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Twisted Metal: Back To Basics- Gameplaybook

Gameplaybook discusses David Jaffe and Eatsleepplay's latest project, a return to form for one of the best vehicular combat games out there. (Eat Sleep Play, PS3, Sony Computer Entertainment, Twisted Metal )

TheLastGuardian  +   1744d ago
Twisted Metal is my most anticipated game
I hope this guy is right about the series returning to it's roots. TM2 is my favorite in the series. I would have liked to see gameplay from TM2 with Black type stories. I'm sure Jaffe won't dissapoint.
Conloles  +   1744d ago
If thats your most anticipated game have no taste in games, I'm sorry.
m-s-8-2  +   1744d ago
You're just a sad sad man. Go play the Sims or something you annoying little cunt.
Ri0tSquad  +   1744d ago
Sorry for what?
Not having your preference? Lol, get your sorry ass out of here with that crap.
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FwanK  +   1744d ago

Let me taste your last bubble
ipe  +   1743d ago
dont mind him
hes xbot with "pc elitist aka troll aka no games aka playing with benchmarks aka playing with quality games from past decade" cover
Spenok  +   1743d ago
My most anticipated is probably your name. The Last Guardian.
TheDCD  +   1744d ago
Well, it's not gonna be THAT dark, but it should still be way better than anything Small Brawl offered. :D
N4BmpS  +   1744d ago
It's nice to hear that on a console that's looked at primarily for it's heavy use of realistic graphics that a good dev/team (Jaffe/EAT SLEEP PLAY) would take more interest in the gameplay. I believe the game is gonna look good regardless but that gameplay is gonna be the main attraction, since that's what it was all about in Twisted Metal.
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xYLeinen  +   1744d ago
Jaffe is a hardcore gamer, I think he knows what he is doing with the Twisted Metal series.
Agent_Cody_Banks  +   1744d ago
Jaffe is an ass clown. The Twisted Metal series will be even more of a joke with its up and coming PS3 release. Jaffe has promised fans he will be taking design cues from Modnation Racers and his last piece of shit game that I forgot the name of.
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xYLeinen  +   1744d ago
I guess GoW 3 as he also worked on is a piece of shit then.
Ri0tSquad  +   1744d ago
@5.1 - Please
Take as many as you need.

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Buff1044  +   1744d ago
He's been largely MIA for a few years now. I haven't had much of an interest in his games since God of War. Hopefully, this marks a huge comeback.
Ven1000  +   1744d ago
I think the teen rating is fine.
Twisted Metal 2; regarded as one of the best (if not THE best) TM games out there was rated T for Teen.
Shield  +   1744d ago
A Little Too Late
I absolutely LOVED Twisted Metal 1 & 2, we spent countless hours playing everyday. Unfortunately I think the series hiatus has hurt it more than anything, this style of vehicular combat almost feels outdated. I hope this new game can rekindle the fire in me and satisfy my destructive 'Sweet Tooth'. ;-P
FwanK  +   1744d ago
Im still playing TM2 countless of hours
Honest_gamer  +   1744d ago
in all honestly i have never played a twisted metal game other than a demo i got for twisted metal on the ps2 and i loved the demo but other than that demo i have no twisted metal "experience" but word of mouth alone makes me want to get this game and ofcourse the awesome e3 presentation so i'll be getting this
ReBurn  +   1744d ago
I don't care what the rating for the game is. If this game is as fun as either of the first two then I'm sold. I don't know why so many people think that games need gore to be good. This misconception that a mature rating makes people who buy those games mature is just nuts.

Bring on the mayhem!
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gumgum99  +   1743d ago
I think its for the best that they went with the tone that they have now for the upcoming game. I love Twisted Metal: Black for its gameplay, but the story was a little heavy. I kinda miss the atmosphere of Twisted Metal 2, and am glad they are going back to that a little.

Twisted Metal: Head on came close to achieving a similar balance to what Twisted Metal PS3 is going for.

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