Watch 007 mark and execute bad guys in ‘Blood Stone’ demo footage

Seven minutes of gameplay from James Bond 007: Blood Stone taken from Activision's press event

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PoSTedUP2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

wow now THATS what i call a bond game. the action, the fighting... i love the new approach. this is actually up there on my radar bc i am a huge bond fan, quantom of solace was average/garbage. this looks excellent.

Johnny_Bravo2898d ago

The gameplay looks EXACTLY like Splinter Cell Conviction, which is great because I loved SCC. I might actually have to pick this game up, the last Bond game I played that was good was......well I can't remember.

kingdavid2898d ago

It looks very fun. Gfx look better then conviction (probably the most disappointing part of the game) and it looks a bit more polished. Looking forward to it.

trunker2898d ago

1:17 threat indicator / direction of fire thingie is a carbon copy of SC Conviction ...the one which narrows from white to red. identical in all but setting and cast- as been said not a bad thing, especially for a game of the movie

MiamiACR2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

I love james bond, first day buy. Loving the Third person view, intense action scenes, and the general badassness of the 6 minute video.

NoBias2897d ago

This is looks really... REALLY good. I was not expecting to see that at all..

LedZeppelin2897d ago

this reminds me of that bourne game

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Kingdom Come2898d ago

But that isn't exactly a Bad Thing ;)
HUGE step up from the Quantum of Solace game...

yepitsme2898d ago

Man, I sure hope they bring a good Bond game to the series, it's been far too long.

Folezicle2898d ago

Quantum of Solace was a descent movie game, although not the best.. I'm not going to get this day one though

theEnemy2898d ago

So they copied the feature that makes Splinter Cell Conviction very easy to play ?


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The story is too old to be commented.