Kinecting In Atlanta, Wish I Had brought my Controller

SFG writes: The problem with that, is that with small children, Kinect has a real problem seeing their movements; yet, has no problem taking their picture in Kinect Adventures. It did not work for a single small child out of the three that I saw playing. One of the kids was with an adult and the other two played together. I believe that the one playing with her mother was able to finish the demo by the Mothers actions alone and not the child’s. The kids were doing everything right, Kinect was just flipping out. Again.

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Godmars2903075d ago

Really don't see why, if Kenect is in such a state, MS is showing it off. Much less planing on releasing it in just a few months.

TheTeam063075d ago (Edited 3075d ago )

It looks to me like Microsoft didn't learn their lesson from last time (Xbox 360 launch) and are showing this off in hopes that the idea alone will attract people and lead to a purchase.

From what I've seen, they simply plopped a demo area down in cities around the country, filled them with games that currently aren't working well and all before they even show off a price for it.

Clearly they want to get it out there as soon as possible although it's two months after the Move's release, but the whole mess is getting confusing with the limitations, problems and interest. It seems to me that the only thing Microsoft is sure of is that they want this for casuals first and foremost.

Couldn't they have just had an area for Kinect with a simple-but-cool tech demo and a banner under the display reading "Imagine The Possibilities"? If I saw that, I'd be really physicked, especially if you're a casual who has no idea what the limitations are like.

vasilisk3075d ago (Edited 3075d ago )

"It looks to me like Microsoft didn't learn their lesson from last time (Xbox 360 launch)"

Nope, unfortunately, the thing that MS learned is that they can do it and get away with it, at least with the US crowd. MS's effort not to be late at the motion control war, like it's effort to be the first to release a "next-gen" console, is again with a product that clearly does not function properly. It was evident from the beginning, how many times did Microsoft changed the speqs of Kinect this year? 3 times, 4 times? I've lost count.

Also I laugh at all those who say "let's wait to see the final product, MS still has time to fix this thing". Anyone who believes that MS has 3 months to iron all the problems, clearly has no idea how long production of a few million hardware devices takes. MS is long past the designing stage, and it's going to move into production real soon (if not already) in order to produce million Kinects. Also shipping from China to the US and Europe, proccessing, allocating, shipping again the product to the retailers' central warehouses and then shipping again to the stores is a procedure that can take more than a month.

As I said, MS is well past the designing point of the device. Unfortunately, what you see is what you get...

NovusTerminus3075d ago

They cannot fix it up to much, as too many changes could in fact cause problem with the games as they would then be coded to the old one, and not the new one.

the time it takes to print hardware is longer than software. Games go gold a month before the release date. Hardware takes even longer, so say... two or three months.

They don't have time to fix it, all that is left is for the devs to work with it.

cliffbo3075d ago

all i can say is anyone who buys a Kinect has no brain.

zag3075d ago

Seems like it has the same problems as the Wii.

Move too fast and it can't keep up,
if you don't move correctly then it can't figure out what your doing either.

No kid is going to do the movements properly.

And Adult's are going to see if not working properly as well.

It's the whole reason why it'll fail.

The Wii, although bought by heaps of people is generally classed as a failure because adults don't use it and the kids who do use it don't have the money to buy the games and you'll note that the Wii games are all set in the one type of game sports type games or simple action games where the movements aren't too major.

Ju3075d ago (Edited 3075d ago )

I think MS just went to far with the whole "you are the controller" argument. They still try to convince people it will work.

Well, duh, it doesn't. Why not build on the PSEye experience ? I don't think it's the games itself, but if you have ever played a PSEye game, the problem is the whole interface; how you select things, how you navigate. What I see in these videos is, it just doesn't work. And it's not a vast improvement over the PSEye (which I would have thought it would be much much better).

You could get into a game easily by using the controller and then just play the game with the camera.

Look at how much trouble the kids have to get started. The games have potential, every 360 has a controller. Why not combine those two where it makes sense? I guess that is when you do marketing strategy first and product placement later.

A front looking one perspective camera can never be accurate enough to replace buttons. It just cannot provide any feedback. There is nothing to learn for MS or to fix for a release. This tech does not work - as advertised. There are simply physical limitations. How far they have pushed the technology is amazing. But it will always have limits.

sikbeta3075d ago (Edited 3075d ago )

MS is gambling with the casuals and the "possibility" of getting away with it when it comes to delivering, the same way they did with the x360, there is a built up confidence for the "free pass" on HW problems the console has, that let them think, "hey, if no-1 cared about the HW problems, they'll not care about kinect and how it works"

There will be NO free pass on this one, Casual will not jump into buying this device, knowing their wii work better and even if the thing was "innovative" still delivering the same, add to that the price of the Complete package -> x360 + kinect only for 2 players?, heck even if kinect support 4 players, still being expensive for a device that work the same or not at the same level than the wii without motion+ and with the amount of "restrictions" the device has, like playing standing, doesn't recognize dark colors or black, needs certain amount of space, problems with lights, problems with clothes, and so on...

Thing is, the device doesn't work properly, not even in a bowling game, which is like a mini-game more than anything, that gives the clue about how it's going to work with a "bigger" game or core game, whatever is called...

Bigpappy3075d ago (Edited 3075d ago )

To show how well the move demo's are going. At least we know Kinect works when setup properly, and no one is going to tell you to stay still during the game.

captain-obvious3075d ago (Edited 3075d ago )

you always defend NATAL as if it was youre kid or something


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HolyOrangeCows3075d ago (Edited 3075d ago )

"with small children, Kinect has a real problem seeing their movements"

That could be a significant issue. QUITE significant.
Don't aim at the casuals and screw up on it working with children.

pixelsword3075d ago (Edited 3075d ago )

Yep; was thinking about talking my older brother into getting one for his kid, but now I'm going to wait and see if they work out the kinks.

Kinda explain that family vid, though.

Inside_out3075d ago (Edited 3075d ago )

Nothing like a gaming system that doesn't work with kids. With that said I doubt that M$ sent out Kinect to all these locations and the thing can't read children in front on the

A more significant point is why the TV and Movie industry is pushing the current system of 3D knowing it causing eye damage, especially for children. That's a KNOWN fact.

If you are in Kinects range, it will read anything and everything. If you don't understand how a camera works, check out this vid an enlighten yourselves...

The Kinect tech is solid if not spectacular which is why Sony is working night and Day trying to develop there own 3D mapping camera device.

Now, in this video of Kinect, you see a couple of performers during a demonstration of MTV's Kinect game Dance central. On the screen in the far right , you'll see on the game monitor a outline of the dancer, perfectly aligned with the dancer performing the moves. Beside that you see big square blocks moving up the screen highlighting one body part and grading the movements in relation to the dancing avatar of the game. Again in perfect unison. Then at :38, the dancer goes into a freestyle mode with Kinect again registering every move, recording it for playback of if you want to send pictures to your friends with Kinect across the Internet. Notice he is lying, spinning on the floor and Kinect captures it all. Check it out...

I don't see how anybody can miss what's going on. Kinect is very real and it will rule this holiday season.

doritos3075d ago (Edited 3075d ago )


guerojose3075d ago

"The Kinect tech is solid if not spectacular which is why Sony is working night and Day trying to develop there own 3D mapping camera device."

I count four factual errors in that single sentence. Is that some kind of record?

fooltheman3075d ago (Edited 3075d ago )

@cez of rage

You do know that that breakdance is just captured by a camera, well ps eye can record my breakdance too if I want...

It does not track your body then...

edit: And besides 3D isn't damaging anything... university only constraints our brain who need to interpret it... (yeah we see with our brains)

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J-Smith3075d ago

Kinecting In Atlanta, Wish I Had brought my PS3

jerethdagryphon3075d ago

in that last vid even though the screen is behind them mirrored it looks like there dancing to a pre coreographed set of moves not whats running live

EVILDEAD3603075d ago (Edited 3075d ago )

Only 305 more of these to go and Kinect will be in stores..

Look...we all know it's a negative Kinect from another tiny fan blogger with the a flame title designed for the 'usual suspects' on N4G to run with it.

But, as usual when you read's someone who clearly had his agenda out the door..too easy

He claims he went to one of the Macys Kinect demos..they brought 4 games..he tried 3

He is the author of the site and is supposedly this big gamer..

His first insight was that 'no one playing Kinect at all' and that he was expecting a line..but later he contradicts himself by saying that the 'crowd dispersed'.

Ok your the first one what?..why would this have anything to do with your intial review of Kinect? We know..

He then tries out bowling..this where he starts to expose himself..when he says..

'I have only bowled twice in my life so needless to say, I really didn’t know what I was doing. Trying to mimic everything I have ever seen on ESPN, I took my aim, stepped up and let it go. Kinect disconnected. My bowling ball jumped right out of my hand and cracked the floor before rolling right into the gutter. A total WTF moment.' THIS is gaming journalism? This guy is supposedly this HUGE gamer..why bring up bowling twice in real life or having to emulate ESPN?

The entire WORLD has been bowling on the Wii since 2006. your telling me this guy who is the 'southern fried gamer' and has a Wii section on his site, but never joined the 70 million other people out there, bought a Wii and played Wii Sports?

If he had he would know like the rest of us millions...that when you first start playing you occassionally mis-time the release of the button and the ball falls directly on the floor..but this guys acts he's never motion control gamed before and had this 'WTF moment'..really? We know

Look so to sum up the rest..he says the Joyride demo was 'unplayable'..but mentions people weren't impressed with it (why would they be if it didn't work)

He says 'Adventures' didnt recognize small children..but he only saw 3 play..again it was a demo

He never even mentions one peep about the biggest game there which was 'Kinectimals' which IS the seller for small children and parents..We know

His bias comes out when he give the rest of his supposed insight..'No matter how much enjoyment you might get out of playing Kinect, you will look stupid'..'Does it work? 'Kinda'..'will I buy it?' 'probably not'

Hey but that was his's clear though that since he doesnt own a Wii and won't buy 'Kinect'..we won't have to worry about another fan blog from this gaming site on Kinect..

Just playing 'Evil's Advocate'

This won't be the last baby fan blogger site to go full bash on we can consider this a preview..the truth for me at least will be when I am the one who stands in front of it and uses it..until then happy bashing from the 'usual suspects'


PimpHandHappy3075d ago

your right

Just wait till the real gaming sites get 2review the retail games for the real bashing 2hurt your feelings

Heisenberg3075d ago

You're reaching so hard to defend something so clearly fundamentally flawed. The videos speak for themselves. There's nothing left to defend about this sub par product.But somehow there are still people like you Evildead, that still insist we haven't seen enough yet, or there's still time for improvement blah blah blah. Wake up, what you see in those videos is what you get, Kinect is horse shit, oh well.

BlackBusterCritic3075d ago

My my my, that is some damage control. Why defend Kinect? We've seen it fail ON SCREEN/IN VIDEOS dozens of times. And some of your "observations" about the article are wrong. He didnt contradict himself regarding the crowds/lack there of. He clearly said he expect one when he showed up, but there wasnt anyone wanting to play, AND THEN after he played a bit, others noticed and wanted to play too. Then they dispersed, just like he said. He say he's biased? LOL!!

Bell Boy3075d ago (Edited 3075d ago )

Yeah just wait till this gets bought by the unsuspecting families that MS surely must just think are mugs who will buy anything.

Cause the whole thing looks rushed with poor games...real life adaption of the emperor's new clothes

I foresee a load of angry parents trying to explain to little johnny he is to close, to far...or to little sis that the new dress is causing the game to fail....not a very happy christmas

EVILDEAD3603075d ago (Edited 3075d ago )

LMAO @ this Buster guy joining a week ago just to bash the 360...same ish different day..

Again read what I wrote..who cares if he's the first one of the few who noticed..people shooping still showed up..

Who cares about this one review..there a dozens of videos from the other Macy's events that show Joyride and every other game working fine..

I pointed out the guy going out of his way to bash..the usual suspect will go out of their way..just like they have since January to smear Kinect..won't matter..Microsft will demo the final product in October..

Like I said before..the fan blogger and the day-to-day 360 haters can type all day..Kinect will still be a success if it delivers in November and is marketed correctly.

Keep trying'll be fun to watch when the numbers drop..just like it was when Wii got bashed before it was released


Bree_kins3075d ago

you should maybe actually read the article instead of skimming it. He did go to the display my nieces went with him. The dude games from the time he gets up till he goes to sleep and also does own a Wii console. A crowd gathered only after he started playing if you had read the article you would have read that.since at least 27 people disagree with you and only 3 agree maybe you should check your facts before you post.

EVILDEAD3603075d ago

LMAO @ you still being stuck on the crowd thing and trying to verify what game systems he owns..

Maybe you should read my read my comment instead of skimming..

Who said he wasn't there? I explained why I brought up the again..

I could care less if he said Kinect was the worst add-on in the history of gaming..But if you have to go throw in other factors just to spin the story and experience negative then it clearly leans towards intial bias from the jump..I stated my opinion..just like he stated his..

Either's clear that the other Macy's vids paint a better picture ofatr least the one game he found unplayable..

LOL @ you thinking that phantom 'disagrees' from matter..especially if you say anything positive about the 360.

My 'facts' are straight..not one person proved any of em' wrong

He gave an opinion..I gave mine..that's how it works..


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RumbleFish3075d ago

They do it again: release a crappy product. They don't care.

Heisenberg3075d ago

This thing is a train wreck. The response time and accuracy is an absolute joke. So much so that it doesn't even function properly with basic casual mini games. It can't even properly recognize and execute simple movements.

Kinect has had it's chance to prove itself, and it fails hard.

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ThatCanadianGuy3075d ago

Wait, a device aimed at the family can't even work with children?
So you have to be in a brightly lit room, white, wearing tight bright colored clothing while standing 5-10 feet away from the camera?

I don't see how this could possibly fail..

3075d ago
oohWii3075d ago (Edited 3075d ago )

Why is it that when someone makes a negative claim about MS products the people on this site takes their word and gospel and lend nothing to bias or BS. Where as when someone makes similar comment about a Sony product, everyone calls the person a hater and the SAME people that call the microsoft story the truth simple counts the Sony story as not true.

Just from the way some of these guys describe their Kinect experiences it's clearly obvious that they are PS3 fanboys waiting to pounce.

PS3 fans claim to hate Kinect, yet every hardcore PS3 fan near a Macy's store are in there film "ONLY" the negative things they see. What a bunch of douchebags.

It would be interesting to read the Kinect experience comments coming from someone with a "POSTED" XBL gamertag, that has more than 5,000 gamer points that has not been banned from XBL. In stead of a bunch of PS3 fanboys or disgruntled Xbox Modders.

Look at how many comments were entered in this thread...

Triella3075d ago (Edited 3075d ago )

It's not about Sony lovers or kinect haters. it's because many people who didn't drink MS coolaid saw this debacle comming from afar. They saw the lag, the unresponsiveness and the limitations since MS presentation at E3 2009. But when they voiced their concerns they were called haters, bashers or PS3 fanboys and were told to wait for release. Well release is comming and videos are proving kinect is definitely flawed, unless you see the world through MS rose-colored glasses that is.

Redempteur3075d ago (Edited 3075d ago )


it's not about fanboys it's about being logical , as Triella said , the e3 2009 ad " you are the controller " make me have a lot of doubts about kinect. Since then i haven't seen anything that eased my mind about kinect ..let's take an exemple ... how do you have a serious racing game ? it's not about gamers or casuals ..just serious ? how do i brake ? i can't not in joy ride , not in forza kinect either what's the point ? brakes were invented on cars because we needed to have control , control over the speed and the trajectory ... sadly kinect FAILS on that part ..
i could go on and talk about how adventure games or fps are impossible ATM could kinect revolutionise anything if you can't even mimmick what's going on this gen ? Bear in mind the wii worked because it was a transition between motion gaming and normal gaming ( it can do both ) it was flexible enough even if it wasn't as precise as we hoped ...

kinect is so different i don't know how it will achieve anything ( the eye toy proved this ) i might seems like a kinect hater but so far i 've not seen anything they promised that would revolutionize gaming or open new ways to play and finally if their games have Soo much restrictions ... what's the point ??

EVILDEAD3603075d ago (Edited 3075d ago )

+ bubbles to you..

The funny thing is it never got past 30 degrees..because it was a positive look at can't get to the big degrees on Kinect articles or 360 in general on unless it is negative

The footage contradicts this review..the bowling worked fine..Joyride wasnt broken..etc.

Plus they showed that Kinectimals actually works and is more than a petting game

LOL @ people seeing videos and reading this blog and pretending they went to a Macys demo too..but it went sooo bad..but look at their history before this article..nothing..too easy


oohWii3075d ago (Edited 3075d ago )

I totally get the reponses (the legitimate ones at least.)

I guess what I am saying is, perhaps it people were a little more mature in there responses and not just blurting out a bunch and ignorant BS I could take them a little more seriously.

I like what N4G is suppose to represent, but we as a gaming community are mission the intended target by far and it's really getting old. I would be nice if people could see something that wasn't working right and for the sake of gaming say something constructive rather than using it as an avenue to up their bubble count by say some stupid shit because they know the majority of the immature people on this site will bubble them up even it they said nothing constructive.

I guess what I'm saying is too much of ANYTHING is not good, and there has been too much shit talking on N4G for FAR too long.

Is it really about gaming anymore? Kinect is just one of Many topics used on N4G to fuel this ignorance, console sells is another.

They should also modify this site so that you cannot click disagree unless you type in a rebuttal.

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Tony-A3075d ago

I tried it at my local Macy's and it was really buggy for me. The bowling game worked the best and the Rafting game was a little too slow and felt pointless. Ricochet and Joy Ride were completely broken. By far the worst ones out of the whole thing. Getting to a game was annoying in itself and way too complex. Not saying that it's hard, but it could have clearly been done in a much simpler way. I'll give my breakdown:

Working - Bowling

Kinda Working - Rafting

Terrible - Rocochet & Joy Ride

The whole time I was there, there were only two kids about 15 or 16 that came up (they're one of those Mall Rats that have nothing better to do on a Saturday). They had Xboxes but had no idea what Kinect was. (this is the funniest part) They asked me what it was. I told them it was a controller-free camera and that it will be used for this and this kind of game (casual). I asked them if they would get it and they said "Nah, I had an EyeToy and that was kinda faggish."

He said it just like that. lol

kneon3075d ago

"They had Xboxes but had no idea what Kinect was"

That's not at all surprising. The general gamer population hardly read any game related news. They don't know about Kinect and they don't know about Move.

Until there is advertising of these products in the main stream media then most people will continue to be unaware of their existence.

Bigpappy3075d ago

But they knew it was just like Eyetop. These kid are good

Tony-A3075d ago

So you missed the part where I told them?

Yeah, you probably missed that. Nice reading skills.

jerethdagryphon3075d ago

lol thats almost word for word a quote from a vgcats comic :)

Spawn-KING3075d ago

Hint . another Zune & xbox
History is repeating itself for MS .
So many bad reviews .

lelo2play3075d ago (Edited 3075d ago )

Yep... just like Betamax developed by Sony years back to compete against VHS.

EDIT: Disagrees??? ... Oooookkkk!!!... I guess i'm wrong. Betamax was great success for Sony /s

Triella3075d ago

Betamax/Betacam was a dominant format in the professional and broadcast video industry in the 80's and 90's, so yes it was a great commercial success.

sikbeta3075d ago (Edited 3075d ago )

A little bit of history:

Sony went for a Monopoly on the Betamax format, other manufacturers didn't want that, JVC developed their own format and the others jump into support VHS, in 1988 Sony accept VHS and killed the Betamax, in 1989 Sony purchased Columbia-TriStar Pictures, knowing if they want to Push their Format they need more Stakes in ever Industry, something that works, as seen with the HD-format war, but the betamax didn't "die", in fact Betamax evolved in the Betacam which is the Standard for the professional and broadcast video industry, so Sony indeed lost the tape format-war but Monopolize the Professional Video Industry = Majority of the Broadcasting studios use Betacam = Betacam camcorders, a Betacam tapes, Betacam video recorders and Betacam video editors...

harrisk9543075d ago

The difference is that Betamax was actually a better product than VHS. It just didn't catch on with the public. I would bet that you are too young to remember that or that you were even born yet.

LeonSKennedy4Life3075d ago

You select your level the same way in PlayStation Eye games.

It actually works better on those.

It would be nice to see Kinect work better. Some of you are spending $150 on this thing. I don't want any of you to be out $150.