Game Vortex | N3II: Ninety-Nine Nights Review

N3II: Ninety-Nine Nights is a pure hack-n-slash game in the vein of Dynasty Warriors. In fact, you could replace the muscle-bound fighters, demons and elves that populate the game's battlefields with samurai and probably not tell the difference between the two games.

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3069d ago
hardcorez3069d ago

The game seems to be struggling in the review section.

J-Smith3069d ago

this was the game pp said would kill off the ps3 to LoL

inception1233068d ago

every "big" 360 game this year has flopped and what makes it worst is most didn't look good when they were announced they were just hyped because it was all the 360 had. hopefully this will keep the 360 fanboys quiet and teach them to stop trying to say the ps3 and 360 are equal saying that has done nothing but blow up in their faces.

Matthew943068d ago

first of all im not a 360 fanboy as the only currnt gen console i own is the ps3 and i dont have the original xbox either.

"halo hasn't set the ber for nothing " THen why was the phrase halo killer made??

"killzon was the first fps with a 1st person cover system," no it wasnt. fpss like crysis have been using lean cover systems for years K2 only locks you in.

"halo3 sucks it got most of it's sale from being the only game on the 360 and it got those reviews simple because it sellls. just look at odst also the same exact game as halo 3 "

I only mention Halo 1

"games like halo, mari, zelda and gears will always get good reviews just because they create hype"

Haze had hype. What happened with it??

"you all run your mouths then cry like little bitches when you get owned just like you're doing now"

You didnt own me you just "Wall o Texted" me with pro sony and microsoft dribble.