New Pokémon Video shows major difference and PC to DS Connectivity

It is Sunday again and in Japan the Pokémon Sunday show presents the latest Pokémon news. Now a new Pokémon video shows PC to DS connectivity features and the major difference between the editions on film.

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portablegaming2507d ago

The Dreamworld is a nice feature and also that you can now search for battle partners via PC. Great stuff.

OneSneakyMofo2507d ago

PC to DS connectivity. I smell an MMO in hopefully 5 years time.

Conloles2507d ago

Pokemon MMO - jizzworthy

portablegaming2507d ago

Pokemon MMO would be pure awesome. Meet, fight, trade, and have the adventure together.

Spenok2506d ago

A pokemon MMO could, and would rival WoW.

Miroque2507d ago

I just think Nintendo is taking the right steps and now now only using their own system but also going to do stuff like Twitter, Facebook and PC connection options.

Playerz82507d ago

How bout Mac and DS Connectivity?

Sorano2507d ago

I hope it will be universal. But you never know with Nintendo....

Playerz82507d ago

Ya, we all know how advanced the Wii and DS are when it comes to the online space=)

Sorano2507d ago

True story. I still can't use all features for the Nintendo DS because it can't to popper WPA... You can forget WEP, every wannabe hacker can enter your internet then...

Raypture2507d ago

it was saying computer than PC

likely a mistranslation, macs actually are pcs as a PC is a personal computer, unless you don't own your mac. The only reason windows is so commonly associated with PC is due to marketing and because MS probably owns the term.

portablegaming2507d ago

It looks like it is a general thing, so it can be any Computer, Mac or anything that has a browser.

krontaar2507d ago

cant wait for this game...already got it pre-ordered!

just 2 more months :D

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The story is too old to be commented.