State of Play: Killzone 2 hands on

Killzone 2 has always been about delivering on a promise. When the first trailer for the game emerged two years ago the sounds of jaws dropping to the floor reverberated around the industry.

Soon after, only the gnashing of grinding teeth was heard when it emerged that the trailer was not being run on PlayStation 3 hardware.

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D_U_I3943d ago

Atleast they have a brain, they make it sound so damn good... I need this now lol. Cant wait!!!!

Bazookajoe_833943d ago

It´s cool coming from BBC, I like that they have thrown in destructuble enviroment. And the cover system in fps will be the first ever seen, i hate when they say it has a gears cover system. Gears is third person and not the first who has done a cover system...

P4KY B3943d ago

They know sod all about video games. They just say what they think people want to hear.

But Killzone 2 will be very good. There will be loads of great previews coming soon from more trusted sources.
Just dont embarrass yourself by waving about what the BBC have to say, you just end up looking desperate.

There is no need to be desperate, the game will be good.

risk3943d ago

what shocked me was the 6 months of developement time on ONE level.

THE_JUDGE3943d ago

but yet again this game is turning doubters to believers. I can't wait to see the final build and get hands on with it.

Odion3943d ago

no Crysis still knocks it out

lVlemphizStylez3943d ago (Edited 3943d ago )

you sound bitter...immature in the very least...Is it necessary to say the things you say? Or can you not resist??

D_U_I3943d ago

Killzone 2 still knocks halo 3 out....


Odion3943d ago

oh ya 100% Killzone graphically knocks the hell out of Halo 3, but Crysis is still the best looking game

Violater3943d ago

Until Crysis shows up on a console, it doesn't count.

TriggerHappy3943d ago

This article is only about Killzone 2, how any can reference Crisis or halo 3 is beyond me

The Wood3943d ago

compare console games to pc games. PC games will always have the best graphics if you can afford the hardware. You sound as desperate as ever and its about the 15th time ive seen you downplaying killzone with crysis. Your just here to bash so be off with ya,,, shew, shew theres a new crysis demo in the pc section.

Im a little surprised the bbc has not gone ana/ on the violence within kz2 as it seems to be the in thing in the uk right. By that i mean the influence that music, films and video games on whats happening to the youth of the uk in certain areas.

Im sure another report from the bbc will cover this shortly, watch this space

heroman7113943d ago

as much as i hate to admit it, you are right. Killzone 2 looks sick but I m pretty sure crysis destroys this game. Haze is up there with killzone 2 and crysis as well in my opinion

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WaggleLOL3943d ago

"Killzone 2 has always been about delivering on a promise. When the first trailer for the game emerged two years ago the sounds of jaws dropping to the floor reverberated around the industry.

Soon after, only the gnashing of grinding teeth was heard when it emerged that the trailer was not being run on PlayStation 3 hardware."

What an bunch of f-ing bullshit.

People were excited because the 2005 Killzone 2 trailer was one of the best trailers ever shown at a game conference.

No one ever claimed it was running live on PS3 hardware. Ever. No matter how hard the Xbots try to lie, no one EVER claimed the trailer was running realtime on PS3 hardware.

There was an interview with a Sony exec where they were talking about Resistance and he was asked if it was real gameplay and he responded yes, which it was. Resistance was already running well all the way back then.

The Xbots spun the interview to make it sound like Sony was claiming the KZ2 trailer was running in realtime. And for two entire years their entire fanboy lives fixated on the day where KZ2 was unveiled...

and they got OWNED. They got OWNED like no other fanboys have ever been OWNED before. They sat at home sobbing in their Xbox pillow covers and jammies.

Really shouldn't surprise anyone, the same Xbots spent all of last gen trying to get people to get mad at Sony for claiming "Toy Story Graphics" when it was actually Microsoft who made the idiotic claim of the Xbox having "Toy Story Graphics"

"One of the basic premises of the Xbox is to put the power in the hands of the artist," Blackley said, which is why Xbox developers "are achieving a level of visual detail you really get in 'Toy Story.'"

vidoardes3943d ago (Edited 3943d ago )

Actually I hate to burst your bubble, but they did claim it was running on PS3 hardware. Someone high up in Sony (could have been Jack or Kaz, can't remeber right now)did use the phrase 'Yes, that is running on PS3 hardware'. I will try and hunt down the link, there is still a video floating about.

I suggest you check your facts before you make a rant like that.

Back on topic, this game is shaping up nicely, I didn't know they were letting th epublic press actually play levels. Good to finally hear, now I just gotta wait until I can get my hands on it :D


Sorry, it was Jack Tretton and he said it about Killzone, no two ways about it.

ben hates you3943d ago

jack tretton was talking to interviewers he said " oh definatly running realtime" but he was refering to resistance, but the people thought he was talking about killzone 2

WaggleLOL3943d ago

LostProphet. OWNED.

Hell, if you're going to go hunting for clips that don't exist(like Sony claiming the 2005 Killzone 2 trailer was running realtime on a PS3) why don't you find the quote from Sony where they claimed "Toy Story" level graphics for the PS2 that Xbots just haven't been able to come up with the last five years while you're at it.

WaggleLOL3943d ago

"Sorry, it was Jack Tretton and he said it about Killzone, no two ways about it."


Give it a rest. It's been talked about over and over again. The only claims Sony ever made about running realtime were about Resistance. End of story.

Anything that shows otherwise is some bogus summary or revisionism.

vidoardes3943d ago

If your that much of a blind fanboy then you really need some help. If you click the link I posted, he clearly says it.

It's people like you that are bringing this site down you know? I though fanboys just attacked other fanboys, but you'll just jump at anything won't you? I liek the PS3, I think Killzone is shaping up to be a great game and I am looking forward to getting it, you on the other hand seam to enjoy bashing MSoft and its fans so much that you haven't got anytime to play games. Grow up or find somewhere else to throw your tantrums

drtysouf213943d ago (Edited 3943d ago )

listen to what Jack says he says TED wanted to make it clear that it was realtime. He's referring to Ted Price from Insomniac who are the makers of Resistance Fall of Man. He got confused because the topic switched from Resistance to Killzone 2.

Amplifier3943d ago (Edited 3943d ago ) did a bait and switch!

Listen to WHOLE video and ignore that Killzone 2 was playing, Jack Tretton did indeed said "that's one Ted wanted to make perfectly clear" as in Ted Price from Insomniac Games.

This has ALWAYS been spun out of control over some stupid crap GameTrailers pulled 2 freaking years ago.

Sorry bud but you are more wrong than you even know and so is everyone else that believed that BS.


PS - Regardless Killzone 2 is delivering and in my opinion surpassing every expectation that I had for it and I most definitely am a PC gamer as well.

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