Top Ten Console Hardware Revisions

The hardware design of a gaming system could warrant a change for any number of reasons. With the average lifespan of a videogames console as the primary model for consumers being around five years, it’s obvious that the technology powering the system updates at a much quicker rate, causing components to drop not only is price, but physical size also. Couple this with the changes in social acceptance and renovations in the impressions and attitudes of consumers, and it’s not hard to see why many systems have been revised during their shelf life, some more than once.

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ndibu3019d ago

I hate it when there is a list and PS3 ranks lower than the Xbox 360, not because im a Sony fan, but because I know the flaming that will ensue.
Personally I believe that the X360 revision brings more to the table than the slim did. In fact, what did the slim bring?

Chris3993019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

11 months of consecutive growth for the platform. And they added a brilliant marketing campaign too increase consumer awareness of the device.

The 360 'Slim', added features that should have been standard from the start: wifi, reduced noise, reliability. The jury is still out on whether or not hard-drives have become a standard for 360s, though the leaked "Arcade Slim" a while back, says "no" - it only comes with 4GB flash. MS also added a non-matte finish to the device, which is a nightmare for entertainment centers on account of the dust.

mikeslemonade3019d ago

I have to say the PSone was the best revision. In terms of percentages the PSone shrunk in size the most compared to any console's respective older version. And then it was really the first home console that you can play it portable(other systems done it but failed because it wasn't pratical). Every system since the PSone have have copied the size shrinking and the "slim" design.

actionjackson3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

Great point. The PSOne's lifespan/cycle is still the standard everyone is following.

rockleex3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

Is how much impact it has on the market compared to its previous version, how much money it saves, how much it has been slimmed, how much more efficient it runs, etc.

In that train of thought, the PS3 slim undoubtedly wins.

And the 360 slim didn't actually bring anything new. It merely included hardware add-ons that you previously had to purchase separately.

FlipMode3019d ago

360 S definitely deserves to be higher on the list since it fixed all the problems with the old hardware.

Blaine3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

360s: Still scratches discs, still sounds like an airplane, still has an external power supply, and the only way it eliminated the RRoD was by removing the red lights--otherwise, it still exists. Not to mention it's the ugliest and most boring console design this gen.

I see nothing praise-worthy in the re-design.

I would have put the PS2 slim #1, because it was smaller than your average discman! Not to mention it kept the console alive well beyond the 10 year cycle.

Edit: WHAT?? You can't change the 360s's hard drive? first I hear of this, but that's what the article seems to be saying. It that's true, that's another huge disadvantage to the 360.

Cevapi883019d ago

wait....a larger HD and half the energy consumption of the original 60 GB PS3 aren't important? The console is 33% slimmer and 36% lighter hence why its called a Slim

Bzone243019d ago

Only scratches discs if you are a complete moron. Seems pretty quiet to me. I don't even realize it's on. Wow, external power supply. Really reaching with that one. I don't really care if it's external. Ugly is in the eye of the beholder...and my my eyes think the ps3 is ugly, so there you have it. It's just my opinion and my opinion is right and your opinion is wrong. lol

I must not have read the article all the way or something because I didn't see anything about not being able to change the hard drive. If it did, the article would be wrong. Looks like you are just trying to hate with your post.

The Great Melon3018d ago


Matte finishes are the best thing for these type of electronics. The only thing I hate about my 60 Gb ps3 is the glossy finish. Microsoft should have stayed with matte on the new xbox.

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babyhand3019d ago

A better more reliable design. The 360 S did not bring anything other than putting in what had to be purchased separately. It was in demand of a redesign far more than the PS3. Other than software features, the PS3 had what was need out of the box except HMDI cable. By your statement Sony did not really need a redesign!?

jerethdagryphon3019d ago

the console which shrank the most was the sega genisis to the sega nomad home to portable 50% decrease in size

3019d ago
sakuragi3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

I agree with ndibu that the Xbox 360 S brings more to the table than the PS3 slim because the PS3 didn't really need a revision since it was nearly perfect both hardware and feature wise. The only thing it needed was the form factor which was what it got with the Slim.

On the other hand, the old Xbox 360 was a disaster. It was by far the worst hardware in the console gaming industry, which was not a surprise since Microsoft rushed to the market in fear of Sony's next console. If any console needed a hardware revision, it was the Xbox 360.

I think the Xbox 360 should top this list. The 1st place of this list is not where you want to be.

Blaine3019d ago

that's not what their list was about. The list is "Top hardware revisions" not "most needed hardware revisions". That's why I think PS2 should be #1.

Megaton3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

360S brought an assload more to the revision table than the PS3 Slim did.

The PS3 Slim traded its slick look for a bland matte square design, which went as far as to not allow you to position it vertically unless you went and bought an overpriced stand. Sony also continued the bizarre trend of losing features when they released the Slim. They ripped out Other OS, which was guaranteed to stay in existing models at the time. To be fair though, they went back on their word and ended up stealing the feature from everyone a little further down the road.

The 360S blatantly stole the PS3 phat's design with a dash of Alienware thrown in, but stolen or not, it's a huge aesthetic upgrade. It also FINALLY made WiFi standard. It's way past late, and they've made a killing by fleecing their users over WiFi add-ons, but you can't knock them for finally doing the right thing.

3019d ago
elpresador3019d ago

Japanese products always number one huh? Can you then explain that whole Toyota thing to everyone? If you want to stick to video games then tell us why then we no loner sing the praises of the Virtual Boy? Fancy gamed where you rape people? Yip, the Japanese are #1 with that true but is that something to be proud of? Care to explain Final Fantassy 13 or maybe even Lost Planet 2?

Really, get off the small japanese nuts, not everything they do is gold

Imperator3019d ago

The 360 Slim isn't even that slim. It's barely smaller than the regular 360 and still has the disk scratching problem thanks to the tray.

The PS3 Slim, on the other hand, is actually a complete change and not just a makeover. It's ridiculous to put the 360 ahead of the PS3 Slim.

nygamer283019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

even if its not that much slimmer,its still a slim cause its slimmer,and it uses a disc drive,if you take anything that uses a disc drive and turn it over while disc is in use of course it gonna scratch!

plus only idiots turn over their 360 while the disc is playing, i love my ps3,but the ps3 slim didnt bring anything new to the old console so who is it a complete change and not a makeover?

The Great Melon3018d ago

Turning over the 360 is an exaggeration. I remember getting the first Assassin's Creed with my friend. He put the disk in and started to play it. Unfortunately for him he bumped the desk the 360 was on just a little and we heard the 360 grind a halo into the disk. Disk scratching was a problem, not sure if it is anymore with the new 360.

gtamike3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

Why is Xbox 360 even listed? lol

Alvadr3019d ago

The only reasoning behind the PS3 Slim was cost. Where as the 360 slim is a more sleek and advanced unit then the original 360, the PS3 Slim seems like a downgrade from its fatty parent.

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ndibu3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

I did not ask what the PS3 Slim did for Sony, I asked what it brought to the table. A lower price point is not a hardware revision. Simply put, would you take a launch x360(if there are any still available lol) over the new X360 S?(save the"I wouldn't take either wise crack") Simple answer is no, because even though they should have released it as it is now, it doesn't take away the fact that this revision gives more than it takes.
On the other hand, would you take the launch Ps3 with full BC, card reader, more usb ports and touch buttons? Be honest now.

actionjackson3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

Your point is noted, but your logic proves what a lot of Sony fans have been saying for quite some time, which is that the PS3 is fully loaded to begin with. Thus, no revision was truly needed. The 360 is playing catch-up from a technology standpoint. The PS3 is still the most techologically advanced console on the market. You're asking how the best can get better? I'd say, we'll plrobably have to wait for the PS4 for major revisions.

A more logical comparison by your standards would be: Which console brought more to the market at the time of release, the 360S or the PS3 (any revision)? It still seems to point to the PS3 from a technological standpoint. This is based on the fact that the PS3 hasn't changed much during its life but has maintained its technological superiority. And the PS3 has been out for 4 years. That is an impressive feat from a pure technological standpont.

On a side note, BC was purely a business decision for Sony. The PS2 was still selling big at the time of PS3 launch and Sony did not want to undercut their existing sales. USBs, there are still plenty, and a button doesn't score many points in either direction. It's a button. Blu-Ray is still reason why Sony has captured the technology arguement. They stood by their format and it has paid off for Sony.

moparful993019d ago

So once again microsoft is being praised for "FINALLY" making the console as it should have been 5 years ago.. I remember a similar phenomenon when the red ring of death became a predominant problem. Micosoft vehemiantly denied the existence of such problems, then they began blaming customers not allowing ventillation as the culprit, then out of the blue they said hey we screwed up have a free 3 year warranty and suddenly they are heroe's. Same with the slim they sold nearly featureless consoles in comparison to the ps3. No hdmi drive until the elite, no standard hard drives, no wifi built in, no optical output, pay for online service. Now that most of that stuff is being built in they are being praised from the rooftops and the kicker? ITs the same freaking price as the old outdated featureless consoles! Why do people continue to support microsoft? Hell when was the last time they announced an ORIGINAL first party IP? Sony busts their humps to give people what they bitch about and all people do is find something else to moan about.. I'm sick of the spoiled misguided gamers in this generation..

pippoppow3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

It's one of MS' tactics. They are masterful at marketing and PR. They add apps and features to their online tax service to cover up their lack of dedicated servers and small multi-player p2p online games. They have US media affiliates downplay or overlook wrong doings. Get PC ports to cover lack of exclusives, put on a fake showing of Kinect at E3 and make people believe it's revolutionary. Also they are playing with people's heads by over inflating Kinect's price and will ship at a lower cost creating a better pricing value perception. They trumpet sub HD Netflix as a good alternative to Blu-ray. Now they add a -$5 component to their console, a component every other gaming device this gen already has. Marketing and Public Relations dept must be treated like platinum

They could have easily put Wifi in the older models and still keep the price the same. They shrink it down a little, add wifi but change the hard drive design which makes it propriety to the 360s.

360s better than the old 360, yes. Better than the PS3slim, no. Adding features but still coming up short to your competition doesn't make it better.

I think the Sega CDX was the most impressive. It condensed the Genesis and CD add-on into a small potable console. I have a JVC X'eye but would like to buy a cdx one day.

moparful993019d ago

You're right microsoft is a company that has mastered the art of deception.. It's sad.

Chris3993019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

It still plays the same games and has all the major functions of a PS3, but now it is AFFORDABLE.

My God where were you in 2006-2009 when every media outlet, analyst and blogger were bemoaning the "exoribtant", "expensive", "just not worth the price" PS3?

The price cut was the single most important aspect of the PS3 Slim. Period.

Your logic is also missing a few points. The Slim 360 'took' away the removable hard-drives. And unless something has changed they still haven't added HDMI 1.3, which is just sad.


''The Slim 360 'took' away the removable hard-drives. And unless something has changed they still haven't added HDMI 1.3,''

Or Blu ray.

jerethdagryphon3019d ago

i have a cdx quite a nice little unit :) now im looking for something to play in the sega cd side

elpresador3019d ago

...and also, you can still use thumb drives as well

RonXD3019d ago

The slim runs more efficiently than the fatboy PS3S.

If I want more USB ports I can go out and buy a USB splitter. I don't understand why you people think USB splitters do not work with a PS3 slim. Newsflash, they do! I have one and it works like a charm. If a card reader is that important to you, you can also purchase a USB card reader. Problem solved.

Sorry but I bought a PS3 to play PS3 games. BC is a bonus, but i'd prefer a system that runs alot better than an older system with BC.

And keep in mind, not everyone owns PS2 games. So only a select few who still own and play their collection alot would be benefiting from having BC. While everyone who owns a PS3 would benefit from having a Slim and it's improved performance.

Less heat and power consumption means less chance of getting the YLOD which many fatboys have gotten.

CobraKai3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

I agree. I got the PS3 for it's reliability and it does run super quiet.

I haven't gotten my hands on a 360s to comment on it yet.

A lot of people are right though. PS3 was already feature loaded so all the slim did was a whole lotta streamlining. The 360 on the other hand had lot's of room for improvement.

Oh and I do like how the PS3 has bitstream for HD audio rather than Linear PCM

DJMarty3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

PS3 Slims lower price point was achieved by a hardware redesign, smaller, lighter, cooler, quieter amd used more effient chipset to do this.

PS3 Slim added a larger hard drive, better sound & Bravia sync.

Made a miles bigger impact sales wise than 360S has.

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BussyPuster3019d ago

well put, I totally agree.

Mighty Boom3019d ago

If we had to describe this generation in bits, what would the 360 and PS3 be?

Fishy Fingers3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

128-bit, same as the Dreamcast. But it's not a valid measure of "power" anymore.

Mighty Boom3019d ago

Thanx Fish ... great read.

rumplstilts3019d ago

That was pretty interesting. I have never been a huge tech guy but I lie it when I can understand what they are saying.

whitesoxfalife3019d ago

it would be 256 bit not 128

n to the b3019d ago

I remember wondering about this as well. we all just seemed to stop talking about bits and I didn't get it. like the author I thought it just doubled every gen.

bubs+ fishyfingers super helpful! :)

jerethdagryphon3019d ago

no both are 64 bit cpus

Sony's Playstation 2 CPU Emotion Engine is advertised as a 128 bit processor. It has 128-bit SIMD registers, like many processors, but is only a 32-bit processor in the traditional sense as it can only use 32-bit memory addresses.

dreamcast was similar save it was a 200mhz

cell and the ppc chip in 360 are both 64bit processors
true 128bit cpus wont be around until 16exabyte of ram is exceeded
as its mainly refering to the memory buswidth

DelbertGrady3019d ago

I think the Gameboy Advance SP should be on the list. One of the best re-designs ever.

asyouburn3019d ago

i remember when they announced those bad boys, i was like "dayummmm!!! it folds!!!"

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