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The Drop-Down Menu from Gran Turismo 5

Two new videos showing the drop-down menu from Gran Turismo 5. (Gran Turismo 5, PS3)

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NobleRed  +   1870d ago
I like the music.
deafwing  +   1869d ago
i'm fed up of being teased
... this needs to be released sooner rather than later
NecrumSlavery  +   1869d ago
In the last five seconds he pressed X to load track, and it took less than a sec to load. Sweet!
DFresh  +   1869d ago
(November 2nd Release)
bnaked  +   1869d ago
It's just the menu of the demo! GT5 will have a world map..
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ninpo14  +   1870d ago
shiny, they sure must enjoy waxing them cars
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Yangus  +   1870d ago
This old video,nothing new.
MariaHelFutura  +   1870d ago
I love GT. The presentation is top notch and the production values are off the hook. The cars feel like the real ones and it`s honestly wrecked alot of racing games for me. GT5 will make 360 fanboys buy a PS3, like xboxalldayeveryday up there.

November 2nd, 2010.
N4PS3Fanboys  +   1869d ago
Why would it make them buy a PS3 unless they were already a Gran Turismo fan? The 360 already has it's own driving simulator. We get 2 Forzas for every 1 Gran Turismo that comes out. And all 3 Forza games have been higher rated than the most recent, full Gran Turismo game.


Gran Turismo (PS) - 96
Gran Turismo 2 (PS) - 93
Gran Turismo 3 (PS2) - 95
Gran Turismo 4 (PS2) - 89
Gran Turismo HD Concept (PS3) - 82
Gran Turismo 5 Prologue (PS3) - 80
Gran Turismo (PSP) - 74

Forza Motorsport (XB) - 92
Forza Motorsport 2 (360) - 90
Forza Motorsport 3 (360) - 92

GT hasn't been an AAA series for 9 years, back when it had really no competition. Forza has been an AAA series from the start, and continues to be to this day. Sure, Gran Turismo 5 will outsell Forza, but will it score higher than Forza 3's 92? You certainly can't be as sure of that. And as you PS3 fanboys always say: sales don't matter.
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Killjoy3000  +   1869d ago
Did you just say that GT isn't a AAA franchise?

Grant Turismo is one of the very, very few AAA games out there, and because of a 1% difference between 89 and 90, it isn't AAA? Come back to me when you decide to formulate your own opinion, not the one that media brainwashes you with, troll.
RBdrift  +   1869d ago
hmmm ...only one franchise has sold 50 million+ while the other flops hard compared.
deafwing  +   1869d ago
N4... seriously guy
... get a grip.
PirateThom  +   1869d ago
Did you seriously just compare the PSP game and 2 cut down PS3 concept/Prologue versions (one of which was free) to full games?

If you only take full games, Gran Turismo has CONSISTANTLY scored higher than Forza.

The fear... it grows. Each passing day brings us closer.
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xYLeinen  +   1870d ago
That should be a fucking trailer with the exact same video (somewhat edited) and the same music.

Edit: Oh, I'm referring to the first video you are able to watch if you actually enter their site.
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xg-ei8ht  +   1870d ago
Forza is not a sim, everyone who's knows anything knows that.

Even PD said forza is not a sim. Because of the way the cars handle, they are not correct. The physics engine in forza is completely wrong.
wazzim  +   1870d ago
doesn't make it wrong to call it a sim.

Forza is a simulator, press the d-pad while racing and you'll see all kind of calculations. Nobody has made a REAL driving sim because that would just make the game to hard to play.

Was GT1 a sim? Technically TOTALLY NOT but I prefer to call it that way just like 2, 3, 4 and 5. They all play too smooth to really be a sim but they are still counted to that genre.
Gran Touring  +   1869d ago
"Nobody has made a REAL driving sim because that would just make the game too hard to play."

That's a pretty illogical statement that I invite you to retract. You're suggesting there's never been an attempt to recreate real driving because it would be too difficult to play in a game.

I suggest you try playing a "simulator," or whatever you like to call the genre, and turning off the driving aids and amateur-level physics.
xg-ei8ht  +   1870d ago
Forza is an arcade game, as is grid, rewind me a river.
fireplace  +   1869d ago
You've got to be kidding me. Dear fanboy, I cant wait to see those cardboard box physics, no immense of speed, bumper car collisons, A.I. from 1998.

Ps. did you see that font in this menu? It's so amazing! DEFINITIVE!

Edit: Forgot about giant boredom during raci... I mean driving.
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xAlmostPro  +   1869d ago
i think you should watch some of the latest videos, where all thats fixed now
SKUD  +   1869d ago
LMAO. Rewind. Hahaha.
zeddy  +   1869d ago
was gt5 released in germany or something? f*ck me were they getting these vids?!
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Jeremy Gerard  +   1869d ago
Please tell me
Those were not the premium cars because that DID NOT look any better than Need 4 speed or Forza3
deafwing  +   1869d ago
... there's about a 1000 cars in the game ... so ... not sure what you mean, that's just a demo ... all past cars from the series will be there (upgraded or not) plus all the new hotness ... so not sure what you mean. However your avatar makes sense though ;p
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Spenok  +   1869d ago
You do realise that you were looking through a camera recording a TV, and not video capture right? Meaning the quality will obviously not look nearly as good.
hiredhelp  +   1869d ago
Somebody who doesnt know differnts between vegtables and fruit. said that GT1 wasnt a sim. need i remind all of you that granturismo was the first sim to do real time technical advancements to your car. unlike many SIMULATERS were you get upgraded preset. kits like suspention engnes ect. gt actually got you to twak your downforce your sus and engine wheels. and many more and you felt the changes.no other game has done that made you feel the changes.NOBODY.gt2 saw the first game to do night time mode. also gt was first to use licesne cars.not just a handfull.
as for simulation if you dont think gt is a simulater then you try to find a company that offers adavance feature like that.not just the odd tweak.also maybe WAZZIM you may want to look at a grantursimo case as it clearly states simulation. also dont forget the japanese company knows the playstation format inside out.and produce graphics like no other no tricker lighting no hidden bits and bobs. good days was GT1 i owned the japanese version and the EU version.awsome even till this day ill sht up now please someone respond say if im right or wrong.
resetme  +   1869d ago
Nice music, now i need..
Love the music...

I need my glass of whisky, miles davis song and a cohiba cigar!
coolasj  +   1869d ago
Wow. Thats some sly music.
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cryymoar  +   1869d ago
I like how Forza fans are pretending that their game has made a dent on the Gran Turismo series in any way shape or form.

Since Forza came out, there hasn't even been a full GT game on any Playstation console (besides the PSP). Even then, GT PSP "flopped" because of the PSP hardware limitations, not Polyphony Digital (stupid analog nub, poor online infrastructure, no pressure sensitive buttons, UMD).

Comparing a full game (Forza) to an HD remake and a "demo" (GT HD & GT:P) is, quite frankly, pathetic.
Even the reviewers didn't know how to score Prologue since it was more than a demo, yet less than a full game. It made the review process very difficult.

But for Forza fans to deny that GT5 is going to kick some serious butt after all the TONS AND TONS of features it has, is just pure bias and fanboyism.

Forza is great for what it does. But Gran Turismo 5 will be even better because of how much MORE it does than any other racing sim or racing game in general out there.
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