The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword - 1:1 test

A test to see how accurate Skyward sword is.

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xztence2956d ago

not bad, looks playable.

Joule2955d ago

Definitely not bad considering the game comes out next year.

pwnzter2955d ago

my brother had bought a wii some time before twilight princess came out. he then sold it. i was going to buy a wii just for the new zelda, but when i saw the way it looked at this year's e3, i said, f*ck this sh*t. i am not impressed and i'm not buying a wii.

NeutralGamer2954d ago

This E3 was Nintendos E3 what the hell are you talking about?

EvilTwin2955d ago

Well yes, certainly playable. But the 1:1 movement doesn't mean much for combat. Watch any of the actual scenes where there's fighting, like:

Looks closer to RS2 (which is more like "1:practical"), in that respect, but with less lag and in third person.

Gr812955d ago

Think no Evil? warming up to it? ; )

EvilTwin2955d ago

Heh, I'm getting there, amigo. The combat has me sold, tbh. One problem I have with RS2 is the sheer volume of moves; if I leave it out of the Wii for two weeks, I have to reteach myself how to play. This Zelda doesn't look like that'll be the case. It's all about slashing through the open/weak spots of enemies.

The art style...well, I'm slowly warming to it. ; )

Tikicobra2956d ago

I hate how Link copies your every movement. He looks so weird running around with his sword pointing out like a lance.

Shoko2956d ago

Agreed. I like the idea of 1:1 sword fighting, but Link just looks so weird running around with his sword pointed out in front of him.

Mantiz2955d ago

Couldn't you just hold the sword at your side and link would too ?

Tikicobra2955d ago

That's a poor solution. When I play the Wii, I always hold the wii remote in front of me. It's just more comfortable that way.

Millah2955d ago

Well then put the sword away when you're not using it. Very simple. You don't have to run around with the sword drawn constantly.

Fierce Musashi2956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

They should have made some sort of sword mode where you hold a button for the 1:1 motion and gave him a default fighting stance for when you're not holding it.

Just an idea.

SpoonyRedMage2955d ago

If you put the sword away he has a default running stance because it stops tracking you.

But it's the price you pay for 1:1

NecrumSlavery2955d ago

I was under the impression that whent the wiimote is pointing at the screen it's not in swordplay mode until you jab, stab, etc.

ChickeyCantor2955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

Holding a button takes away the concept of having the sword in your hand. Its not even making sense. Dont you just wanna swing away?

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secretsea2955d ago

Every 3D Zelda game has a command to allow you to sheath the sword. This one is no different.

rumplstilts2956d ago

Aside from minor lag it looks very good.

Spenok2955d ago

The lag is very very minor. Nothing compared to Kinect, (im not trying to troll about it, just merely pointing out facts) This is very pretty good. Being a self proclaimed Zelda fanboy, i cant wait.

chrisgay2955d ago

Very good indeed, the demo at E3 was so disappointing, but videos I've watched since have proven otherwise.

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The story is too old to be commented.