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Sony: 3D gives you "competitive edge"

Sony has proclaimed the benefits of 3D gaming to its hardcore fans, saying it provides a "competitive edge". (PS3, Sony)

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FreeFalling  +   1714d ago
I don't see how
you're not actually in the gameplay, it's the screen playing tricks on your eyes making it appear to be displaying in 3D. I don't know, that's my viewpoint on it.
Darkstorn  +   1714d ago
True, but you may be able to see things that otherwise would appear 'flat.'

For example, one problem I have in Battlefield 1943 (which I'm about to plat, btw) is not being able to differentiate enemies from allies at certain distances. 3D, essentially being spatial manipulation, could make movement easier to detect by the eye.

Just a thought.
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asdf12  +   1714d ago
BF1943 doesn't have a platinum trophy.
dragonelite  +   1714d ago
Yeah cause running at a lower resolution will certainly help differentiate enemies. Why do you think DICE didnt allow going prone which is the biggest bullcrap excuse i ever heard was because console only displayed 720p and that res was way to low to find prone snipers. So yeah better want 720p more details > fad 3D with butchered resolution because this gen consoles arent really strong enough to pump out good 3D maybe sony should have waited 3 years for pushing 3D with a new console better hardware better standard.
FreeFalling  +   1714d ago
But wouldn't the depth perception remain the same? I'm still trying to see what 3D has over HD in "competitive edge". They both seem to be on par.
nickjkl  +   1714d ago
dragon you know thats the dumbest thing i evvvvvvvvvvvvver heard
rockleex  +   1714d ago
It will definitely help in games...
Such as Uncharted where the gameplay relies a lot on depth.

See that rope hanging in the middle of the cave? Now try gauging how far it is from you.

Pretty hard to do. Most of the time when I jump towards those ropes, I just pray that its close enough.
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sikbeta  +   1714d ago
3D = Immersion, something HDTV can't achieve

3D Gaming FTW!!!
Thepro318  +   1714d ago
You prove alot people just like u be making up stuff. Im about plat BF1943 btw there no platinum on that hehe. Go lie about another game you about plat like MvC2.
kneon  +   1714d ago

No, in 2D you are judging depth primarily based on the relative sizes of objects. With 3D you also get the additional info due to the slightly different view that each eye receives.
Darkstorn  +   1714d ago
Shit, I was totally thinking that there was a platinum trophy for Battlefield 1943. Well, I'm still going for the 100%.
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specialguest  +   1713d ago
Yes Sony
3D does give a competitive edge. That's why I will be purchasing a Samsung LED 3D TV.
outwar6010  +   1714d ago
i think the migraine you'll get is suppose to motivate you to play harder lol
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Megaton  +   1714d ago
I don't see it either. This Sony 3D bandwagon left my ass in the dust. The only thing I'm less interested in than 3D is Kinect/Move.
n4gno  +   1713d ago
You have the right to play your nintendo 64, or even your atari if you want, but don't fool yourself, other gamers like inovations and evolutions, so thanks sony for that (advance : psp over ds graphics, dvd, bluray, 3d, and so on)

" Sony is desperately trying to promote 3D technologye"

..and desperate pâthetic xbox fan is trying to downplay the advantage sony have, each time "bluray is doomed, dvd is enough, or cd is enough in ps2 time" "move is just a wiimote, natalkinecteyetoy is the future" etc etc poor guys, always loosing :)
lol@the funny liars always talking about migraines, they are probably the same shitting in their pants when they saw avatar in 3D :)
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Megaton  +   1713d ago
Are you for real? You're absolutely clueless on where I stand in the world with gaming. I'm a fan of Sony because of their stance on pushing the industry forward. That doesn't mean I love everything they do. I do not care for 3D. It is a gimmick, a fad, and hopefully doesn't hurt too many people after marathon gaming sessions.

Love this site. If I don't jockride Sony, I'm an Xbox fanboy. If I don't jockride Microsoft, I'm a Sony fanboy. Calling it like I see it, plain and simple. It's not my job to defend a faceless corporation just because they produce game consoles I like, nor is it yours.
kneon  +   1714d ago
Even though it's a "trick", you still get depth perception which means you can much more accurately judge distances than you can in a 2D game. There are plenty of games for which this will provide a definite advantage.
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MNicholas  +   1714d ago
Not all 3D games use "tricks"
In the kind of 3D used by GT5 or KZ3, each eye is receiving it's own uniquely rendered view just as it works in the real world.

Crysis 2, on the other hand, does use a cheap "trick." They admitted to it in a recent interview.
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MNicholas  +   1714d ago
3D is a huge advantage
That's why predators (lions, tigers, etc) have stereoscopic vision (3D) which is useful for hunting while prey animals (cows, wildebeest, etc) have panoramic (2D) vision that's flat.

3D vision allows a predator to see even the slightest movement more easily, to identify an object's shape and material (such as furry or leathery), to better judge the speed of it's prey, how far it is, etc. 3D vision even makes it easier to spot a camouflaged object.

Since humans are not true predatory animals (we're what's called opportunistic omnivores) you may be wondering why we have stereoscopic vision like true predators like Tigers and Wolves. It's because we're descended from tree-dwelling apes who needed to be able to judge distance, speed, etc while swinging from branch to branch.

There's literally decades of research on the subject.
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Thepro318  +   1714d ago
i'm sorry JACK Hannah animal planet that way-------------->

We talking games not animals
theEx1Le  +   1714d ago
Nice bit of info, although the only reason i aint looking forward to 3d is the fact i gotta buy a new tv lol. The thought of the immersion though seems quite cool, even if many will say its just a gimmick.

@ thepro318, he raises a valid point, where as you aint said a single thing in here thats on-topic.
MNicholas  +   1714d ago
We're not talking about games
We're talking about whether 3D is an advantage in the context of gaming where you are, basically, hunting for enemies via a screen. Everything I said was 100% on topic.

Humans are a kind of animals. We gain the same benefits from 3D in gaming as we (and any other animal) would in real life.

Research at universities has shown this to be true with subjects tested in front of computer screens able to react faster to movement or appearance of onscreen objects in 3D than 2D.

Go google it.
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Consoldtobots  +   1714d ago
not all of us descended from tree dwelling apes. some of us were created. This is the dirty little secret science and politicians don't want people to know about. Now if I got into who evolved from apes and who was created in God's image it would just raise a sh#tstorm.
Biggest  +   1714d ago
Unless you're going to literally turn water into wine in front of the masses, please don't. I guess we will wait to see if 3D increases our ability to prey on other gamers. I'm looking forward to it.
MRMagoo123  +   1713d ago
ppl that believe in god make me laugh its so outdated and weird for ppl with todays knowledge to believe in something so obviously fake.

OT i think there will def be an advantage using 3d as MNicholas has mentioned its basic knowledge that seeing things in 3d improves reflexes and awareness of your surroundings.
Inside_out  +   1714d ago
3D gaming
Well I've said it before that anyone playing a 3D version of a game will have an advantage over anyone who is not.

Have you seen 3D in motion. It does look really amazing. The problem I have with the whole 3D thing is not the way it looks , but the way it's implemented. Some are definitely better than others.

Another problem is the health issues. There is noway you can game on a 3D TV an not suffer some real health hazards. I looked at it for about 15mins and felt the effects for at least a 1 hour afterwards. It will effect different people differently obviously, but there have been studies done showing the ill effects.

Of course the price right now is ridiculous. The TV's are basically the same as 2D with some upgrades to make them compatible with 3D input. It's a scam of major proportions. You can by a 52" 2D television ( where I live ) for $1000, the same TV with 3D is $2800-3000+ with the 3D set up which usually includes a player with 1-2 pairs of glasses. Glasses are $150 each which of course is another scam.

Maybe by next year the prices will drop to a more competitive level. One thing, 3D is a step into the future of everything. It really has to be seen to be understood. 3D or holographic images without the silly glasses is coming. That you can believe.
blackpanther25  +   1714d ago
this i what i bought....i dont the think the price is bad

Only $1544 when placed in chart...and amazon gave me a free 3D blueray player and two free glasses....so technically i only paid for a tv

Dealzmodo is a good place to check
Consoldtobots  +   1714d ago
I get the feeling the same people that feel these "ill effects" are the same people that get nausea from playing in first person mode. The limitation is not the technology it's the handicapped people trying to use it.
dizzleK  +   1714d ago
sony is trying waaay too hard with this 3D stuff. every other day they make some phony baloney statements about it. just the other day they said something along the lines of it being great for new gamers or somesuch.

i guess constantly readjusting the glasses on your sweaty head or getting blinding headaches is a "competitive edge".
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Johnny_Bravo  +   1714d ago
Criticism towards Sony on this site is not allowed. You will get told fact...er um I mean opinions on why your wrong.
SquirrelNuts   1714d ago | Spam
Johnny_Bravo  +   1714d ago
See that is where your wrong Mr. SquirrelNuts, because I do indeed own a PS3. I've played U2 and the graphics where good, but IMO Killzone 2 looks better. God Of War 3 is not epic, simply because I don't like button masher gamers. PS3 gamers blow a lot of things out their ass, its not just in games, its with everything that has to do with the PS3.

The main reason why those things are not true is because they are opinions, not facts.

Saying PSN is free, is a fact.
Saying PSN is better than XBL is an opinion, which is an example of PS3 gamers blowing shit out their ass acting like that is a fact.
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PLAYstar  +   1714d ago
How is that showing any sign that Sony is desperately trying to promote 3D technology? This is an interview! You don't expect them to shut their mouth, or say f*ck off do u? They aren't M$, they don't pay interviewers to take notice of their existence.. Being a reputable company they've to respond to the interviewers everyday that flood them.

The reason behind for your criticism of the 3D technology is because you yet you realize the capability of it achieving to a whole new boundary for developers to have more new options and ideas for their projects. Sony is aiming 3D that could take you into dimensional gaming than simply a pop out image. So think again before you try to criticize anything. This ain't a gimmick like USB plugin skateboard, or wheels. This is future gaming!

Oh and
How is it not a fact when PSN is better than LIVE?
Same service, yet one requires you to pay 50bucks/yr and the other is totally FREE!
SERVICE + FREE > SERVICE + 50bucks ripoff! Get it?

GOD OF WAR 3 is beyond epicness, just that you're not epic enough to suit the game.
Don't blame the game, it's not for every underage kids out there, and softcore gamers.
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insomnium  +   1714d ago
@ johnny
PSN has dedicated servers on first party games atleast. That's why it is better. I don't care about facebook integration and stuff. If you do it's all good. These machines are primarily GAMING machines so if gaming on one platform is better due to dedicated servers then that platform is better.
theIMP  +   1713d ago
It is not a FACT, because it is and OPINION. The reason behind this is because One person may feel PSN is better, for example because it's free, while another may feel LIVE is better, for example because it seems more connected to the LIVE community. That is how "IT IS NOT A FACT." If you have anymore question just hit me up man.
PLAYstar  +   1713d ago
Sorry, I couldn't agree with your logic. What I'm implementing here are actual facts. It doesn't matter about one's opinion, it got nothing to do with it.

Your logic is this..
You would rather get a Suzuki Swift than a Ferrari, because it's cheaper in every cases, the road tax, the oil, the blahblahblah... But that doesn't make a Swift better than Ferrari just because it's a better stable of your income? That's what call personal opinion, cause the fact is that Ferrari in all aspect is still better!

My logic is this..
I got an option whether to buy a Ferrari for a million or I get the same quality car for FREE! In my case, free is better and it's a fact! No denying it..

Any confusion, consult me. I'm pretty much the best mentor around here on fixing illogical syndrome.
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Darkstorn  +   1714d ago
I'm not going to adopt 3D as long as glasses are required. However, this article is about 'competitive edge,' which 3D arguably gives to the player.

Of course Sony is pushing 3D, it's a potential gold mine if they can get people to replace their 'old' TV sets with slightly more advanced ones.
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creepjack  +   1714d ago
Ahh, but it's ok to discredit Halo, despite its numerous GOTY awards over the years, right?

Bravo isnt talking about whether or not a game won GOTY, he is talking about the fact that you Sony ponies take something subjective and make it fact, which is wrong.

What the heck does Uncharted 2 winning GOTY have anything to do with fanboys claiming opinions as fact? That isn't a valid counterpoint to his argument at all.
MRMagoo123  +   1713d ago
when did halo win awards ???
WickedClownPLR   1714d ago | Spam
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IRetrouk  +   1714d ago
so much hate for sony, they are pushing tech all the time, this is going to work, look how many core games are 3D compatable, that in itself shows that they are trying to make 3D work. I will be getting myself set up for 3D as soon as the prices are a bit cheaper and by then I think most of sonys games will be 3D compatable.
AK46  +   1714d ago
and that will be about the time KZ3 comes out.
Honest_gamer  +   1714d ago
well i dont know what your TV/Monitor preference is in according to size but mine is a simple 22-32 inch anything above 32 makes most games look bad or so i have experienced not all games but most games as you notice the blurred textures easier ect anyway back on point amazing has cheap good 3d monitors like the Acer GD245HQ specks are - 23.6 inch, 3D monitor, 2 ms, HDMI & DVI-D, 1920x1080, 80000:1, 120Hz, that is better than the dual set-up i have at the moment and it's CHEAPER than what the monitors i have were at the time of purchase (january 2010) it's ONLY £283.65 thats nothing i dont work and i can easily afford that (college pays me ahh the good /joking/ life)....of course the glasses are a bit on the dear side i heard sony said somewhere they will be 90$ well i hope thats only £45 going by the typical £1 = 2$ conversion rates i hope they dont just say well 90$ in American we'll do £90 in the UK thought if they went by that and made it 90yen in japan (under £1) i will be importing £90 worth of them and selling them on ebay lol but that would never happen >.<
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DelbertGrady  +   1714d ago
It gives you a mad headache which makes you frustrated and angry and therefore more competitive.

@IRetrouk - Apparently they aren't pushing tech as much as Nintendo, seeing as 3DS doesn't need you to wear $150 glasses.
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IRetrouk  +   1714d ago
The two techs are completly diffrent and work in a diffrent way, It MAY give some people a headache but again that wont affect everyone.

Obviously they are pushing it or they wouldnt be making all of their killer games 3D compatable, and you can bet that the like of uncharted 3 and other unanounced triple A games will support the format too.

Why are the glases bothering you, they are comfortable enough to wear while gameing. yeah a little expensive but thats why i said i will wait for the price to come down, on that point you can actually buy a 3D tv and get 2 pairs of the glasses for free.
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iamnsuperman  +   1714d ago
Tech behind 3DS doesn't exactly work on TVs atm because on a tv more than one person is watching it. I get irritated when people say sony and other companies are not pushing tech when they can't produce glasses free 3D. The 3DS tech only works at a correct angle and distance from the screen i.e. only one person gets the effect.
I read somewhere that 12% of people in the UK do not even see the 3D effect in cinemas because of eyesight issues. http://www.computerandvideo...
I am one of those people who gets headaches from 3D which might have something to do with my poor eyesight but 12% isn't that much
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M4ndat0ry_1nstall  +   1714d ago
Sony, you are saying anything right now please stop.
WickedClownPLR   1714d ago | Spam
R_aVe_N  +   1714d ago
You have all these people talking crap about 3D and they turn around and praise the 3DS. If you think that standard 3D gives you headaches you better be ready for massive pill popping when you get one of these. 3D is something that Sony is offering you DON'T HAVE TO USE IT! If you don't like it don't use it and stfu. Those people that are like me will use it when they feel the need.
Neurotoxin  +   1714d ago
Ok Sony i`ll pop to the shops and buy a new £1000 TV.
dragonelite  +   1714d ago
This is the same bullshit microsoft is saying about hardcore wanting kinect first.
And now sony says yeah 3D gives you the edge because of depth bullshit while neglecting the same time that 3D gives you downgraded res and graphics.
While you need high resolution to see differences.

Example probably a worse one let say a enemy is 300 pixels on 720p with out depth which you really dont need anyway. Put on 3D and res gets cut in half the enemie is now only 150 pixels lost half you detail on the enemy but get some useless depth info.
raztad  +   1714d ago
"Put on 3D and res gets cut in half the enemie is now only 150 pixels lost half you detail on the enemy but get some useless depth info."

You seem to know a lot about 3D games. Let me make you a couple of questions:

Which 3D games are already out?

and in what way depth info is useless?
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dragonelite  +   1714d ago
Most games now run 30 fps in 720p.
The logic solution is cut the res in half to get the 60fps needed for 3D.
In half is maybe a big overstatement i would assume games go to 1138*640 res or something close to it. 720p has 92k pixels and 640p has 72k pixels
is a 28% loss of details.

You to judge if 28% less details is worth the fad depth info you get judging distance from a frame is something you learn when playing the game like at what angle and when to throw the nades not something 3D depth will make it better. of course im speaking of a shooter point of view other games could have some good uses for it arcade games seems to do it great at 720p 3D where games are more friendly played then competitive. For competitive play i rather have 720p where those critical pixels could tell me if a sniper is in the bushes, then when i have 3D on and the bush with a sniper in it because a blurry mess.

Good examples are red dead redemption and ff 13 comparison pictures.
FF13 favors the ps 3 i can clearly see the difference bottom part of picture 360 version has less detail. You see how the version with lower res is a blurry mess compared to the 720p version.


and red dead has more details on 360 version

Picked two games to try minimize disagrees
raztad  +   1714d ago
Thanks for your reply but I know there is loss of detail if you drop resolution.

My point is: it is likely KZ3 will be 720p30fps in 3D. GT5 is 720p+ at 60fps in 3D. Dont know about MS:Apocalypse but I wouldnt be suprised if it ends up running at 720p@30fps in 3D as well, the director said the game could be the first time for the franchise to reach 1080p.

Talking about currently RETROFITTED games, Wipeout HD 3D got both the framerate and the resolution halved (worst case), MotorStorm got a hitch on the resolution but the framerate stayed at 30fps (this is what you are saying) and SuperStardust 3D actually was benefited from the 3D push, it now runs at 1080p60fps in 2D and 720@120fps in 3D.

RETROFFITED vs NATIVE 3D, shows that when 3D is implemented from the ground up, the resolution doesnt have, necessarily, to suffer a drop.

Hell, Crytek itself said hey found a "magic" trick (which I think is the similar procedure implemented by PD in GT5) to get 3D running on the xbox which has no enough HDMI bandwidth to stream 2x720p@30fps.

BTW, I dont agree with the depth info stereoscopic 3D provides is "useless", I would say all the contrary.
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creepjack  +   1714d ago

All of these companies promise the world in order to get you suckers to pay them to be their guinea pigs.

You know why 3D in the home is gonna flop? Because people are just now finally adopting HDTV's, and now Sony wants you to ditch the tv they just convinced you needed to buy last year, and buy a new one now. They want you to go out and drop a few thousand dollars on tech they know is gonna be obsolete in a few years because glasses-less 3D is right around the corner.

Of coarse, this is still all dependent on whether or not 3D even survives over the next few years. 3D has only been tested in a few hour intervals every few months, it's never been tested for everyday use. They have absolutely no clue what kind of negative impact this is gonna have on people's eye sight after every day use. But no fear, there are plenty of idiots out there to "test" this for them.
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AK46  +   1714d ago
Nostradamus has spoken, or should I say Mike Pachter.
woaita   1714d ago | Spam
J-Smith  +   1714d ago
i just[sort of]got my sony HD-TV LoL [& in the UK 1080i/hd free-to-view TV programs have just started. yeah you could get sky hd before but i didn't want to pay for it because most of it is cr*p, well for me anyway]

next thing for me is a 7.1 or 5.1 surround set-up. maybe in another 10 years i will get a new TV & maybe by then all programs on TV will all be in 3d LoL
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HumanStark  +   1714d ago
If the game you're playing is "Race to a Crippling Migraine" then yes, it does give you the competitive edge.
Heartnet2   1714d ago | Spam
MrRipper  +   1714d ago
Its freaking hilarious.
People literally latch onto a minor flaw that they haven't experienced yet, and blow it out of ridiculous per portions. I clap at fan boy-ism.
AEtherbane  +   1714d ago
Also makes your eyes hurt after a few hours...
yog-sothot  +   1714d ago
I have nothing against 3D, actually I've already seen games on a 3DTV and I think it looks pretty impressive

But let's be clear : this statement from Sony is pure PR stuff, I don't even know why we're talking about this.

We won't know if there is any competitive edge until gamers actually start playing 3D games (it will be the same with the PS Move for multiplayer games allowing both Move and Dualshock, such as Socom 4)
gtsentry  +   1714d ago
actually the hundreds of people hu played the 3d demos at game conferences like e3,and the future game shows to come,also people alredy have 3d televisions and are playing 3d games alredy
hoops  +   1714d ago
I have played 3D games for years on the PC in full HD 1080p and there is no competitive edge. None.
You know what gives you a competitive edge? Playing games on multiple monitors that gives you a wider viewing angle so you can see images on screen you would normaly not see if you only gamed on one monitor. That's an edge. Not 3D gaming.


Good marfketing BS from SOny though. You have to hand it to them though for this. LOL
#18.2 (Edited 1714d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
MRMagoo123  +   1713d ago
You know judging from your history of comments i find it hard to believe you have the mental capacity to play a game let alone know about a competitive edge i suspect when you do get online to play games you scream at all the people that kill you about be haxors and cheats. full HD for years you say how many years was that ide like to know which monitor you where using too.
gtsentry  +   1714d ago
1 of the reasons sony n nintendo and other electronic companies are looking into 3d so much is because of the huuge succes of 3d movies,avatar for instance along with dozens of more movies that had major successes,especially since sony is also in the movie business as well
zero_cool  +   1714d ago
Come on guys knock the crap off do you gotta fight over non sense why don't you just agree to disagree instead of resorting to acting like fools seriously this is stupid!
#20 (Edited 1714d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
level 360  +   1714d ago
3 markets
3D has 3 main markets - ***gaming, **sports and *porn ( and add movies-to-Blu ray disc that were especially done with the involvement of 3D-tech ) - I tell you this is the truth.

Although at the moment it seems even with a few sets are now getting affordable 3DTV is still somewhat of a status symbol, I think it may need some clever marketing to prove it's worth.
But I do know I'm still going to get one just for gaming alone.
ninjagoat  +   1714d ago
I got my new led in antisapition for kz3 :)
SuperStrokey1123  +   1714d ago
Why does this even need to be saidm it should be common sense that something liek 3d would give you an edge. How much of an edge is hard to say.
nana30   1714d ago | Spam
hyabusha  +   1714d ago
I agree
I hope 3D Is here to stay!
hoops  +   1714d ago
3d is here to stay regardless what some may think. Its just not going to take off this generation because of high cost. 3D gaming next generation will be huge.
oldjadedgamer  +   1714d ago
People who bash Sony for 3D just don't get it. ITS NOT JUST SONY.

As of January 2010, Samsung, LG,[8] Toshiba, Sony, and Panasonic all had plans to introduce 3D capabilities (mostly in higher-end models) in TVs available sometime in 2010. (wiki)

Expect all other makers of TVs to hop on board too.

IF MS made TVs, they would be making a 3DTV too.

Debate all you want whether it will give you an edge or not, but don't act like 3D isn't happening or that Sony is the only company pushing it.
evrfighter  +   1714d ago
so there are other companies saying 3d will give me a competitive edge?

no then ya IT IS JUST SONY
#26.1 (Edited 1714d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Spenok  +   1713d ago
You obviously didnt read the end of his comment that said;

"Debate all you want weather it will give you an edge or not..."
ILLINOIS  +   1714d ago
How did that whole blu ray format turn out? I predict the same success for 3dhdtv. Yes it cost a lot of $ now but it will go down in price.
evrfighter  +   1714d ago
as a pc gamer I wouldn't know.

seeing as how it never became a necessity for my pc like the dvd drive.
loslonelyman  +   1713d ago
Johnny_Bravo 10h ago
"Don't need HD-DVD, we have Zune. Instantly stream movies in 1080p, problem solved."

LOL, Picture may be OK with streaming, but your AUDIO blows donkey PRIVATE PARTS! No streaming option available Streams DolbyHD,DTS Master Audio in 5.1 or 7.1 so all of your(sub par and antiquated) 360's problems are not solved.
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PWNER  +   1713d ago
Just another way
For Sony to peddle their TVs to Hardcore Gamers.
Spenok  +   1713d ago
And this is why i want a 3DTV. Ill be buying one around the time Killzone 3 comes out.

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