Talking Dungeons & Dragons: Tactics for PSP

With its release now almost upon us (for those of you living in the US), fired off a set of questions to Lawrence Liberty, the game's producer at Atari.

Pocket Gamer: Clearly the D&D universe is not only vast but populated by very passionate fans. How daunting did the prospect of trying to cram that mythology into a UMD prove when starting the project?

Lawrence Liberty: This was a challenging project in a number of ways. The greatest design challenge in implementing the latest D&D rules on the PSP was finding a way to clearly present such rich, verbose source material in the limited screen real estate that the platform affords.

From a technical perspective, the multiplayer component proved the most difficult to execute. From a project management and quality-assurance standpoint, the sheer size and scope of the single-player campaign was intimidating. As you can see, it was not easy to cram all of this onto a UMD, but we succeeded.

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