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3 things Sony and Microsoft can learn from Nintendo

Although there’s many fans of both Sony and Microsoft‘s gaming systems, Nintendo has overall stayed on top over the years. Last year in the United States, for example, the Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS sold around 9.59 million and 11.19 million in sales respectively according to a arstechnica.com article with data backed up from the NPD Group. Between both of their gaming systems, they got over 7 million more sales then the 3box 360, PlayStation 2/3, and PSP combined. While their sales are not as high, both Sony and Microsoft are very respectable gaming competitors with their own advantages. However, there’s a number of reasons why Nintendo is still on top; I’ll cover three of the more important factors that the other two members of the “Big 3” need to learn from if they want to take the top spot in the gaming world...

(Feel free to leave comments with what you think Sony and Microsoft should do to attract more of Nintendo’s gamers while keeping their own fanbase.) (Dev, Microsoft, Nintendo, Nintendo DS, PS2, PS3, PSP, Sony, Wii, Xbox 360)

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BuIIetproofish_  +   1957d ago
Most games being family friendly would be bad. I don't play E games at all, not because I'm a bad ass, but because they are just so boring. A game doesn't have to be like Gears of War to be good, but most E games are so uninteresting. Sex, violence, and drug and alcohol use are part of life. I couldn't play Fallout if it was a post apocalyptic FarmVille. There should be family games available, but not most games.

There is nothing wrong with memorable characters, but Nintendo overuses them. I can't understand how people continuously eat that shit up. Many of Nintendo's characters aren't even interesting.

Price is not an issue as long as its reasonable. I'd rather have PS3's graphics and capabilities for the extra money.

Pretty much three ways to appeal to families.
NExaminer  +   1957d ago
I completely agree that most games being family friendly would not be a good thing. However, I think more "E" games in their lineup would be a good thing while having no impact on their regular more mature lineup. I'm not talking about the mass-produced "E" games that flood the Nintendo system; it's high quality games that more hardcore gamers can actually enjoy.

The Civilization series (on PC) is a good example of family friendly and hardcore at the same time. It has plenty to offer for the less experienced or younger gamer while still being extremely deep for those willing to take the time to explore it.
morkendo  +   1954d ago
Nintendo have VARIETY!!!!! more games!!! sony an microcrap have same game format over an over an over for past 5 years now. call of duty,god of war,bioshock,killzone,grand theft auto,rockband guiter hero etc.. same games over an over good greif.
and they wonder why Nintendo doing better? its not the fact wii have shovelware as u guys say, its VARIETY!! different games to choose from thats what make NINTENDO stand ahead.
OutgoingSquall  +   1957d ago
Nitendo sells on there name alone they really don't have to try just put nitendo on the case it will sell.
rumplstilts  +   1957d ago
But they try anyways and that is one of the reasons I love them.
oldjadedgamer  +   1957d ago
There is a reason most of us on this board would consider the 360 or Ps3 our console of choice. I would not be pleased if MS or Sony gave up anything to become more Nintendo like.

Also Mario has been around a billion years. It's a little late to create a new "main" character.
turok  +   1957d ago
I don't see it happening. Sony trust themselves and and so does Microsoft. They are doing moderately well right now.
spektical  +   1957d ago
i think what SONY can learn is to bring back the favorites as ps3 exclusives.. the ps3 doesnt have a mascot, i think they should try to get crash back, maybe jak and dexter.

Like Nintendo, just make sequels to old beloved platformer titles : Jak and Dexter, Crash, Spyro (buy licenses for spyro and crash), Sly Cooper, and continue making R&C.

Nintendo keeps proving time and time, that platformers can still rake in money, SONY should try to do that again like in PS1/PS2 eras.
tiamat5  +   1957d ago
Please don't start. Sony is not Nintendo, the same way Microsoft is not Sony or Nintendo. Personally I would prefer to keep each company separate from each other. Despite Nintendo's so called 'success' they have gone down a path I don't want Sony to go down. Nintendo is the one who started the casual/hardcore line to be drawn.Before it didn't matter. Nintendo,Sega,Sony made games that catered to both. Sonic wasn't casual or hardcore. Neither was TMNT or Megaman or Ratchet and Clank.Everyone played them. Sony is one of the few companies who still make meaningful and deep charaters and cater to both sides.I don't even consider Mario a character anymore.So if Nintendo wants to sacrifice everything they once stood for to sell cheap junk to 'casual' gamers that's fine but leave Sony out of it. Playstation is the last haven from the mediocity of Nintendo and the mind numbing repetitiveness of Microsoft. I would prefer if they remained untained by them. Now give me your disagrees. They only make me stronger.
insomnium  +   1957d ago
Agreed 100%. Great comment!
PlayerX  +   1957d ago
All these companies could learn from each other. That being said this is a good article.
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Apocalypse Shadow  +   1957d ago
ill give this article SOME credit.
sony could use more family friendly games to add to their staple of games they already produce.i think with the amount of developers they have,they could easily create a mario or zelda type game.having games like LBP and mod nation racers helps,but sony could make more to draw the casuals in.but that's where i end on this article.

sony has just as many great franchises under their belt.and they make games in EVERY genre you could think of.i won't name the games,but sony has hits in EVERY genre.see if you can guess what they are...

sim racing
cart racing
offroad racer
action adventure
action rpg
futurisitic racing
combat(16-32 players)
massive combat(40-60 players)
massive massive combat(256 players)

this is just part of a large list.and i know gamers can name a game in each that sony has covered and is a hit for them.to say that sony doesn't have franchises that are not as well known is ignoring their back catalog and current catalog of new IPs.

sony does have a greatest hits line up that is just as cheap as nintendos.you may get the funky color strip that ruins the package,but then,you still save money.i don't have to worry as i buy the original day one.and move titles are going to be just as cheap too.

the only thing sony could really learn from nintendo is how to sell consumers the same product in a new package and call it new because you play it differently.take a look.....

nes-game boy color
virtual boy-N3DS

nintendo selling you the same type of thing or technology as new.the only difference is how you play it AGAIN....that's how nintendo keeps making money hand over fist.selling you old tech in a new package.works for them.but it's lazy tech that moves the industry forward very SLOWLY...
jneul  +   1957d ago
lol don't forget about the lazyness on the games side as well look at pokemon for an example, it's basically the same thing with each game, apart from a little tweak here or there, my daughter was so disappointed with the new pokemon, oh well pokewalker keeps her happy at least
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jneul  +   1957d ago
At least sony cares about it's products and it's customers, I mean just look at upcoming games for the move which is sorcery, ape escape, socom 4, kz3, re5, heavy rain, eyepet, sports champions, hustle kings, ruse, maybe mgs rising, not to mention certain games got kinect support dropped already.
I am really happy that Sony decided to consider the hardcore as well as the casual, there is something for everybody, ad that is why in the long run move will survive, it's going to be funny after kinect releases, certain people will rush out to buy it with one game, after that I don't expect many software sales for things outside of games such as dance central and kinectimals, kinect is just too expensive and $60 is too much for just a casual game, not to mention kinect has too many flaws and people will not want to bother messing around with it.
jneul  +   1957d ago
lol disagree fairy yes I've noticed you, you must have no life to follow me around and click on disagree!
ALFAxD_CENTAURO  +   1957d ago
They can disagree, but never reply against you.
theunleashed64  +   1957d ago
my friend you speak the truth
ChickeyCantor  +   1957d ago
Dont you think it makes more sense to say Nintendo did the job for Sony and MS?

Nintendo basically catered to the so called casual crowd and pioneered motion controls with a huge risk. So what is left for Sony and MS? Nothing else than creating their own motion controls cause they know they will draw some casual people with it, while having their current audience untouched. Sony already has a huge library of games that caters to the likes of you.
Its 4 years now. Sony did not had to build something at launch and hope for the casual audience to fall for it.

The risk factor isn't as high with Sony, lots of developers are already familiar with motion controls, unlike with Nintendo at launch when most developers started crapping out mindless waggle games.

Nintendo set the foundation of motion controls for gaming as we know them today, Sony and MS are expanding on it. Because they know its a freaking money pit.
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insomnium  +   1957d ago
Well Sony did sell around 10 million Eyetoys. It didn't take off like the Wii did but still Sony had their hands in motion tech well before the Wii made it mainstream.

The other difference is that Sony is trying to make motion better with one on one motion tracking. What does Kinect try to do besides be an eyetoy moneygrab?
#11.3.1 (Edited 1957d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report
ChickeyCantor  +   1956d ago
Thats why used the keyword: Pioneered. And not invent.
insomnium  +   1956d ago
Ya sure. I just don't like it when people put Sony and MS on the same level when talking about motion tech. There's a mountain in between. MS is in it ONLY for the quick buck. Sony has been trying to improve the penetration for almost 10 years now. That can't be cheap but still Sony gets no credit for it for some reason.
Godmars290  +   1957d ago
Really not getting the points of those points.
All it says is that Nintendo is exactly the same as when Sony first came onto the industry. That there's nothing stopping them from making the same mistakes that cost them 1st place last time.
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IRetrouk  +   1957d ago
Its all about the games and at the moment sony has the best line up, still some good games on the 360, dont play wii cause its a piece of crap.
dredgewalker  +   1957d ago
I think Sony has learned enough from Ninty and has been successful on their own. Not to mention that Ninty did screw with them that made them enter the gaming biz and beat them at their game with the PS1. So no I don't think they need to learn anything from Nintendo cause they have their own way of making their customers happy that's why I've been a faithful customer for a long, long time.
Davoh  +   1957d ago
Things Sony and Microsoft can learn from Nintendo?
How to milk a cash cow's udders until all that comes out now is a miscellaneous ooze dressed up behind some white paint and flavoring but it still leaves an undeniable sour taste in the mouth, and with you slowly dying inside.
#16 (Edited 1957d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
Nugundam0079  +   1957d ago
Halo and Final Fantasy would like a word with you
BuIIetproofish_  +   1957d ago
Only six Halo games right now. Mario is in so many more. Nice try though.
SprSynJn  +   1957d ago
Final Fantasy
is not a Sony franchise either.
woaita   1957d ago | Spam
cliffbo  +   1957d ago
so Sony should make cheap hardware not HD capable old gfx's and the same games and characters we have had since the 80's no innovation, i prefer to have the best hardware that can be made at the current time and also new better innovative games with true HD gfx's

imo it is Nintendo who need to learn from Sony make a quality console with the best hardware you can if it has to be dear to buy when it first comes out so what, i for one will gladly pay for something that is way better than the previous hardware giving me fantastic games that are well worth the money.
kewlkat007  +   1957d ago
One thing that I do know
Nintendo knows while casual gamers may grow up...there are always a bunch more to replace them.

MS/Sony seem to think it's all about the Hardcore gamer...until now.
WickedClownPLR   1957d ago | Spam
SprSynJn  +   1957d ago
just needs to remember how they did it two generations back.

Microsoft just needs to stick with computers. :p
tiamat5  +   1957d ago
kewlkat007 that is BS. Just because Sony doesn't break down make a whole lot of shovelware to satisfy the 'casual' crowd means that they are only about hardcore? You obviously didn't read my previous post. There is no hardcore and casual. There are many games that don't even fall in either of these categories .Sony always made games that catered to both sides. It's Nintendo that started making these mind numbing games that offer up little challenge and''family friendly' design and claimed that it's for casual. Nintendo needs to remember what they once where and try to innovate and have more variety instead of worrying that if they try something different no one will like them anymore.
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Gmarino  +   1957d ago
Yer....3 things...
1) Nintendo can teach you how to make your controller's unresponsive and rubbish.

2) Nintendo can teach you how to abandon actual gamers and turn to grandma's and toddlers.

3) Nintendo can teach you how to make your games look like crap.(Grandma's don't seem to mind!)
punisher99  +   1957d ago
People keep talking about Nintendo as if they are the best this generation or something. They might lead in sales, but thats about it. Both Sony and Microsoft consoles (not combined) have produced a lot more "game of the year contenders" than Nintendo has. Thats not to say they dont have their own library of good games. But if you notice, Nintendo hardly have any games thats even nominated for "game of the year" as opposed to Sony and microsoft.
nana30   1957d ago | Spam
BuIIetproofish_  +   1957d ago
Halo/Killzone/Resistance>Th e Conduit
Twisted Metal>Mario Kart
Little Big Planet>All Nintendo's Platformers
Fable/Demon's Souls>The Legend of Zelda
SOCOM/Uncharted/Gears of War>Nintendo's non existent TPS
Does Wii even have an arcade or simulation racing game?
It only does shovelware.
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eagle21  +   1957d ago
You just typed:

Modnation flopped....LBP gets boring after a while..Mario is king of platforming and only a blind fool would disagree...Zelda is 100 times better than Fable....and Demon Souls is a niche RPG...
#26.1 (Edited 1957d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(7) | Report | Reply
n4gno  +   1956d ago
"modnation flopped" what a dumb statement, it's new, and we are talking about quality, not sells, it's the real mario kart killer, it's a fact, if people prefer to buy inferiors games by billions, it's the problem of masses, marketing, but we have to congratulate quality, not commercial success.
For the others games, you really can't compare the tons of AAA games on next gen, with wii/ps2 quality games, but so much less (platform, ratchet only is mario, lbp is GOTY, enough said)

by the way (article) it's a joke to consider nintendo have to give advice to oithers, nintendo have made a commercial great move with wii, but for gamers, they have to learn eveything, or close, from others competitors.

Always 5 to ten years of tech delay (ds/psp, gameboy/nec turbo gt, ps3/wii), always poor library since N64 (the best titles, 3, 4 maximum the frist year, and nothing after), they really can't be seen as a model, or only for marketing and luck.
#27 (Edited 1956d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
eagle21  +   1956d ago
whatever, I support both Wii and PS3. The truth hurts sometimes. His Twisted Metal reference was ignored because it made no sense compared to Mario Kart. That's the only reason I brought up Modnation. And Mario and Zelda hold there own to anything thrown their way. Stop making excuses. :)
ZoidsRaven  +   1956d ago
mmmm hmmm
Sony fanboys wasting no time in proving why there can't be a gaming discussion on this site. 7_7
Spenok  +   1956d ago
Sony is starting to catch up on the well known chacters. With Nathan Drake, Sackboy, Cole, Ratchet, Kratos, Nariko, and the Helgast. And a few other titles that dont have memorable characters, but great gameplay. IE: Socom, Mag, Warhawk, Resistance, Pixeljunk, Motorstorm, Gran Turismo, and Demon's souls.
ebgeer  +   1956d ago
I would say Sony has more everyone characters
than MS...Sackboy and Ratchet...I would agree on..and Modnation looked to meet to those standards...MS....not really sure...not really a fan either.

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