3 things Sony and Microsoft can learn from Nintendo

Although there’s many fans of both Sony and Microsoft‘s gaming systems, Nintendo has overall stayed on top over the years. Last year in the United States, for example, the Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS sold around 9.59 million and 11.19 million in sales respectively according to a article with data backed up from the NPD Group. Between both of their gaming systems, they got over 7 million more sales then the 3box 360, PlayStation 2/3, and PSP combined. While their sales are not as high, both Sony and Microsoft are very respectable gaming competitors with their own advantages. However, there’s a number of reasons why Nintendo is still on top; I’ll cover three of the more important factors that the other two members of the “Big 3” need to learn from if they want to take the top spot in the gaming world...

(Feel free to leave comments with what you think Sony and Microsoft should do to attract more of Nintendo’s gamers while keeping their own fanbase.)

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BuIIetproofish_3071d ago

Most games being family friendly would be bad. I don't play E games at all, not because I'm a bad ass, but because they are just so boring. A game doesn't have to be like Gears of War to be good, but most E games are so uninteresting. Sex, violence, and drug and alcohol use are part of life. I couldn't play Fallout if it was a post apocalyptic FarmVille. There should be family games available, but not most games.

There is nothing wrong with memorable characters, but Nintendo overuses them. I can't understand how people continuously eat that shit up. Many of Nintendo's characters aren't even interesting.

Price is not an issue as long as its reasonable. I'd rather have PS3's graphics and capabilities for the extra money.

Pretty much three ways to appeal to families.

NExaminer3071d ago

I completely agree that most games being family friendly would not be a good thing. However, I think more "E" games in their lineup would be a good thing while having no impact on their regular more mature lineup. I'm not talking about the mass-produced "E" games that flood the Nintendo system; it's high quality games that more hardcore gamers can actually enjoy.

The Civilization series (on PC) is a good example of family friendly and hardcore at the same time. It has plenty to offer for the less experienced or younger gamer while still being extremely deep for those willing to take the time to explore it.

morkendo3068d ago

Nintendo have VARIETY!!!!! more games!!! sony an microcrap have same game format over an over an over for past 5 years now. call of duty,god of war,bioshock,killzone,grand theft auto,rockband guiter hero etc.. same games over an over good greif.
and they wonder why Nintendo doing better? its not the fact wii have shovelware as u guys say, its VARIETY!! different games to choose from thats what make NINTENDO stand ahead.

OutgoingSquall3071d ago

Nitendo sells on there name alone they really don't have to try just put nitendo on the case it will sell.

rumplstilts3071d ago

But they try anyways and that is one of the reasons I love them.

oldjadedgamer3071d ago

There is a reason most of us on this board would consider the 360 or Ps3 our console of choice. I would not be pleased if MS or Sony gave up anything to become more Nintendo like.

Also Mario has been around a billion years. It's a little late to create a new "main" character.

turok3071d ago

I don't see it happening. Sony trust themselves and and so does Microsoft. They are doing moderately well right now.

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