Sony: 'We have not added rumble' to PS3 controller

Sony denied recent reports in speaking to GamePro that rumble-enabled PS3 controllers are on the way. The company did acknowledge motion-sensing enhancements for the Sixaxis controller, however.

"We have not added rumble [to PS3], and have no announcements regarding this feature," said Dave Karraker, Sony's director of corporate communications.

Karraker did confirm that developers are receiving better motion-sensing controllers, though he downplayed the news.

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DiLeCtioN3973d ago

well am doing fine with the sixaxis but rumble is a missing piece of a PS controller

actionjackson3973d ago

This means they are actually going to include it in the sixaxis. Sony has a reputation of strongly deniying things that are going to show up. It's probably next year. They don't what people to stop buying the stocked controllers during the holiday season. Kinda smart move by Sony. So expect it next year.

PS360PCROCKS3973d ago

huh? I thought this was confirmed? Where have I been I am confused now...

toughNAME3973d ago

i also thought it was confirmed

man you guys should lay off the PS3...this has been a really rough week


Wolverick3973d ago

Don't think that it has ever been confirmed. There has been rumors flying like crazy about it though. Even earlier this week a rumor that it was in the developers hand. I've learned to ignore all rumble controller rumors because I've had my hopes up like crazy about it ever since the first one back at E3. I do think it is being developed but don't think we'll have it this year.

The Real Joker3973d ago

Is it coming or not? I wish the right hand knew what the left was doing. I mean with all this trouble in the LBC, its kind of hard being Snoop d o double g. But somehow someway keep coming up with funky ass sh1t like every single day.

VirusE3973d ago

WHY!!! We all want it and they could easily make it happen so just give it to us already! I hate the lack of rumble.

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The story is too old to be commented.