Analyst: Slim Model Xbox Accounted for Just 40% of Sales

The new model of Xbox 360 caused a good deal of console sales in the month of June, but discounted old hardware sold more.

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IRetrouk2956d ago

people like me are waiting to make sure that there is no more hardware faults.

GameOn2956d ago

I think people like you will all ways be waiting, no matter what happens you will never take the plunge.

Blacktric2955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

Nothing can stop the hardware faults since they are always possible to happen on any system. Only the rates can be lowered and as most of the Xbox 360 users know, you just have to take time and install your games on HDD along with placing the system in an open area. I'm an Xbox 360 Jasper owner since May 2009 and I've never faced a problem with it since I use it in an open area and install my games on HDD and since Slim has 250GB HDD it won't be a problem to install tens of games in it.

IRetrouk2955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

i have an xbox 360 right here with 73000 gamerscore, so if you mean smart people like me who have already been burnt by the first 360 then i agree with you...

oh and ummm FAIL.

@ BELLOW i have had 2 replace my xbox 5 times along with a red one as well, on the other hand iv had 1 ps3, these are honest staments i make so you tell me which is more reliable.

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dragonelite2955d ago

So you didn't buy a ps 3 because of ylod.
the jasper models are on the same level as ps 3 when it comes to hardware faults. The new slim isn't able to rrod because when temp gets to high it shut down.

inbe its a red dot now the rrod you see on youtube are most likely faked the console isn't out a month. if the new slim rrod then the ps 3 slim will too.

inbe4 massive amount of disagrees.

jakethemuss2955d ago

So there consoles are not entirely different and made by different companies. /s

MNicholas2955d ago

when Microsoft claimed that the 360 "slim" was selling out.

Any one with the even the slightest bit of common sense knew that the bulk of 360 hardware sold in the last couple of weeks was due to the liquidation prices on the "fat" models.

Bigpappy2955d ago

The slim is out selling the older models and is in short supply. The reason it was only 40% was because the slime started selling on June 16 and was quickly in short supply.

Arnon2955d ago

The slim is having a shortage. I know, I sell them. They're also selling faster than any model that has been released from Microsoft. We only receive a shipment of about 9 each couple of weeks, and we're rated one of, if not the highest GameStop in the county.

Sheikh Yerbouti2955d ago

Microsoft said a limited number would be shipping. Hopefully, they'll get rid of the Arcade entirely and give everyone hard drives.

3dawg2955d ago

i agree completely. i work in one of the largest retail store in the country. the week xbox360 s was announced nation wide stores discontinued the older models. then drop the prices down. the arcade even went on sale for 129.99+ a free $50 gift card. then the week after that we received 30 arcades and zero xbox360 s. we got the xbox360 s the 3rd week of its release.

absolutecarnage2955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

sorry dude where i live i can't find a slim, they just put me on a waiting list, and that was 5 days ago did it at wallmart

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AAACE52955d ago

I know a lot of it has to be attributed to the old arcade unit! I mean, you have stores like Target selling it for $130 and you get a $30 gift card with it!

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frogdefdaa2956d ago

so far the news and the tests supported by videos on youtube are all showing that the new console still standing.

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kneon2955d ago

But heat damage can be a cumulative thing. So overheating once may not cause a failure, but repeatedly running at a high temperature can cause a failure over time. That's why it's too early to tell if the slim failure rate will be acceptable. I'd give a year or more before claiming the slim has solved the problems.

By then we'll be close to the and the whole things starts all over again. People will wonder whether the new box will be reliable.

George Sears2956d ago

Hopefully, if MS play it smart then they will reduce the Slim model price near Halo Reach release. If they do that then I will consider getting one,

Spenok2955d ago

I doubt they would drop the price so soon after bringing the system to retail. Why not just launch it at the cheaper price?

sak5002956d ago

I think people went for good deals offered for the old models. Plus if i want another one i'd go for older model as i cn swap my old 250gb HDD b/w consoles. Slim would be incompatible with my existing 10+ games which are way more than 16GB flash can take.

Omega42956d ago

Although this is likely true, its still pretty strange that on online stores like amazon and gamestop the Slim ranks at the top while the older models are no where to be seem even whilst still being in stock. It likely only accounted for 40% in June due to the massive shortages but it will definitely be the main seller from now on, and once the $199 slim arrives that will take the lead.

But I got a feeling that just before Kinect's releases MS will drop the price of the slim models down to the price of the old models.

iamnsuperman2956d ago

That would be great but never going to happen. If the slims are selling then there is no need for a price drop. This is exactly like the PS3 slim everyone wants a price drop but they are selling well so why drop the price.

Chris3992956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

when they have old arcades/ 360s to sell through. I'm sure that they're offering limited shipments of the Slim until the old stock is depleted.

Basic retail 101.

I doubt that MS will drop the price again before Kinect. They will just release a $200 Arcade Slim and another Arcade bundled w/ Kinect.

scofios2955d ago

I think if there will be an arcade slim it won't be like the old xbox arcade without a hard drive , i think the new arcade will be with a 60 gig or 120 gig hard drive . So they don't need a price drop for 250 gig slim and offer a cheaper model for people who are waiting for price drop.

Chris3992955d ago

No additional hard-drive space was mentioned. Make of that what you will.

scofios2955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

Dude i didn't say your wrong , i just say it would be stupid of them to sell an arcade again like the old one with no hard drive , it would be smarter of them to include every model with a hard drive even if it is just a 20 gig , becauce the price of hard aint that expensieve any more , Actually it would make more sense for sony to sell a similar arcade version of the ps3 with no hard drive cause you can easily put any 2.5-inch SATA notebook harddisk in it for cheap of any brand and space size you like , your not restricted to use a Microsoft approved xbox 360 hard drives like on the xbox 360 .

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