Is Gaming Losing Touch With Its Old Ways?

E-mpire writes:

Well, I don't know how long this post is going to turn out because I don't have the exact format of what I wanna say laid out in my head, so forgive me if I start rambling. Also note, I will not touch much on PC gaming since I'm not that much of a PC gamer. I do dabble, and I will include that, but I'm nowhere near informed enough on the subject to make informed comments about it. But recently I've started to lose touch with gaming, and I thought I'd explore my roots to see why this happened. It helps my thought process to write it out so I decided to make it a blog editorial.

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Shmotz3069d ago

And when people grow up they sometimes lose old habits and hobbies. So no your not unique or different in writing this.

chak_3069d ago (Edited 3069d ago )

No, it's called rip people off.

But the new generation of gamer doesn't care, because that's all they know, so a 15€ DLC is fine by their book

ExplosionSauce3069d ago (Edited 3069d ago )

This has nothing to do with growing up, habits or hobbies.

Shmotz3069d ago

New Generation?
What are the "old generation" dying off from old age? No, you just hear about moreso because the internet blew up in popularity in the last 10 years. There is no new generation, chances are if your a 13 year old right now your parents played games.

And you make it out like 15 quid is ever so much in your life.

The technology is there to give people add ons and map packs and whatnot and you think the wont use it? Nobody is forcing you to buy it so bitching about it really gets you nowhere.

NecrumSlavery3069d ago

My issue with gaming today is for every 10 games released one is unique. But since the 9 others are the popular genre, the one game that is different gets the shaft. People today are to closed minded. This gen is so saturated with the same genres over and over again. It's a rarity anymore when a real treasure comes out. And that's sad. Creativity is lacking today. Sometimes I think devs feel if it doesn't make money, it should be thought of. There's no risks anymore. I remember When games where made to bring an experience, induce emotion, tell a story, bring you into the devs world. It's as if games are made based of statistics of popular demand. Like games and gamers are on I still support the underdogs and creative directors, but if others don't, for whatever reason, we'll be stuck with the same crap. So I plead to you, support those who try something different.

Lich1203069d ago

Im curious how people think old console gaming was so much more innovative? There are games for all shapes and sizes now. Maybe they aren't the ones selling 3million+ but they're still being made because they still make money. This is like the same argument against movies, yes hollywood makes very cookie cutter films, but thats why there's indie ventures to fill the void left by the high budget flicks.

Lf_sIcKmAn3069d ago

Im 27... when i was growing up... genres were being INVENTED as the technology advanced... I saw the birth of the 1st person shooter and how it became this monster when i played HalfLife (one of the best fps i have played... scared me sh!tless at the time).

now... whenever a game catches my eye "heavy rain and no more heroes being prime examples" i try to enjoy it as much as i can because i know few developers have the [email protected] to try something new... be this the case of Ps3, Xbox360 or Wii

Innovation is dying... and money making seems to be replacing it at a alarming rate... I wish a big crash wont happen but i can only hope...

Jaces3069d ago

Well said Necrum.

Today's games are nothing buy overhyped sequels, shooters that are pushed out month after month that seem to play just like the last one before it, RPG's are turning stale (save a few that have shined), it's really sad to see the genre's we once loved turn stale with nothing but a new title stamped on it's cover.

Thankfully though we still have some devs that are pushing through with games that have that freshness and creativity. Demons Souls, Alan Wake, Mass Effect, Uncharted, inFamous, Gears, Heavy Rain, The Last Guardian, etc...

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Imperator3069d ago

This is the first generation of gaming for a lot of people, especially 360 gamers and Wii casuals. Gaming changes to try and appeal to these newer crowds. Thankfully, Sony still cares about us older gamers.

360Defender3068d ago (Edited 3068d ago )

Your comment makes zero sense. Sony cares so much for the older gamer that they are copying Nintendo for controls and MS for online. You might want to lay off the Sony Kool-Aid. Sony has done nothing to innovate this generation except introduce a high capacity disc. Keep in mind that disc was aimed as the successor to the DVD/Movie market. It wasn't introduced because of gaming.

Nintendo has always been about family entertainment, they haven't changed. MS hasn't been around long enough to have changed though they too are pursuing the family market.

Keep in mind, I am 47 and have been gaming since the 70's (yes Pong and the Atari 2600). I think I know what old school gaming is.

ExplosionSauce3068d ago (Edited 3068d ago )

You say Sony is copying this and that, but you failed to say how M$ is doing the same, by trying to attract the family and casual market like Nintendo has, among other things, starting with the "Mii".

Also when it comes to online, Microsoft didn't exactly innovate on anything. It has been around for years. And I'm thinking you mean Sony AND Microsoft copied SEGA's Dreamcast for online in consoles. Except Sony and Nintendo got it right, by not charging for online gameplay.

xztence3069d ago

Agreed. Its part of growing up, and with that some people lose that feeling when you first discovered and indulged in gaming. when you gradually grow up you lose that feeling bit by bit because its not new anymore,as a kid it was, becasue you've never seen it before. but when you grow up its not as strong as it was when you were a kid.

ProjectVulcan3069d ago (Edited 3069d ago )

My love has waned for gaming. Its difficult to pin this down to a single specific reason, but easy to generalise- increased responsibility, less free time, too much money. Maybe throw in a bit of the industry changes, but not too much.

Getting into games as a kid is easy. You have so much free time after school, in the evenings, all weekend. Long holidays. Life seems to stretch out into infinity. You think nothing of 10 hour gaming sessions, time drags and you have little responsibility to be somewhere else, to do something else. As an adult, this obviously changes drastically. You tend to value your free time more, and personally i began to prefer enjoying time to sit down and just rest without an activity. Less energy among other factors!

As for the too much money issue then i thought it over, as a child i was taught the value of money, i couldnt just point and get what i wanted from my parents. I was lucky to own a new game every two or three months. Thus I also often rented games over a strict time limit. So when i got one, it had to be played to death. Inside out, upside down, every last drop was extracted because i knew thats all i had. As an employed adult singleton or even if you have a family a game is often an impulse buy. You get tired of a game? Fine. Buy a new one just like that. Toss the old on the pile. The motive for completing titles for me has degraded considerably as my relative wealth has increased.....

N4g_null3069d ago

Too many catch phrases and muddying of definitions.

It's funny how people below claiming that Sony still thinks about us old school gamers. They don't and that first system marks where it became new and died off at the same time.

If you remember Sony did not exsist in the arcades and 3rd partys where the reason you had to get a ps. Slowly but surely console game play got marginalized. 2d was pretty much made into second class of gaming.

So when perspective employees came to the studio gone was any trace of 2d animation. Every thing was mo cap and key frames. Helllll some of these could not really even draw but they could make realistic 3G models.

The reason why those tight controlling 2d games are going is because we now are consistently fighting with the hardware to make the cgi lovers happy. The ff guys pretty much put us all on this track every since ff7.

Many gamers simply left because their games stop being made. Stuff like thunder force, turtles in time, shinobi, puzzel games, adventure games with creative worlds. What it was replaced with was blood and gibs.

What is funny was I made the switch to pc because some thing told me this is where Sony was taking us.
Yet Id would do some thing that would change 3G gaming forever. They made a game that was only played online. Quake cemented the current game style and then the different versions started coming.

But there was a problem. People where so good gamers where scared away from it. These first online players where raised in the hard as nails 2d era.

As time went on sand box games became the future. Yet no where did 2d gaming or puzzel games make a come back.

The true hardcore was gone and left was the diticated gamer which would be fanboys now who didn't really know 2d gaming and just didn't want to go thur the controller throwing.

I remember cheating became the rage also. Games where not designed around skill level yet story and atmosphere.

Games became story books rather than battle fields.
Another thing is at least 4 waves of laspe gamers exist. Unfortunately publisher believe they will never come back to gaming.

This is a huge topic and if you understand it you'll get rich pretty fast. Lol there are so many ignored gamers out there.

I think this is where the hd gamers fear lies, they seen it happen before. This is where theyl hate comes from for liked franchise so many gamers are just playing what they can get now.

What happened to the industry is similar to getting kids hooked on pokemon and then telling to beat it and play chess instead.

To publishers and ms and Sony only certain genres are wanted that fit their agenda. This kills creativity and is the reason why japan is trying to make western games now.

AWBrawler3068d ago

You hit the nail right on the head with that last part. I was always wondering why classics like Blue Dragon got abandoned by the U.S. and slowly made its way to the DS instead. The HD consoles seem to have a certain style they want and the Wii (Where I believe most "Old Schoolers" are) is getting a mixed variety of games from 2D games, to puzzle games, to party games, to adventure.

This is why I proudly stand by Nintendo. They never once tried to make a Power PC and pass it as a console. Now I'm not saying thats bad, because I love me some MMOs like WOW, FlyFF, and others, but on my home console I want those experiences that are unique to consoles. Wii bowling, as simple as it is cannot be did on a computer correctly unless you mod your Wiimote or PC.

It saddens me when I see what's became of Star Ocean to try to appeal to a western audience. FFXIII was no better. Nothing about that said FF to me. I feel the last good one was X-2 on the PS2. Putting all these limitations on imagination is making developers chug out a lot of wannabe Halos and almost God of Wars.

Its because of the freedomthe developers have that I love Nintendo's style. Cave story speaks to my inner child's nostalgia, A boy and his Blob reminds me of how challenging and fun puzzle games are, No more Heroes revisits beat em ups like Final Fight and Streets of Rage. New Super Mario Bros. gives thats sense of exploration to find hidden secrets and paths. Chocobo Dungeon is the reason why we need more quirky dungeon crawlers.

These are the games the old school loved and are still wanting to play now. I been gaming since 1988 and i could hold a control properly. I saw where gaming was going when the Dreamcast died. I fear the day that Nintendo gives and and follows the leader too, because if every is going to make PC games, where do I go for console experiences.

Thought to think on: If every TV show began movie quality long, epic, and production values, where would you watch sitcoms? soap operas? game shows? Short series?

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04soldier3069d ago

The first would be LittleBigPlanet. When I first played that game I was instantly remind of myself gaming on the NES playing Mario bros. in pajamas while eating cereal at age years old. A huge grin came on my face and I couldnt get rid of it until I stopped playing. I didnt know what was wrong with me.. Gaming was suppossed to be about killing, maiming or injuring someone for entertainment. Yet somehow I was having more fun doing without doing any of those things.

The second instance would be Demons Souls. Here was a game that warped me back into my early preteen years. Where you were on a mission, and you only had one life to accomplish it. Or else start all the way over and losing all of your progress in the process. "Finally, i said to myself, a game that doesnt hold my hand with regenerating health, game saves anywhere, and check points." If anything, DS doesnt hold your hand never. It slaps your hand down, punches you in the gut and then kicks you repeatedly while youre down. And I loved every min of it

3069d ago
s45gr323068d ago

Is not necesseraly growing up sure you have less free time, more responsibilities yada yada. No its simply being that there is very few concepts, ideas, and innovation when it comes to videogames. There is too many me too games, un-inspired license games and lots and lots of shooters. That is the issue there is like two or three fps games that are original the rest are the same thing. The more me too games the less interest and you know what to expect which is killing a bunch of bad guys. There is yet to be a videogame romance, etc. The same videogame formulas are getting old we need more games like heavy rain.

GMWPS33068d ago

The current Gen games that have truly captured my attention are: Gears of War 1, Killzone 2, Little Big Planet, Call of Duty MW 1, Uncharted 1 & 2, Metal Gear Solid 4 (Amazing!), GOW 1&2 (HD remake) and GOW3 (Awesome trilogy!, GT5 Prologue, Motorstorm 1 & 2 (mindless but beautiful fun!)

Game I'm most looking forward to play: Gran Turismo 5!!! Followed by Killzone 3, COD, Medal of Honor, Twisted Metal! and Motorstorm 3(always fun!).

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