Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars Public Beta 2.0 Launches Today

Loot Ninja just got word that the Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars Public Beta hits v2.0 today. Fire up your PC if you're a fan of QUAKE and want to be part of the beta.

Here's what's new in v2.0:

* New Map: Valley (temperate climate, GDF-offensive map)
* Wider Access: All current ETQW Fileplanet Beta participants, plus an additional first-come/first-serve 20K participants will be eligible to join
* New Features:
o Offline play against the computer mode added
o Improvements to bots, game physics, audio and game interface
o Punkbuster added
o LAN game support added
o Player statistics tracking and leaderboards added at
o Unranked server support included

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DarkJedi3880d ago

Does anyone know of any mirrors for the client? I've got the key already I just despise using fileplanets servers. About as reliable as bush in office...

taz80803880d ago

Quake 3 Arena owned all, gonna hafta check this out

and LOL @ Darkjedi - I agree