300 hits Xbox Live on August 14

The movie, 300 will be available for download on Xbox live Marketplace on August 14 in HD. 300' is a totally riveting masterpiece of film making. Zack Snyder, inspired by the graphic novel, has brought a 2487 year-old news story to life with people you really care about who are faced with choices between compromise and war that are all too familiar today.

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Rhezin3912d ago

aint waiting that long imma buy HD DVD add-on with HD 300

Lakuspakus3912d ago

Im gonna buy the Addon too, since the DL porbably wont come to Norway in at least 5-6 years :P

smack23j3912d ago

This is great for those of us who dont have or want the add on.

toughNAME3912d ago

i thought video marketplace is in Canada now?
why can i still not find any movies...

either way...i love this movie thats fukin sick

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The story is too old to be commented.