed in the article, the game would still be fun, so not sure why some people think that being able to jump like an idiot = fun especially in games where it serves little purpose.

We all got by before every developer ditched medical packs so why this love for regen health?

quick weapons swaps wouldnt change too much, but would mean having to think more about ammo

No ammo counter on screen would be easy to deal with.

More balanced AI does not mean less fun.

etc. etc.
spooky205  +   1958d ago
These are the main reasons i enjoyed
resistance: fall of man and killzone 2 so much. With killzone the weighty controls and superb graphics made me feel like i was there. It wasnt twitchy like most FPS games are (which attribute to me getting a damn headache if i play for more than 4 hours at one time). I could and had to actually use cover to successfully make it out alive. I didnt like the whole respawning health thing that have become the staple of fps gaming.

With resistance the difficulty and health system was really rewarding to me. Sure i was a soldier that could regain some health but every time i would the health bar would get shorter and shorter. This caused me to be very wary on how i would approach enemies. I didnt feel like a epic badass that could take a million bullets to the face and keep going. I felt like a badass one man army that could take a million enemies through tactical strategy and proper weapon usage. But i understand that there are gamers who love to get everything spoon fed to them as they never grew up with some of the most hardcore badass games like contra.
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Gestalt  +   1958d ago
I agree with most of the points on there. I disagree about the ammo counter, though... if a game is designed to be fast-paced, then removing the ammo counter severely degrades the action.

Though I admit, it would be amusing to watch two guys run out of ammo in the middle of a firefight...
dizzleK  +   1958d ago
mine is actually a technical complaint-i can't stand when devs shoehorn platforming or stealth into an fps whose engine clearly wasn't built with that type of gameplay in mind.
EckoAmpua  +   1958d ago
Most of these mechanics improve and vary the fps genre. Doing the opposite of most of these things would probably make it more realistic, limited, and ultimately less fun to play. If this guy ever makes a game, I have no desire to ever play it.
EvilTwin  +   1958d ago
Bunny hopping is on top of my list. That's why I love COD4's HC modes.
instrumentalist  +   1958d ago
Great article
A creative approach among the sea of dull articles in this summer.

True as well. Still, as EckoAmpua above me said, games are in the end - games. We all know how many simulators are out there, and for good reason. Only the hardest at the core take pleasure in camping for 15 minutes straight to get that single sniper shot, the other go meh after 5 seconds and 2 deaths and uninstall the game.

The biggest names in the genre are downright silly when you put them side by side with real life warfare, but that's what games are in the end - something that's not achievable in real life, and it's often bigger than life.

But I'm still going with the author of the article on this one, bring back single player dammit, all the sp campaigns nowadays are weak as hell, no one cares anymore. I still spin Half-Life 1/2 and Farcry and enjoy it as much, if not even more, as playing some fps online. And BRING BACK THE MEDKITS. Being wolverine was fun on a few titles. Having it as a standard makes people become mentally challenged. What's next, endless ammo?
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turok  +   1957d ago
... not being accurate enough. something like move's pointer or wii's ir pointer or even a mouse. thats my only issue sometimes u just let ur accuracy slip and then u fuck urself over. hard.
Mahr  +   1957d ago
The correct answer is single-player campaigns with jumping puzzles.
ebgeer  +   1957d ago
Um...its a game...not reality
I want to carry 50 guns...jump twice the size of a building...i want someone to count my bullets..cause I dont want to...I want to be shooting a shot gun and a machine gun all while eating a candy bar...I want to know where the hell im shooting...and i want the game to be fun...not a chore...so shove off with this reality crap..they are games...so lets enjoy them as such.

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