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Submitted by Faztkiller 2033d ago | news

Production Cancelled for Polyphony Digital’s Citroën GT

Sad news: remember the Polyphony Digital-designed supercar, the Citroën GT? After it was first revealed in an update to GT5 Prologue, it was widely publicized and praised in the media as the physical prototype made its way around the world at various car shows and events. It even floated around Venice, and this video I uploaded to YouTube (also embedded below) of the car driving around the streets of London has received more than 1.5 million views.

There was so much interest in the car, Citroën actually decided to build it. Despite its popularity, though, it wasn’t meant to be, as the latest reports (thanks for the tip, paskowitz!) confirm production has been cancelled. The reasons cited for dropping the car are not surprising: although the GT was expected to be priced north of €1 million, it wouldn’t have been profitable enough for the company, which has decided to focus its time and resources on other models that will “bring in more money”. (Culture, Gran Turismo 5, polyphony digital, PS3)

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PoSTedUP  +   2033d ago
thats like THEE most awesome thing to have ever come from a video game, ever.
sad that the cancelled it i was going to buy one honestly ; )
Pandemic  +   2033d ago
Oh well, more money and focus towards making this game even awesomer.
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captain-obvious  +   2033d ago
a car like this should never make it to the streets

it should be only 3 of those 1 in GT games ,the one that is on Polyphony Digital’s HQ and the last one in Citroën show rooms

thats it
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Conloles   2033d ago | Trolling | show
jakethemuss  +   2033d ago
re GT5 is out in November.
Are you stupid?
sikbeta  +   2033d ago
What a shame, The GT by Citroen is a Beautiful Beast, at least build one for Yamauchi-san you douche-Citroen


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ShiftyLookingCow  +   2033d ago
WOW Conloles, you totally caught me by surprise with you ultra quality troll even by N4G's standards. I literally went WTF.
J-Smith  +   2033d ago
i was going to buy 10 of them LoL
Karooo  +   2033d ago
@ conloles
starcraft 2 6 years, hl2 5 years RDR 5 years, why does GT5 gets hammered you troll
Redempteur  +   2033d ago
because he is trolling ? do you expect something else from a troll ..

everytime i see one , their INT stats are always so low ...
DigitalAnalog  +   2033d ago
"why does GT5 gets hammered you troll"
Because he finally realizes that no matter how "l337" his gaming setup is....

He would have to face the fact that he would NEVER play the Real Driving Simulator..

on a platform that is most notable for Sims.

-End statement
Consoldtobots  +   2033d ago
it's called FEAR
badz149  +   2033d ago
a troll is a troll no matter how you squeeze reality in them
conloles is a prime example of this! good job troll!
vulcanproject  +   2033d ago
Its even more amazing in the metal, saw it at a car show last year. The interior is beserk though, theres no way it could go into production with the interior it had. The whole thing was an interesting exercise but a far fetched one really
iPad  +   2033d ago
I think it will be in Gran Turismo 6.

PD is gonna get a whole lot of cash when GT5 releases.
EvilBlackCat  +   2033d ago
that is a ugly car period
execution17  +   2033d ago
that car is a beast
PS3Freak  +   2033d ago
i think the rear end is ugly. the rest is nice though.
PirateThom  +   2033d ago
It's not designed for looks though, it's designed solely for aerodynamics.

The inside is nicer than the outside.
yewles1  +   2033d ago
Truly sad, but I thought only the race model was going to be that price, not the street model... wow.
Danja  +   2033d ago
FACK that car looks awesome...
dizzleK   2033d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(6)
LordStig  +   2033d ago
sad really
it's the only good car to come out of France :D
RememberThe357  +   2033d ago
OneSneakyMofo  +   2033d ago
There are only two good things to come out of France ever, and I mean EVER: French Fries and this car.
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ThatArtGuy  +   2033d ago
Statue of Liberty, French maid outfits, Sophie Marceau...
LordStig  +   2033d ago
thats only one mate lol
#5.2.2 (Edited 2033d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report
ThatArtGuy  +   2033d ago
Oh, and "French" fries came from Belgium.
OneSneakyMofo  +   2033d ago
Damn, France just sucks even more without having invented French Fries.
Perkel  +   2033d ago

Peguot 205 WRC Group B car.
DaRazorback  +   2033d ago
French Fries were...
not created in France. If they were even the British would call them that. But they call them chips. They were actually created by an american.
rekonizakilla  +   2033d ago
69's, french kiss, braille and the guillotine. in order of importance.
vulcanproject  +   2033d ago
Sooooo many great french cars the americans wouldnt know about. Its like no one here has even heard of Bugatti. The royale, 35, 57, EB110, Veyron etc etc. Or the Citroen DS, SM, Traction avant, Renault A610, all those wonderful hot hatches like the volcane, clio williams and V6, 205 TI16 and just even the Gti, 106 rallye, 306 GTI6, and peugeots drop dead gorgeous coupes like the 504 and 406. Alpine A110, Hispano suizas, etc etc. Theres lots of groundbreaking cars and technological marvels and beautiful machines and epic handling cars from france.

They also built the greatest passenger aircraft ever flown with the british.

Chips werent invented by an american, i LOL'd at that.
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flipposguitar  +   2033d ago
haha. how dare you forget daft punk!
Consoldtobots  +   2033d ago
you think dealing with the french is bad enough, try running into a french canadian. Now there's some whiny obnoxious mofos.
Gran Touring  +   2033d ago
it's the only good car to come out of France :D
Wat about Sébastien Loeb's Citroen C4?

Well, I guess that's it though lol the France isn't a heavy-hitter in the intl. automarket.
Avto  +   2033d ago
This car was too expensive for Citroen to pull of in the first place, I am sure it would sell no problem, I mean I hear the LFA sold out and it's a Lexus, supercar and a Lexus, now that is something you don't hear every day. Had this been a project by Lambo or a Zonda I am sure it would go into production and cost twice as much as Citroen were going to price it.
Close_Second  +   2033d ago
...just patch GT on the PSP with a proper multiplayer mode PLEASE!!!

I use wireless so can't use Ad-Hoc party to get proper multiplayer.
alldayeveryday   2033d ago | Spam
blasian  +   2033d ago
SICK car people were breaking their necks just to get a peak. I would have preferred if it made the noise of an F1 instead of a muscle car but nonetheless its beast.
Snoogins  +   2033d ago
It's really sad when fanboys are so desperate to find fault that they'd have to stretch THIS FAR to troll an article only remotely linked to "competition."

I understand the decision to scrap the production of this car, considering the cost. Much too risky in this global climate, especially if the price tag is over 1 million Euros. Oh well, at least us GT'ers will be able to drive the virtual version of a car none of us could afford anyway.
You Noob  +   2033d ago
This article is TOTALLY pointless.
Citroen already built SIX (6) pieces and ALL were sold.

They just choose to not build anymore.
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MaximusPrime  +   2033d ago
i didnt know they built 6.

glad im one of the lucky few to actually seen one on show.
vTuro24  +   2033d ago
well that sucks
this car looks so awesome!:D

Ah well atleast we'll be able to drive the virtual version of it in GT5 :D
bujasem_89  +   2033d ago
damn bummer
that car looked Sahweet
m-s-8-2  +   2033d ago
So a car i would never be able to afford is no longer for sale? Damn my luck!
ULTIMATE_REVENGE  +   2033d ago
This isn't from a video game. The car wasn't made just to be in the game it was mdae for real life purposes first before the game had anything to do with it.
viperman240  +   2033d ago
How should I put this nice and simple....WRONG
moparful99  +   2031d ago
LMAO you do realize that kazunori yamauchi the creator of gran turismo and his team at polyphony digital designed this car right? No oh well yea they designed this car in conjuction with citroen.. Before they ever had a working prototype of this it was in gt:p Learn your fact before you comment and make yourself look stupid.
Anti-Fanboyer  +   2033d ago
This car should have been the box art feature.
o well
woaita   2033d ago | Spam
dredgewalker  +   2033d ago
I'm much of a motorbike enthusiast but damn that looks so hot! Who do I kill to get one of these?
WickedClownPLR   2033d ago | Spam
djslapdash  +   2033d ago
TBH it looks better as a video game than it does in real life
bjornbear  +   2033d ago
when I saw that the car was being built in reality i thought : "Citroen are will be beautiful but also expensive and a cost"

well glad they aren't building it tbh, still quite amazing it ALMOST got built =D
gamerz  +   2033d ago
What kind of engine does it have? Drove this in the game last night and it sounds like a jet engine and doesn't have any gears - goes 0-200+ in only one.
PirateThom  +   2033d ago
In game, I think, it's a hydrogen fuel cell powering 4 electric motors... the final car was going to be a V8 due to cost though.
MaximusPrime  +   2033d ago
I saw this car last year at Goodwood festival of speed.

That car was the most beautiful car. The big GT on it stands out most.

Inside, most of dashboard was made of genuine copper. It

I wasnt surprised about the cancellation of production, but it was a shame
level 360  +   2033d ago
ahead of it's time.
The car is just way advanced in it's design theme and too much ahead of it's time with all the tech involved.. such a pity even Citroen had to compromise with those few one-offs that I believe were fitted with a V8-petrol engine instead of the fuel cell powered by 4 electric motors equivalent to 780bhp.

What a great car though, will stay forever in the simulator-world.
nana30   2033d ago | Spam
Claudinho69  +   2033d ago
they never wanted to mass production it...
#26 (Edited 2033d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
chrisgay  +   2033d ago
The video is testament to how good the game will look- suprisingly small difference between real life footage and in game. I think the car however, looks awful.
oabama12   2033d ago | Spam
Spenok  +   2032d ago
This would have made a pretty cool looking car.

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