A Few Bands that Need A Rock Band Game

The Rock Band series has taken people from the legendary career of The Beatles to the modern metamorphosis of Green Day. Like them or not, band-specific games are here to stay and will continue to grow and evolve with the music-game genre. The only question that remains is who’s next to get their own title?

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Darkstorn3068d ago (Edited 3068d ago )

Totally agree with the Rage Against the Machine choice.

Additionally, Queensryche would be awesome (as evidenced by my user icon). So would Tool, Therion, Ayreon, or Black Sabbath/Dio. Hell, Threshold would be perfect for a Rock Band game.

Tomdc3068d ago

dont agree with a single band on ur list, Black Sabbath wouldn't be to bad but scrap the rest you really think those will sell like a beatles game?

Rolling Stones is deffinetely the one to go with on that list, U2 would be pretty decent too.

Darkstorn3067d ago

I'm not taking into account sales, dude. It's more of a 'dream list' of various progressive rock and metal bands that I'd like to see in a Rock Band game.

wicko3068d ago

Definitely Tool, but I would rather have a Rush RB before Tool. Just saw them in concert last night so that might have something to do with it :p

Myst3068d ago

Wasn't it not to long ago that some people were crying at Harmonix going down the route of Activision of releasing band centered games? The two question that plagues my mind is why release band specific games when one can just release a band specific track pack? If so [being that they would release those band centered games] what difference would there be from the other "main" rock band titles?

Again maybe it's just me but DLC and track packs would be best route.

takohma3068d ago

I think so also. Its also simple for people to keep it all on one disk too. I like when they have whole albums. One thing I really like about Harmonix is that they listen to there fans. I dont think it was only me but I sent them a e-mail asking if they can put out an Evenescence pack and they did. I purchased it as soon as it came out. DLC, Trackpacks and whole albums is the way to go. I hate buying more disks just for new songs.

Myst3068d ago

Oh wait they listen!? I may have to bug them for a Light this city and OTEP track pack then...

Redempteur3067d ago

you have way to inform them of what group you'll like to see as dlc's on their website and foroms

Myst3067d ago

Ah I see I'll have to go back there then. Only reason I went was for RB3 information primarily about the guitar. Guess I'll be heading back over there again to ask :/

TheAntiFanboy3067d ago

Play through Beatles: Rock Band and you will know why. There are a ton of things in there that you would not find had they simply released the Beatles songs as a track pack.

Umbrella Corp3068d ago

Cannibal Corpse and Death need some honor.

Darkstorn3068d ago

Doesn't Cannibal Corpse sing about disemboweling people?

Charazani3068d ago

Muse is already hurt enough being associated with Twilight.

hmmmm3067d ago

Muse are awesome!

if they had a rockband game i might even get it and i hate those types of games!

TheLastGuardian3068d ago

I'd love to see Red Hot Chili Peppers, ELO, or Led Zeppelin get a Rock Band game.

TheLastGuardian3068d ago

also Nirvana and The Offspring. If harmonix released every song the beatles ever recorded as dlc, I would buy them all. also I hope they make The Beatles: Rock Band compatible with the Keyboard peripheral.

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The story is too old to be commented.