Greg Howson of Guardian Unlimited has played the initial sections of the game and was hugely impressed, while the buzz from journalists lucky enough to have finished code suggests Bioshock is a bit of a good 'un. Greg recently sat down with associate producer Joe McDonagh and talked setting, shooters and morality.

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toughNAME3974d ago

closing in on 2 weeks :D

highps33974d ago

Wow did not know that!

Should be a cool game though, being as PC and 360 versions are being developed by seperate teams which one runs and plays better?

360 getting any DLC?

InMyOpinion3974d ago

PC version will probably get the graphical edge, but I like the feeling of playing on a console better (more comfortable and less distracting).

Most 360 games get DLC, I don't see why Bioshock would end up without.

I'm off now to download the latest batch of playable demos on XBL, they never stop pouring out!

MADGameR3974d ago

That had to hurt! One of the games WE all thought was a 360 exclusive goes to PS3.

M1am1U3974d ago (Edited 3974d ago )

this game keeps getting more and more intriguing. I can't help being drawn in to the uniqueness of the setting. I've always been fascinated by underwater scenarios anyway, so this one had me from the get-go. A definite must have.

jinn3974d ago

Enough talk about this game it looks completely boring and waste of money. Let's keep our attention to Halo 3 and Haze.

razer3974d ago

I guess everyone who has played the game and is giving it rave reviews are wrong and you are right?

I don't think you even own a 360..

This is GOTY contender and AAA title all the way.

Dr Pepper3974d ago

This game is being hailed as a revolution in the FPS genre and amazingly innovative. Halo 3 and Haze aren't, to be honest (but will still be great games). This game will be Mass Effect's competition for GOTY.

Double-Edged3974d ago

What game does PS3 have this year that could be GOTY???

Contra263974d ago

umm...umm.... ummmm.. uummm.... ................... uuum........


um...mmmmmm........uuuummmmmm mmmmm..................uuuummm. ...



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The story is too old to be commented.