Tim Tebow Cries in Alabama

StrengthGamer: Apparently covers of NCAA '11 are a little different in Gamestop stores in Alabama...

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Darkstorn2986d ago

Tim Tebow is an idiot, and this isn't gaming related.

feelintheflow2985d ago

he gave his all, left it all on the field, doesn't get in trouble with the law, has a spiritual side, works with many charities, stands up for what he believes in, was an incredible leader.?.?.?.?.?.? wait, wait, why is he an idiot again??

Darkstorn2985d ago

...because he made those sickening anti-abortion advertisements during the Superbowl. Oh, how we forget.

bjornbear2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

- _- just confirmed he did none of it

FOOL ME ONCE SHAME ON YOU, FOOL ME TWICE shame on the internet -_-

schlanz2985d ago

pro-life is extreme?
killing babies is pretty extreme too imo
but maybe that's just me

RockmanII72985d ago

This isn't the place for political discussions, keep it to yourself because no one else here cares about it.

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Bnet3432985d ago

Tim Tebow isn't an idiot. That pic might be shopped. Though he did cry once when he gave that speech they made a plaque of.

jagstatboy2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

@Darkstorn -- you're the idiot. That commercial said NOTHING against abortion.

AnthonyAccinell2985d ago

the entire commercial was about how if tim tebow's mom had aborted him he would have never been here to be such a great college football player. while it may have literally said "abortion is bad, don't do it", the meaning was more than obvious.

AnthonyAccinell2986d ago

Oh, I apologize. I forgot that a videogame being released at videogame store isn't gaming related. Thanks for giving me the heads up.

oldjadedgamer2985d ago

Pretty classless from the UA fan base. You beat him. You won the championship. No need to be douches.

Alos882985d ago

Real men aren't afraid to cry, but they are afraid that it will end up as game boxart.

PhilipLarkin2985d ago

Still waiting on the FIFA 12 Gazza box art

Slient Knight 92985d ago

what about this picture, for the next FIFA box art

gamerzBEreal172985d ago

lol lets have T-O cry on the madden11 box art are brett favre in a walker xD this could be pretty cool

AnthonyAccinell2985d ago

I'm not kidding, you just took that walker idea out of my mind. creepy

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The story is too old to be commented.